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  1. I thought this too, but seems odd when Alton Towers have been pushing Gangsta Granny quite hard for a good couple of weeks now. Obviously very different situations and different parks and all that, but it feels like a weak reason to not be actively promoting it. Or even a mention on the website that doesn't require one to dig around. Given it's *checks notes* 10 days until opening and they now have all the confirmation that it can open, one would assume something will happen soon. How effective, we'll see.
  2. Bobbejaanland is bit rubbish (although it's 6 years since I visited, so can't comment on Fury), although it's convenience within that trip is hard to deny. Walibi Holland isn't too much further away from anything you're doing really, and with the likes of Untamed, Lost Gravity and Goliath, you get a huge bump in quality. Another one worth looking at is Bellewaerde - not huge and no must-do big rides, but a nice little park with a nice zoo to at least do once at some point, and again, not far from that route. In any case, that's still a very solid trip with some very go
  3. The park reopened this weekend. Ride to Happiness isn't scheduled to open until the summer (likely July 1st), but we have a closer look at the ride now. A good video: It gets surprisingly close to pathways, and in its own right looks fantastic. Still not convinced this is the best thing for Plopsaland, as it really does completely change the dynamic of the park. Presumably that's the point, but I'm not quite sure it works for me.
  4. I think that's the first B&M Invert to having such a lighting package, yes. Every time I see this coaster I'm still awe struck by how they've managed to fit it into the park. It's a marvellous feat of engineering to have pulled this off.
  5. It's very much a newer trend in steel coasters. It's off the back of some of the crazier-looking elements you find on RMCs. And that ultimately boils down to advancements in engineering. From my experiences with that type of banking and elements, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Untamed has an outer-banked moment which, though fun, feels very forced and not as 'crazy' / 'out of control' as it looks. It's nice still though. On the other hand, Taiga has a similar piece of track which provides sensations I've not experienced anywhere else. But yes, in theory, it can add to the o
  6. And a nice graphic showing the layout and elements (posted by the ECC, original source unclear):
  7. A nice POV, with stats and all
  8. Even back in 2019 Thorpe were running 2 trains on the coaster most of the time - I think there's been a definite shift in philosophy there. It doesn't always mean the rides run better though (Colossus and Inferno sometimes have less hosts and so struggle, for example). Saw usually runs less cars on off peak days, but that's rarely noticeable. Currently Rush is running one swing, but I think (/ hope) that's more a short term problem and not standard for off peak days this year.
  9. You - sorry, the hypothetical person who would go on opening day - should indeed be fine. It might be ever so slightly busier, but I can't see it being much busier than how any other weekday has been during the pandemic. I look forward to seeing your review. I'm just sad that Jart hasn't been about lately to give us more information.
  10. The Mine Train, which is going in the new Sweet Valley area of the park, will be called Choco Chip Creek. Some more photos: (Images from FOMO Coaster's Facebook) This is expected to open in 2022, as the park are planning on doing a fair amount of theming to the ride, and some sort of surrounding area. The aerial photo only shows 2 trains, but it will in fact have 3, each seating 32 people. We do have the 2021 park map available to us now, which helps show it's location a bit clearer: There's some confusion about what the co
  11. I would agree it's highly unlikely that we'll see a new major investment (akin to a large coaster) in 2022. We could still see a new ride or similar quite easily though - plans for Angry Birds Land, which was when the last 'flat ride' (Dodgems), were submitted in December 2013 I believe. With bigger 'other rides' (Storm Surge, Flying Fish, Rush, etc), those plans were submitted in late summer / early autumn. Nothing can be ruled out for 2023 yet in theory. Hmmm, I'd disagree here. There were 6 years between the addition of X:\No Way Out (1996) and Colossus (2002). T
  12. It's funny looking back over this thread and seeing the luke-warm response to rumours about the (then strongly rumoured) Gruffalo retheme of Bubbleworks. And it ended up being a pretty decent retheme, which seems to have captured the attention of a wide audience. It's not the best thing ever, but I think you'd have to argue pretty obtusely to say it's been a bad investment for the park. Anyways, news of this. It's good to hear that this idea is still alive and kicking in some sense. I think we'd be kidding ourselves if we said this had been in the works for a long time, as i
  13. I believe that Steel Vengeance, for the purpose of that claim, is classed as a hybrid
  14. It's no secret that mainland Europe are a little behind us when it comes to vaccines and general case numbers, so most parks out there are still closed. However, Heide Park has won a legal battle which allows them to now open, and they will do so this weekend! https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachsen/lueneburg_heide_unterelbe/Heide-Park-Soltau-startet-am-Wochenende-in-die-Saison,aktuelllueneburg5562.html The reason for the legal battle is that zoos have been allowed to open, and the park argued that they could open as safely as a zoo could. The ruling means that the
  15. Kondaa is opening May 8th, which is when the park is (currently) allowed to reopen. The ride now has it's own mini-site, which features some nice background audio: https://kondaa.walibi.be/nl/ There is also going to be a short Behind the Scenes / Making Of series in the build up. Episode 1 is out now: (Sadly only available in Dutch or French) And a reminder of some of the key stats: Height: 50m Length: 1200m Max speed: 113kmph (~70mph) Airtime moments: 15 Max positive G: 4.3G Max negative G: 1.3G This
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