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  1. Yeah hopefully the waterfalls will come back! It's probably because some people tend to move out their seat to avoid getting wet...which begs the question why they've even gone on a water ride in the first place Actually, that's just reminded me of a Facebook group/page a few years ago about people who go on water rides and are surprised when the seats are wet
  2. Haha! His eyes are like in a cartoon where their eyeballs pop out of their head And yeah I never knew where the Nemesis one was for a while - it's so fast though, it's not surprising!
  3. Adults who post online using text talk, e.g. "u" and "ur". It's even worse when it's on a forum amongst all the other, maturely typed posts! Just...why?!
  4. Me and Stuntman were there from about 1pm today, and I'm glad to say that things were running really well (aka, how they should be running their park) The queue times were really good for a Saturday (and on a bank holiday weekend) - all rides were around 60 mins or less throughout the day, with the odd 70-90, but not for long. In fact there were quite a few times during the day that some of the main coasters had between 20-30 minute queues - enough time to get a cheeky front row ride on Stealth All the 2 train coasters had both trains running, don't know how many Saw and X had but their queues were similar to the other coasters give or take, so presumably full capacity. The queue times were being updated very regularly which was great. Reliability was very good, Swarm and Stealth had a few shutdowns but they didn't last too long (and it was those which temporarily pushed the other coaster queues up). Only saw DBGT close once And my bae is back on two swings DBGT is definitely a vast improvement on last year, and now feels like it's what it was originally meant to be. And we finally got to do I'm A Celeb Waited until it had no queue right before closing time and witnessed this shocking sight as a result: We didn't have a photo opportunity though - have they got rid of it this year, or was it maybe because it was the end of the day?
  5. Popped onto the pier for a bit when down in Brighton yesterday (didn't ride anything though)! Booster is still down, took some pics and a video of engineers doing stuff, for all you geeks No idea if it normally has this much maintenance so it could be nothing (unless it's rusting away like the Super Booster ) Popped the video on YouTube as unlisted because videos uploaded straight into forum posts don't seem to play if you're on a smartphone. Turbo was repainted in 2013 to a tacky yellow and blue colour. It looks and sounds as rough and awful as ever. Good old Pinfari Also they have a new soft play area in the dome part (which actually looks quite fun and made me wish I was a kid again ) and a new spinny kiddie drop tower thing called i220. (Can't help but feel that Timber Tug Boat would've fitted in better on this pier than Thorpe...) Probably would've tried out Air Race if I wasn't stuffed after a lovely three-course Italian Looks like you get some awesome hang time! Oh and the pier is technically now Brighton Palace Pier, as was revealed last July Quite a detailed article which mentions the new owner and changes they want to make to the pier whilst keeping the tradition and heritage! I remember it being called Palace Pier, I think it's nice they're referring back to its original name Looks like the sign should be changing this year!
  6. Is the usual game of Empire happening this year?
  7. I think it's normal for them to advertise for jobs throughout the season, and other parks do it too. They'll mainly be recruiting for the summer holidays I imagine, then again for Fright Nights etc
  8. The audio link doesn't work (it goes to a page with a play button but it doesn't work) Which is a shame as the sudden rant from Peaj at the end is hilarious
  9. Yep, me and Stuntman will be attending everything (we did confirm a while ago )
  10. It might've been that they had to stop the ride because of the guest action, and required engineers to restart it Hopefully that's the case!
  11. I've collected quite a few over the past year or so! Also managed to get hold of some random Dungeons pins from Berlin, Edinburgh and Hamburg, despite never visiting... Some of them in the photos are just plain ol' badges but meh And yes, the DLP ones are still in their packaging - I just haven't got round to putting them on my lanyard yet! Oh and the Merlin one saying "You're A Star" was from my call centre days The new Towers ones for this year look nice - that Nemesis one last year was a bit crappy tbh I need to get some Chessie ones too, didn't get round to buying them last year Anyone know if they're the same this year (some of them last year were glow in the dark!)/if they've added any more?
  12. Ermmm well...put it this way. Saturday was the first time I've made a complaint at guest services Inferno started on 1 train, then when it became apparent that there were a LOT more guests than they budgeted for, they added the second. Swarm was also on 2. So that was the good side of things... No idea about Saw but it had a 75 minute queue at one point (and I think it stayed pretty long for most of the day)...Colossus was on one train which meant even fast track had a 45 minute queue...Stealth was on one BUT we weren't expecting it to be open so maybe I'll let them off, even if it was one of the longest, worst queueing experiences of my life But that was mainly due to me feeling sick! X was weird - we went on it at about 10:30, no queue outside and pretty empty inside, but there was quite a gap between each train...when we got back outside, there was an external queue and they announced that it was 60 minutes! Oh and Rush still only had one swing working I know people will harp on about how the park was busier than they anticipated, but that is no excuse. Why wasn't the second train ready on Colossus? Why was X not running at full capacity? As for Stealth, I'm really hoping they only opened on one train so they could hurry up and get it open, and not because the other one isn't ready!
  13. It does look ridiculous, even more so in person! It's quite sad to see what was a nice little area of the park being destroyed. Sure, people will argue that things don't last forever and theme parks have to change sometimes...but this is just a mess.
  14. Hex