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I found the inspiration for The Smiler building, the back of my local McDonalds.

Evening Peops. Ssome construction pics for you. More theming added to the Smiler. Hmm maybe that construction guy needs to be corrected: Like this guy who is far happier in his Job, but whats t

All thanks to fifty shades of grey

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The station building looks an absolute joke, shame as the rest of the ride looks brilliant!

Well someone definately changed something, coz the original plans looked like this.


On another note, they also changed the marmaliser, because in their original plans it had 6 legs.

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Nice video, creeped me out a bit as well!

Anyone else just getting redirected to the videos page (with their clues deleted) after they put in the clues, which show up to be correct?

EDIT: Got it to work; think there's a bit of naughty trickery on Towers' part though about how to enter it...

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New video of it testing with the effects working, looking good :D Shame you can't see the Innoculator working though.

And blimey, it's going a fair bit slower! Possibly due to having less dummies in, plus (as Luke pointed out in chat) they use different wheels for testing, something about nylon and polyurinate polyurethane :P

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Hey look, an unladen testing train going slowly through a layout, it's such a shock...

Tests will of course involve seeing what the minimum ride load can be... In a similar vein to Thirteen needing X amount of people to ride (14? I dunno, but there's a minimum limit), 8 on this one in the middle (which is in itself unlikely with actual riders) two rows seem to be that minimum amount...

It still picks up a hell lot of speed on those drops...

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the only element I'm sort of pleased with is The hypnotiser, as Tickler and The Giggler look a bit naff, The giggler wasn't even blowing in the right direction cos of wind, which I going to look a tad stupid. Anyways the ride, like many including Benin have said it is using the test hard wheel, instead of the normal ones so, I can guarantee it will be a lot faster, I mean look at Gatekeeper, that looked slow in testing but when it opened it was a heck of a lot faster just wait TPM'rs by the time it opens it will be speedy!

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