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Hi All,  I'm back on here after many, many years for reasons which I shall go on to explain shortly! My name is Jack, I used to work with Marc and Co on Thorpe Park Mania about 10 years ago. I was

Hi all, the names Mack Buck but you can all call me Bucky! I've been a member for a while just never properly set up my account, it's a problem when you don't have opposable thumbs and keep spilling t

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On 3/16/2014 at 1:37 PM, paige said:

I guess I better make myself known... My name's Paige, I'm from Essex (joy) and I have been on a mission for the past 4 years to get my friends into theme parks without much success. But I hope I give a half decent contribution into the community, even if I won't be able to make most/any meets due to the fact that a- noone pays you to go to school, and b- I cannot socialize. But hi guys ^_^.


Wow, I joined this forum almost six years ago and after a two year long hiatus I am back, maybe? In true me style my laptop died as I went to start writing this post x starting as I intend to go on 


I am now a perpetually stressed chemistry student but I still like the rolling coasters, and unlike me 4 years ago, I have been to Alton Towers. I have actually been to Alton Towers several times this year and haven't visited Thorpe once HAHA!! 


It's funny how I mentioned trying to get my friends into theme parks, I took my flatmate to Alton Towers along with ScARyCoAStErBoY (lol) and she said Hex was boring, but it is progress.


BUT HI GUYSSS, looking forward to annoying you all with my wrong opinions again when I find the time 😙✌️


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Heh, only just found this topic!


Hey, I'm Robert. I have 82 credits with my #1 being Olympia Looping, and my most ridden coaster is Stealth with 24 total rides on it. Throughout my time at parks I've blacked out on a Capriolo, broke down on two rides, waited two hours for a scare maze in pouring rain, chipped my tooth on an inflatable slide, and almost threw up on a Go Gator.


Might sound cliche but theme parks are truly one of my favourite things, and they're an absolute blast. I hope I hit 100 credits in the next two years, so I better get going at that :)

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Thought I might as well introduce myself as I’ve been sort of a lurker on the site for years and now thought I should try and be a bit more of an active member. - so hello!


I’m Jordan from Dorset, I used to live in Addlestone, just down the road from Thorpe Park and have been to there countless amounts of times. For 18 years in a row I held a MAP so have spent most of my time going to Merlin theme parks. A couple of years ago I decided not to renew it and try out some different places, since then I’ve been to Europa Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Paultons Park and plan on going to Drayton Manor and Flamingo Land later this year - been so nice to go to some new places!

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