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Education (Exam Results)


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I'm slightly dissapointed with mine, :/ :

C - Sciences. D in Chem, B in Physics (much to my surprise, I thought I failed) and C in Biology.

C - Maths Second time I've got a C but my school thought I was smart so I trelled them : 3

C - French - A in everything apart from my writing, got a D in it and apparently 3 A's and a D = a C okay AQA

C - Geography. 1.5 % off a B, that I need to take at sixth form. Apparently, I'll be fine but IDK I'm really worried I cannot pursue that subject further.

B - English Lang. 3 Marks, off an A. My speaking and listening was a D but everything else was an A so die.

B - English Lit. Happy with that, expected alot worse.

B - Art. 2 Marks off an A but my teacher predicted me a low C so he can shove that up his face.



Mixed bag really, Happy with them all apart from Geography, but it's annoying how alot of mine are borderline grades.

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Business Studies  = A

Religious Studies = A

Physics = A

Chemistry = A

Biology = A



English Lit = B

English Lang = B

Geography = B

Food Tech = B

Maths = B


German = E


Happy with everything, I don't mind that much about German because I only took it to fill in a gap but wish I could've done better in it.

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Congrats to all on their results. For the most part, GCSEs don't matter too much; as long as they're enough to get you to the next step of life (college, job, whatever), then you're fine and should be happy! :D

Toofy - given how close you are to the geese boundary, you should be able to take Geography A-Level fine; especially if you say how close you were! :)

Pidge - if the grade is provisional, it may mean they're awaiting moderation of coursework, want to double check something or something else; it's unlikely to be because you don't have the certificate. Check with your school's exam officer / your English teacher to be sure though!

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In case any one cares 14th I got my As Results 


C in Communication and Culture

Media Production Btec no result since it is a 2 year course Currently on a Distinction 

Travel and Tourism Btec currently on a Merrit again 2 year course aim for a Distinction* again

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I failed a part of my second year in university a few weeks ago. However, I have been allowed to redo it and the deadline is this coming Monday, which is a relief. I have to rewrite a essay about postmodernism (which has no understandable definition) and its relation to art from dada to li wei and so forth. It was a pain to write about but I have fortunately completed it. Though next year will be interesting to write a 8000 word dissertation.  :unsure:

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Well I went expecting the worst for my as levels Today and was pleasantly surprised I actually passed one AS level Got a D at Religious Studies although the results didn't matter in the slightest to me as I'm moving collage it was still nice to see that I achieved something out of this year rather then it just looking like a waste of a year education wise!  :) and yes I did Get U's in the other two but never mind my own fault as I didn't put the effort in! 

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  • 4 months later...

So I'll get my phone confiscated in Spanish then? Well, it's a risk I'm willing to take.

It's worth the confiscation! Except in my school where if you get your phone taken off you for the second time you don't get it back for the rest of the week [emoji58].

I've got ICT last lesson though so there's still hope [emoji3]

Anyway, enough of school s*it, EXCITMENT [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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