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Your OWN favourite park pictures!

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I was just cleaning up some of my picture folders and came across some cool photo's I took I never really noticed before. I know there are some keen photographers here, and was wondering if anyone wanted to share their pictures.



Downtime at lake compounce... It was closed when we went.

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The view over the French area of Europa Park has always been my favourite theme park view. I think it will always remain so.




Theme park perfection.




Love the expressions on the riders faces.




And finally the twisted mess of the Smiler. =)

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Just a few from me :)

Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Africa - Tampa


Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit - Universal Studios - Orlando. I just love the multiple expressions of the riders.


Manhatten Express - New York New York Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas. Managed to catch it going round the loop alongside the Statue of Liberty!


The Swarm - Fright Nights 2014 - Thorpe Park


The Swarm - Fright Nights 2014 - Thorpe Park. Definitely my favourite shot. I love the Swarm circling around the broken church tower that form part of Tidal Wave's scenery. It links the two rides together in their theme of destruction in my opinion.


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Mine at the moment are these ones :D






My personal favourite although I wish the image was a tad sharper :P




Beauty in B&M form!  :wub:





Nemesis twistyness :)


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Mark9's OzIris pic is a stunner. 


I'd like to say its my camera skills, but to be honest it's all about the ride. I really enjoyed photoing it because at every angle, the ride looks amazing. 

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I wish I had a nice day there to appreciate it more that way, but I was a stressed ball of anger and frustration and found it hard to appreciate anything much at Astrix unfortunately.

The ride still blew my socks off, obviously!

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I thought I had uploaded some photos from Friday at Thorpe here but I must have accidentally deleted them or something. I only took them on my phone but I'm really proud of them...

Nice sillhouette swarm thing


Not a particularly stunning picture, but I thought it was cool how I got them both in the same photo.


Happy, sunny, death themed ride.


Weird to think this is just a stone's throw away from a giant roller coaster!


Inferno. My personal favourite but it would have looked cooler with a bit of mist!


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Few of mine...


Shame about the terrible quality, but one of Inferno where Row 6 is hiding



One of Saw's Immelmann turn.  Again, terrible quality, but I like the picture.



Various reactions of people coming off Saw's MCBR (shame about the tree):



Alternative Swarm view; makes the inclined loop and corkscrew combo look so nice:



And a nice one of Baron; I like how it shows the ride isn't too large, but keeps the imposing-ness of it:


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