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Given that it's adding extra staff, midway through the season when budgets are already set and such, I'd assume (and hope) that there's a reason behind this other than 'trying to improve the experience'. If the park wanted to improve guest experience, there's plenty of other ways to do it and plenty of other parts of the park.


Given the experience was designed 20 years ago, it's possible that by-and-large, audience reactions have changed. Maybe the park feel there's a need to guide people through the experience more explicitly. Maybe there's been a reasonable number pieces of feedback suggesting that. Saying "it's been fine in the past" is a narrow way of looking at things.


Of course, if that is the case, it could be Merlin's own doing that people have responded in such a way. Many of their recent experiences have been actor-led and spoon feed people throughout the experience. So maybe that's what people expect now. 



Nonetheless, the changes don't sound great, so hopefully they are reversed. 

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"£6 for parking?! For every branch of the old oak tree which falls, a member of your family shall die for this!"

There have been some whispers lately that apparently Hex has received actors inside the show rooms this summer and I can now confirm this is indeed the case after trying the ride today. But rather tha

6 hours ago, Glitch said:

Are the parks no longer allowed to trial new additions then..... in the case of negative feedback?

They are free to trial things, and we are providing the feedback. There's only a problem with trialling things if they dont listen to feedback.

Plus this idea sounds like its such a bad fit that they may as well trial painting Nemesis pink, putting VR on The Blade, getting Durex to sponsor Oblivion, etc


8 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Saying "it's been fine in the past" is a narrow way of looking at things.

It was fine in the past because it was maintained properly in the past. If you remove or don't maintain the lighting that was designed to guide people on cue then they're not going to realise an entrance has opened up, and they don't understand that they're supposed to move forward.

If there is a group that still refuses to budge, use a pre-recorded announcement to tell them to move forward. It's really basic operational show stuff, there's not been some kind of cultural shift that means people no longer move through dark rides. It's the same story with all of Merlin's dark rides, bad maintenance.

Hex on the whole has seen better days, and people no longer respond to it as well as they used to. It needs a proper refurbishment to get it back to its original standard.

The lighting was bodged a fair bit in the TLC redo (people woudlnt have noticed specific changes, but you probably noticed it isn't as dramatic anymore, with lights going up and down at random.. meh). The cinema video needs a technical update too, find an inventive solution to keep the video but make the room more interesting ie Wickerman's preshow.


Easy! But it won't happen sadly.

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When I went on at the start of the month, all we had was two staff members in high vis and a hardhat. The first time, one of them pointed a torch at us and shouted "follow us guys, quick" just after the octagon preshow ended but after that, that was it. They told us to use both doors and then did the usual.

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Christ, this change sounds horrendous. Cringey. Bloody awful. 


Hex is one of my favourite things about Towers, and always a highlight when I visit. It’s sad and frustrating to hear that they’re destroying the atmosphere in there with annoying, cheesy “Come this way guys!” stuff, which it was doing absolutely fine without. What’s more, this is an attraction that relies so strongly on the atmosphere, whilst also creating its own atmosphere (I.e by utilising the Towers themselves). You can’t just plonk shouty staff members in there. 

Also, it hardly ever has a queue - so what’s the issue if the odd guest is a bit slow to leave the Octagon scene anyway? I can hardly imagine people have actually been left behind in there!


(Or maybe they have, and Towers are now retrieving their skeletons, hence the ride closure.)

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Hex has always been one of my favourite rides, but the last couple of times I've been on it, the music on the actual ride section has been really quiet and only comes from one side of the room. It really robs it of the atmosphere and excitement :-(

Its so quiet you can actually hear the ride mechanism creaking over it lol

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