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Topic resurrection much.


Well this thread seems to be about creative things and the like, and cooking is creative, so I present to you my latest creations...





It's a lemon drizzle cake, cut into chunks and piled on top of one another, on a crushed-Oreo base.  There's then fingers made out of marzipan, with almond fingernails for good measure, coming out grabbing the cake.  


It's a practice run for a Halloween cake I'm planning.  The fingers are meant to represent a zombie-hand coming out of dirt (the chocolate), which will make more sense with the Halloween cake.  That cake will probably be a special chocolate cake, but that'll require some thought and practice..


I'm planning on doing a 3 course meal for Halloween, with eyeball soup and 'brains' being potential other courses; with the dessert being the cake of course.  Looking forward to experimenting and trying it all out a bit more..

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I enjoy photgraphy, and got a nice camera last Christmas. Here's some (random, in no particular order) pics:

Kookaburra at Exmoor Owl and Hawk centre

Fennec fox at Chessie

Britain's only desert, the beautiful village of Dungeness in Kent (shame about the nuclear station)

Red Kite

Pigeon eating bread

Magic Castle at Phantasialand




My rabbit Rosie

Full moon








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Ok a year late, but Pluk asked what that first picture was. It is a dragon made out of wheel hubs that was like a huge drum and breathed fire. There is an art group in Stoke that used it quite a bit. Some more pics of it on 2 different days at https://goo.gl/photos/PYKsSNPkgnH9oFF7A and https://goo.gl/photos/TyrxUoi3M4cH2nzy8


I thought I would post a few more of the pics I quite like of mine to revive this a bit. With Frightnights and Scarefest coming up, its a perfect time to get some cool sunset and night pics.


None of the following have been photoshoped.


Lets start with The Big One at Blackpool, sunset makes coasters look wiked. You get a sense of speed mixed with total chillness. This was taken a couple of weeks ago when Mr Fish and myself decided to go an buy a wheel for Matt.



But at night you can play with long exposure, e.g. Ripsaw at Towers - Yes those are some of the nerds on that you can just about make out sitting on Ripsaw. My camera isnt that good at night shots though, it gets too grainy even at lower iso values with long exposures.


And a tree on the lawn at Alton Towers after the fireworks diplay last year.


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Hi guys. This is completely random. I have recently published my first book witch is called Entity and is available on kindle and Amazon. If you would like to follow me on Facebook here is the link. The page is the first for news on my upcoming projects etc. www.facebook.com/mpurkissauthor

I'm just trying to get the work out. Thank you

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