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Worst Roller Coasters/Rides You Have Been On.


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I have seen other forums do this when I have snooped over, and I have seen top 10 best coasters on here, so lets talk about the worst coasters we have been on. It doesn't have to be a top 10 as per say, just one particular coaster you hate with a passion and say why you hate it.

The one coaster I hate is Space Mountain in DLP, the last time I went on it I felt like my head had been violated and I had a bad migraine for about 3 hours afterwards. Yeah its not one I'm going to go on again.

SO what's yours!

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I don't actually hate any roller coaster. Nor do I find many rough and when they are for me they're bearable (and I've been on Space Mountain 2 at DLP). I even quite like G-Force for its quirkiness. I'd never queue long for it but I find it a fun little ride. Gwazi gets a lot of stick for being very rough but I find it fine. Infusion, I thought maybe it's a one off smooth Vekoma SLC but Kumali is the same in my eyes. Hardly any head banging, no worst than Saw or Colossus. Colossus is another one, never found that to be a head banger, no it's not silky smooth but I can ride it over and over without having to get off due to a head ache. One of the roughest coasters I've been on lately is Green Scream at Adventure Island by Zierer. It rattled so much but it didn't ruin the ride. And then Pinfari, Mighty Mini Mega is a great little ride and Big Apples whilst they're layouts are bland they do there job for little kids. So yeah, I don't hate any roller coaster (there are a few out there that I've yet to ride which might take the title like Gourdurix) but overall I like all the coasters I've been on.

When it comes to flat rides though, I hate pirate ships, detest them! Mr Monkey's Banana is the limit for me, Black Buccaneer gives me the worst feeling ever. However, I love Rush which I find strange.

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Of all the coasters I've been on, none strike me as exceptionally bad really. I can't really think of one coaster which deserves the title of worst coaster really.

As for worst ride, I hand that award to Slammer. I'm not a fan of it, and personally think the sooner it's gotten rid of, the better.

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For me,

Worst roller coaster/

Go Gator

Worst water ride

Storm Surge

I completely forgot about Storm Surge! :o

Have to say, it's a battle between Surge and Slammer then for worst ride.. Hard one actually, though I guess I have actually found SS fun in the past, so I guess Slammer still just pips it...


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I completely forgot about Storm Surge! :o

Have to say, it's a battle between Surge and Slammer then for worst ride.. Hard one actually, though I guess I have actually found SS fun in the past, so I guess Slammer still just pips it...


Slammer :o Slammers one of my favorite flat rides. I can't think of a coaster, but Zodiac, I don't know why but I find it really boring

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End thread.

(Cue Benin suggesting it's not that bad. It is. It really really is)

Yep, it's nowhere near the bottom of my worst coasters... It does indeed have a few points of pain (it IS a Vekoma after all) but those few moments are nothing in comparison to many other rides...

Here's a top/bottom 5 of the worst coasters I have ridden (from bad to worse)...

1 - Vortex - Great America

Stand-Up coasters are vile creations no matter the creator, and this B&M blot's only positive thing is that it's short... The worst of a bad bunch (but still better than Shockwave)...

2 - G-Force - Drayton Manor

Awful restraints (which have since been fixed, new trainS please Drayton), awful queue, awful gimmick, awful layout... Just, awful...

3 - Tornado - Bakken

My hate for this ride should be clear, yet I am in the minority in the overall scheme of things... Without the stupid pointless launch I reckon this might have been decent, but it was pure pain as soon as the launch kicked in...

4 - Mean Streak - Cedar Point

I'd like to bring this up what with the recent conversations on here regarding Wooden coasters, as like with most things, for every good one, there's a bad one lurking in the shadows... Mean Streak IS this bad coaster... It was constantly ricketing along the track causing mass amounts of pain and headaches through the several minutes it took to last (which was too long)... I was amongst those disappointed when it didn't catch fire recently...

5 - Sequioa Adventure - Gardaland

Stan Checketts needs shooting for greenlighting this concept... That simple, as prolonged amounts of hangtime in those S&S restraints seen on Slammer/Mumbo Jumbo is quite possibly worse than any ride ever created... I would even prefer to ride a Volare over this thing ever again...

Honourable Mentions - Volares, Coney Island Cyclone, El Diablo, Saw, Rita, Tatsu (sod you all), Iron Dragon, Gemini, Adventure Express, Caligstro, SLCs, Big Loop, Pepsi Max Big One, Colossus and many, many, MANY more...

N.B. This list is pre-Furius Baco...

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I've done over 300 coasters, suffice to say, that does result in a lot of absolute crap rides being ridden... And that's not including any Wacky Worms and the like (which I don't think should be counted as they're never going to be good compared to the 'proper' coasters)...

Not like I have a top 10 in my signature either of course...

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I went on Furius Baco this weekend...

Guess what, it's dire, and that's being generous...

The thing is, from the engineering perspective, I can see why it's so bad really easily... The position of the seats above the track means that the axis of rotation is completely off, and that is why it rattles around the track so much, and why B&M's version is located in line with the track...

The launch like all Intamin launches is good, but that's it for positives... As soon as it actually goes off into the layout of boredom that even Rita does better it vibrates to hell, which is naturally worse on the outside seats due to nature acting like it does in regards to vibrating bodies (I.e. the further away something is from the point of connection, the more it will vibrate if free on the other side)... The placement of the outside slightly behind the inside seat doesn't help the vibration either, due to it now being in a completely different axis to everything else...

It's just... awful... Even the front row is diabolical (though seemingly better than any other row, not that such a comment means much)... Constantly rattling around a course of a 6 year coaster is barely comparable to the odd rattle on high G sections of an 18 year old B&M...

To refer to my list, it now goes:

5 - G-Force

4 - Furius Baco

3 - Tornado

2 - Mean Streak

1 - Sequioa Adventure

It makes me more thankful for B&M's ability to create a decently designed variant... I think I may blog about the engineering viewpoint in the future in depth a lot more in the future, because it is an interesting thing to compare why the two designs are so different...

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