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Do you get special staff days?

Do you mean only the staff enter the park and go on the Rides and Attractions? :)If so, I don't think Merlin do that, no.If you mean like meet ups, I would imagine you just arrange to meet up if you want to or not. (Like anyone else! :))If you mean selected ride time, then yes!Staff are allocated ERT for a certain ride or rides.However, I have heard this is not that often.I heard once a month, but I am sure if I am wrong, a staff member will correct me. :P
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Every ride is test ridden by one staff member, once a day to ensure that there are no strange sounds or smells encountered in the ride by lifts, motors, restraints etc.Staff are not allowed to ride the rides when there are guests on park, however sometimes for special occasions such as birthdays, staff members leaving etc, first day of season, last day of season.Staff are also used to warm up rides, for example 4 days before the season, staff were paid to ride the Dodgems in Beanoland for hourly sessions daily, to take the rust off of the track.

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Has anyone here tried food from the Fried Chicken Co this year?If you ain't, don't next year. It's rank. Seriously.

I have purchased a few times from the Fried Chicken Co.The first time I tried it, I did not like it.I then thought that could just be becuase it is my first time or I just got served something not nice. Therefore, I tried another option.After purchasing 3 times, I still don't like it.I don't know if I would go as far as saying it was "rank", but I personally don't like it neither.EDIT - The only good thing I think there is their chips but that is it. <_<
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