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Chief Rangers Carousel


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Whilst the ride sadly wasn't popular anymore, had aged, worn and looked out of place in its latter years, I will miss the ranger caroulsel strongly.

It was not just another last remaining treasure of the RMC days but also a collage of the patk's path in recent times seeing how any old icons app on the ride itself.

Canada creek, Neptune's, teacups and the banana ride are all that remain of those days of old and it's likely they font have too long left either.

I just hope all the classic objects such as the thunder River spinner are kept by the park for future generations to learn of its past.

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I had only had one ride on this and that ride was abit boring I hope the dark ride is better and lives up to expectations.


If a multi-million pound dark ride doesn't provide a more interesting experience than a Carousel then Merlin might as well give up running parks...


It's a shame it's not being relocated, as Carousels can provide that much needed "fun for all" quota quite simply for little space usage, something Thorpe needs to do a lot of intelligently in the future... But guess the conflicting we want families (or DO we?) phases are forever going mental...


Wouldn't be surprised if they now decided that the Banana Boat should go and get a bigger Pirate Ship in place of it...

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Do we actually know why the carousel was removed...?

As far as I can see the attraction was in perfectly good shape; it was a very reliable attraction, which attracted several visitors especially during the summer season when the park was targeted towards the family market. It was an unique ride, which featured several memorabilia to commemorate thorpe park in previous years. With a fresh lick of paint it could have looked brilliant and it certainly fitted in with its surroundings.

The only conclusion I could really think of as to why it was removed is to make way for the I'm A Celebrity attraction coming this year. Yes, we have heard several rumours that it was removed to make way for the 2016 dark ride however it didn't appear to be in the way in anyway possible.

Does the real reason the carousel is getting removed appear to be that a new last minute addition needs room for a windy cattlepen queue? I hope not. If so, not only will a classic family ride be removed, a memorabilia to thorpe's park history will be gone for the sake of a decision which was only made a couple of weeks ago.

If the carousel was genuinely removed to make way for the 2016 dark ride, I fully respect the decision. It makes business sense to replace a fairly popular family ride with something which will really wow the crowds. However, if the carousel was really removed to make space for the I'm a celebrity attraction, I will be thoroughly disappointed as there really will have been no need for it to have been removed in this case. I really hope the carousel is going for a new improvement to the park, not a scrappy last minute addition.

(Please note, in no way I am saying I'm a celebrity will be bad, I am just extremely frustrated it may be a contributing factor to why the carousel has been removed. I think I'm a celebrity as the potential to be a fun experience and a real crowd puller, however will be really disappointed if it is the real reason for the removal of the carousel!)

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The building for the dark ride will extend towards the current CRC location, and then the queue line will also take up a bit of space that was there.




This shows the building's location with respect to the locations of everything last season, but doesn't include the queue line with extends the overall location further.  It would just be impractical to keep CRC there this season whilst trying to construct the building and such.


Remember, it's not been officially announced that CRC is leaving, just very much widely assumed.  However, I expect it will be leaving, and the main reason for it is to make way for the dark ride (and the ride's lack of overall popularity and outdatedness being a contributing factor!).

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