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Fright Nights 2014


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Sometimes film scores suck though.

I would imagine that in some cases, a custom made track would build atmosphere much more. I know everyone disagrees with me, but I think that the 'Perfect Day' song that played everywhere last year ruined the atmosphere. If you haven't seen the film, it just feels so out of place.


Music on previous Fright Nights has been so much better in my opinion.

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Perfect Day fit well with the You're Next idea (because irony woo), and given some basic knowledge of the film's premise, it would make sense.  I do think there are better choices to play around the park though.


I always wonder with IPs how much parks expect their guests to know about the franchises.  A basic knowledge of the film's premise should be enough (so even if you haven't watched the film, you know the general idea), but then there's also opportunities to extend on the story / replicate ideas from the film (for those who have watched the film).  I do think MBV (and maybe even Cabin) failed at this a bit.  


I knew the general idea MBV for example, but was left confused as to why I was going from mine to hospital to mine to random area to woods to random area.  I bet Cabin could have confused others too, what with the random rooms which don't really create a story.  Hopefully this can be improved upon, and the new maze also takes this into consideration.

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Don't know whether its been mentioned. But they will be doing Behind the scenes tours of the Horror Mazes this year! Exciting!


I think it would be interesting, but I go to Fright Nights to have fun and have a scare, not to trek around a museum (which will probably be in a shipping container)...

The Asylum replacement will hopefully be fab. The building has a great layout for a decent attraction.

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