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  1. I can now also make Saturday 30th July. Which seems to make it a tie at the moment.
  2. Felicity

    TPM Emergency Dreamland Meet September 24th 2016

    This could be good fun. Not that I would take part but had anyone thought about trying out their Roller Rink?
  3. I have only just found this. Depending on the date I would definitely be interested!
  4. I can now attend this meet and will be traveling to it with Mitchada04. So excited! :D I am definitely interested in the water park and mini golf. Not sure about Treetops at the moment.
  5. I shall be attending this meet, it should be interesting as I haven't been to Paulton's Park in around 20 years!
  6. I shall be attending! Even though the music is going to be just as monotonous... but hopefully just as hilarious!
  7. Please count me in for this, Empire is always good fun. Although it will be very strange not competing against Mitchada04!
  8. Felicity

    TPM Pre-MoS Rave Meet 28th February 2016

    Please put me down for the swimming and the meal.
  9. I can confirm my attendance but I will be joining the "All activities but will watch the skating" group as usual.
  10. Felicity

    Festive TPM Meet

    All booked! Getting quite excited now.
  11. Felicity

    Festive TPM Meet

    What is the general consensus regarding pre-booking Premium MAPs for Shrek an the London Dungeon?
  12. Felicity

    Festive TPM Meet

    Looking forward to seeing the two attendees next week.
  13. Felicity

    Memories of Thorpe Park

    Well it's the 1st of December and that can only mean one thing... it's the start of the annual Memories of Thorpe Park advent Calendar. Over the course of the next 25 days we will be sharing many rare old images from the park's past that we haven't shared on Facebook before. Please join us at www.facebook.com/MoTP.uk and help us celebrate the history of this island like no other!