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Wow. Europa Park is how you run a park! Extended openings till 7 when the longest queue is like 20 minutes, throughputs meaning your queue barely stops moving, rides hidden all over the place and so m

Did someone say epic interaction?

Europa-Park is a multi day resort with absolutely LOADS to do. I would suggest starting with Matterhorn Blitz, as it's the lowest throughput coaster on park (about 960pph). However, if it's not school

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Darn. Micheal Mack’s saying all of Norway and Batavia are ruined. Really hope the fire is now contained and everyone is safe. It’s worth noting that there’s a lot of backstage buildings in this area - responsible for housing props, costumes and all sorts of valuables for Europa Park. 


On a personal note, I loved Pirates In Batavia, easily the second best dark ride in the park. Yes, It was stale, but it oozed charm that I fell in love with. I rode four times in two days and regretted none of that half an hour spent in a stuffy dated building. The music was perfect too. 


Thankfully, it looks like there’s been minimal injuries and the park have dealt with the fire well so far. Yet, I can’t help feel that this will significantly hinder the Park’s development over the next years.


It seems particularly sad considering Icon has just opened. One step forward, two steps back. 


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There have been some bad theme park fires over the years, however this one seems one of the worst for some time. The only positive I can take here is no one got hurt. 


Pirates Of Batavia may have not been the greatest or most sophisticated dark rides out there, but it was one full of character, charm and atmosphere. It may have been a variation, imitation and (to some) rip off from Pirates, but it was a classy ‘old school’ style dark ride. It took some elements and even made them better.


For an attraction over 30 years, it had aged (and been looked after) well and certainly in a better condition than some newer dark rides indefinitely. It’s unexpected demise also marks the last of the ‘Pirate imitation’ dark rides. Following the closures of Los Piratas at Bellewaerde and Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor.


Whilst the park will hopefully recover from this unfortunate event, it is still deeply saddening that such an iconic and traditional area of the park. Whether they decide to rebuild a replica or replace it with something new, whatever it is will not be the same.


Best of luck Europa and Mack family to the recovery.


Pirates In Batavia 


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That is much worse than anticipated.

Oh my, Scandanavia was such a beautiful area, its such a shame.


I was hoping the fire was minor but that is just quite frankly horrible.

Fjord and the buildings around it were perhaps one of the most scenic moments in the park as well as some of the most detailed.

I really hope they can recover from this and rebuild the beautiful area, Fjord is easily my favorite rapids ride due to the buildings and theming.


Pirates in Batvia is quite cheesey though for the whole building to be burnt to a crisp will also be a massive setback, massive tragedy for the park.

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I feel so gutted for the Mack family, Europa Park is their pride and joy, a true work of art in a world full of race to the bottom attractions and sell outs. They will bounce back of course but the short term loss for the park cannot be under-estimated. I understood that Pirates of Batavia was one of the next rides to see a big retheme/refurbishment. Hopefully out of the ashes of this incident, something even greater can be born.

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5 hours ago, JoshuaA said:

I hope it doesn't damage the Scandinavia area too badly as it easily one of the more beautiful looking areas.

I guess if it in Pirates in Batavia/The Netherlands then not too much was lost.. Easily the most expendable area..


Lets hope another fire breaks out in Universe of Energy...


Can't believe you say things like that frankly. 

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2 hours ago, Mark9 said:

Anywho, the park has opened as usual today with the affected areas the only parts of the park unavailable. Three firemen have suffered from mild smoke inhalation but thankfully, no other injuries.

Well done to the park; there are many times when a location closes entirely when, like this, a section closed off is only necessary, and it encourages people to "show solidarity" (sorry, strange choice of words again) with the park and it's workforce.

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Wow that is impressive, especially considering the entire depot area of the Monorail was caught up in the fire!


Also a video  from the Monorail (Credit: Europa-Park Photos FB page) showing the extent of damage. Must be the largest fire I have ever seen hit a park...




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A recent online photo really shows the extent of the damage to the now former Pirates In Batavia ride. Source- Europa Park Fans.



This is not an apocalyptic landscape, it is the charred remains of a once iconic classic dark ride. 


Judging from pictures, this was from around the area after the first drop. Some of the remains appear to include the shell of a former animatronic and rockwork theming. The tall structure thing could’ve been a ship sail and the background perhaps further building theming. 


Seeing this is both intruiging and deeply saddening.


Another attraction victim to the fire is the Vineta walkthrough in the Scandanavia area. Which is now well and truly a sunken city :( 


I only have feelings comparable to when WWH at Thorpe was destroyed by the fire there 18 years ago.


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