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Walt Disney World Resort

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Because nothing says happy new year like a 5 hour queue for Test Track!

Hat coming down to make space for Arendelle castle  

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Yep Hollywood Studios has plenty of alcohol available, we went to a fully stocked 50s style bar - and there was a cocktail bar near Honey I Shrunk The Kids but that's now shut.


A lot of the food stands have Corrs Light etc. if you want some refreshment. Tip for Animal Kingdom - there's a "proper" bar near where the Lion King show is - if you order from that bar, you have the whole service charge faffing about, whereas directly opposite there's normally a drinks cart where there's none of that aggro as you aren't sitting in a "bar"!

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I absolutely love the Sven animatronics. Everything else seems pretty underwhelming in my opinion. I don't know if it's because Christoff and Anna's mouth's didn't match their singing along. Elsa looks great except the face looks a bit flat. Would I ride this? Probably. Would I wait anywhere near 300+ minutes? No.

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1 hour ago, Benin said:

Just a thought, if a quick cash grab refurb is of this quality, imagine how good DisneySea's purpose built attraction will be...



Is that still happening? I thought it was off the cards now what with the Beauty and the Beast dark ride coming.

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