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  1. An update with more substance, however... Source - Achterbahnalex on Instagram Work on (presumably) another entrance portal into Rookburgh. This is at the end of the alley where Maus au Chocolat is.
  2. JoshC.

    2019 Season

    In fairness, they don't usually include it unless it's open. See 2017 map for example: Whilst we're talking about maps, a throwback to my favourite Thorpe style, used from 2002-2007... Ahh, they were the days
  3. JoshC.


    I genuinely don't think we'll ever see anything quite like again. Coasters are becoming more technologically advanced and adding elements which would have seemed like pipe dreams 10-15 years ago. But the sheer simplicity of Nemesis, coupled along with its brilliant landscaping, styling and pace makes it just brilliant. Even with it becoming a bit uncomfortable in its age, it's truly stood the test of time.
  4. Tweaked for accuracy. Everyone forgets about the poor Vekoma Flying Dutchman, and the short-lived Skytrak in Manchester
  5. JoshC.

    2019 Season

    Full version of the map now available: On top of what we already knew, we have... -Wilderness Bar & Kitchen replacing Sticky Sisters -New name for the coffee hut outside Wilderness -The disappearance of The Grill / any food place in Old Town -Live actors not listed as part of TWD experience, but still for DBGT I don't like how the events are highlighted; makes them look like major attractions. That makes it especially awkward come June, when GameFX is finished (unless they plan to release further maps, but then why bother highlighting Jungle Escape/BounceZilla so prominently?). Also find it very weird that Sunken Gardens is highlighted so largely; it's bigger then 10 rides! Do like the little symbols representing each coaster; they're neat. But overall, not overly keen on this style. Better than some previous versions, and at least it can be used as a 'map', but feels very squished (why so much blank space around?!).
  6. Arguably better to give them a dedicated day at the start of the year after they've had a chance to iron out a couple of teething issues and be closed for a random midweek day than give them a dedicated day on their first operating day when things will inevitably go wrong and be open for a random midweek day (when few MAP holders will visit).
  7. JoshC.


    I genuinely had to look at a 'before' photo to realise what the difference was: It says more about me then the quality of the work, but when I was there, I genuinely did not think 'huh, this looks new'. Equally, I personally didn't think there was a problem with the old exterior (though I guess it could probably have done with a clean?)
  8. JoshC.


    Oh I'm sure there's lots of little things that have been done that I haven't seen. But equally, hearing of a large sum of money being invested into the presentation of the park, I guess I expected things to feel different. Aside from The Beginning, the park looked and felt very much the same as it did last year. Laser Raiders literally didn't look or feel any different to me? Maybe it's just me being less observant (since when I visit my focus is obviously geared towards the younger members in my group). But after hearing people say the park looks a lot better, I just didn't see that. And that's not a criticism per second, since I didn't really think the park was in bad shape in the first place, just a passing comment. Haven't visited other Legolands so can't really comment. This is exactly the conclusion I didn't want people to draw from my comment. I'm not accepting it, but it's simply a case of it's not as awful as pictures make it out to be. You notice it if you look for it, but it really doesn't scream out as ugly. There's a million and one ways they could make it better, but it's not as bad as some have bad it out to be.
  9. So ground has broken on the B&M invert, which is now planned to open in 2021... Images from the park Given the layout of the park and compact nature, I imagine it'll be difficult for much construction to happen when they're open. But nonetheless, going to be one the most interesting projects to follow..
  10. A fun concept video for the coasters, which are called Desmo Race https://m.facebook.com/mirabilandia/videos/486170308582185/ As an aside, these will be the tallest powered coasters in the world. They look fun enough, but I dunno, they just feel really odd at the same time?
  11. A very minor update... Tobi (the guy who made the amazing Klugheim recreation) is still doing a recreation for Rookburgh, but is still also cooperating with the park to not show too much. He says about 1000m track has been installed, meaning it is close to surpassing the 1124m mark of Flying Dinosaur for longest flying coaster. There's still a fairly decent sized space for track too. This is also the staff car park, showing a lot of track and supports, from CoasterFriends.de... I believe the plan is to have all track installed before the park opens for its 2019 season (in April). I'd still say it's very unlikely for Rookburgh/Fly to open this year, given there's still a ton of work to do, but it'll be nice to see a lot more track in the area at least...
  12. From the usual source... Track is being installed on parts of the structure unaffected by the storm
  13. JoshC.


    Visited the park today, and probably a controversial opinion, but the warehouse of Monster Party isn't that bad. Yes, it's there, yes you can see it. But it's not as much of an eyesore as I'd thought it would be. And once trees have grown in, it will be less of an issue. View from Coastguard HQ From the arena. Trees will no doubt hide this in time Fairly decent shot of the main exterior, which does look good Abymsal entrance logo I'm not for one minute saying this is good. Far from it. But it's not terrible; there's certainly worse examples of sheds which stick out. There's two things I don't like though. 1) That abysmally bland entrance sign 2) The fact the park has lost a green, peaceful space AND introduced a smaller pathway in what will be a busier area. I'm looking forward to trying it though. It will be interesting seeing the blend of family and scare and how that's received in a British Legoland. Oh, also, this £1.5m refresh of the park.. Aside from The Beginning, I didn't really notice much? It's been almost a year since I visited, so maybe I didn't see what a state some areas were in before. But the park never felt that run down to me before (aside from the entrance needing a bit of TLC), and it doesn't feel any different now.
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