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Prepare yourself for a Big Brother related post, I'm afraid. :)You can say what you like about Big Brother; love it, hate it, but no matter what, everyone has strong opinions of it. In my opinion the people who say it's rubbish are the people who've never watched it, or have watched a very small amount of it over the years. There's a lot of snobbery surrounding the program that I think is undeserved.A program that has literally sparked the UK's obsession with reality TV and has completely changed the way TV is experienced by the viewers and producers alike. It became the first show in the UK to introduce the idea of sister shows and spin-offs and introduced interactivity to the television market that was unprecedented.Creativity wise, well you've really got to take your hats off to the task team and producers for this, coming up with so many different house themes, tasks, props and series twists is no easy feat, especially when you consider there have been 21 series of the program in this country. The "twisted carnival" theme for this year was brilliant I thought!There have been mistakes along the way, that's for sure, some inexcusable. And now when we hear of ex- housemates wanting to take their own life, even I have to question my passion for a program that does that to people. There is a lot of cynicism about the editing process, suggesting that they favour edit certain housemates in a particular light. Ask yourself this though, what actual benefit does this give the people that make the program. They have nothing to gain from so called "chosen ones" and the like. Whilst there have been a few times where the editing has been questionable over a few situations, it must be hard condensing 24 hours of footage into one hour.The whole psychological aspect, the interactions with each other and how emotions can be manipulated in the context of their environment. I love people and it's the main thing that interested me in the show, I love knowing what makes people tick. The mix of people in there; you have genuine friendships form in there, people who realize that it's a game and play it to its full potential, and then obviously you have a few individuals that stand out. It's all social interaction and I think it's brilliant.The same things that interested me in Big Brother also apply to theme parks as well. I actually loved the viral advertising that they did each year, it works and it made me really excited when I saw Thirteen's advertising was taking a similar avenue. The whole hype of each series was amazing.... you had the 3 second eye flashes, then the 6 second ones, then you'd have the full promotional advert. It's a brand that if you showed a BB eye to someone, they'd be able to tell you what it was for.I will miss it, but I do think it was the right time for it to go. I'm glad the series went out on two successful ones rather than the lacklustre ones from 2007-2009.Anyway- worst show I've ever watched? The Farm, used to be on Channel 5 years ago. :lol:

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My Super Sweet Sixteen US... that really has to be up there, doesn't it? Those obnoxious little $h!ts don't know how spoiled they are.

Oh yes this is cringe TV at it's best, the producers know exactly what reaction it will cause.My current top 3 most hated are:-
  • Glee
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • The Apprentice
Oh and a special mention to The Only Way Is Essex, just awful :closedeyes:
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X Factor. Can't stand the stupid annoying music, and it seems to go on forever. And I personally just dislike watching person after person sing, I just get so bored and it's just so pointless...Matt Cardle? Oh don't hear about him anymore do we? :closedeyes:Dancing On Ice! ARGH! My mum likes it, so every year I have to endure it with it's loud annoying music and the stupid loud audience, it's a load of "celebrities" (well, nobodies) poncing about on an ice rink...and they copy Strictly Come Dancing! Silly ITV. Anything with chavs or dumb teenagers in. Oh and now the advert has just come on...that bloody Lee Nelson thing. It was on once while I was waiting for Family Guy...ugh, such trash. As if this country isn't infested enough with chavs!

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X Factor. Can't stand the stupid annoying music, and it seems to go on forever. And I personally just dislike watching person after person sing, I just get so bored and it's just so pointless...Matt Cardle? Oh don't hear about him anymore do we? :closedeyes:

Album can takes anywhere between a couple of weeks to several years to make. Beyonce's second album took about three weeks to make, whilst Jessie J's debut album took 6 years to make and Ke$ha's album took about 5-6 years to make. Not to mention, that a lot of the XF artists take time, to grow outside of the XF and to hone their skills as an singer and a performer.Matt Cardle is working on his debut album. Matt's single comes out in September and it was written by Gary Barlow of Take That Jamie Archer has formed a band called the Archers and he's negotiating a performance on the XFDanyl Johnson has signed a huge US deal with Columbia (Sony)Cher Lloyd's album comes out in NovemberJoe Mc Elderry's classical / opera album is out, capitialising on the success of Popstar to Operastar. He got dropped by Sony and he got signed up by Universal and If he does well, he will make another Pop album
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