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Having ridden some more impressive coasters recently, I think it's time I update my top 10 coasters,

1/ Nemesis, still love the force of the ride and how it speeds up throughout its circuit.

2/ Megafobia, words can't describe how amazing this ride is, the airtime, the sheer speed of the coaster, I love it.

3/ The Smiler, great layout and good inversions, shame about the jolt.

4/ The Swarm, I love the drop, theming and overall interaction of this ride.

5/ Speed, brilliant layout with great airtime hill, amazing helix and nicely paced.

6/ Oblivion, brilliant drop and airtime too.

7/ Stealth, great launch and enjoyable top hat too.

8/ Nemesis Inferno, definitely improved through age, runs really powerfully now.

9/ Dragons Fury, great fun layout and very exciting ride.

10/ Thirteen, I love the drop trick on this ride.

Having just visited Oakwood I was very impressed with Megafobia & Speed and both are brilliant rides as well as the fact I've ridden my first woodie coaster.

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I'm updating this now!

1)Wodan Timbur Coaster: For all the reasons Alex said above its sheer fun and terror wrapped into one and its so fast and for a 1.2!? ROCK ON GCI!

2) Megafobia: Oh yes I'm a woodie fanboy, its gotten so much better over the years and its almost on par with Wodan,its so fun and terrifying at the same time with alot of good airtime its just fantastic!

3) Blue Fire: Unlike Nemesis, I found this beyond lived up to the hype, it was so fast and smooth and intense and the loops are amazing. Love it!

4) Speed: I know its a cheap Gerst but its by far the best, at night its so good and peaj said when it was warmed up, Speed was better then Saw and I feel thats an acheivement in its self :P

5) Silver Star: The shear height of the thing was a bonus but the speed and the airtime put it here, fantastic ride, well worth anyqueue time for me great!

6)Euro-mir/The Smiler: both these rides are twisty spinny and very disorientating, it wasnt a surprise with the coasters above Smiler took a tumble but great rides I cant deside wether are better or not.

7) Kraken: Great ride, my first looping rideso fond memories there its fun and intense, really like it!

8) Air: I love this ride it is very relaxing but is the most fun ride in the UK and I do prefer it to Nemesis!

9)Nemesis: I was underwhelmed but I was in abit of a naff seat, its a fantastic ride, I just need to get to the front, it wont beat the woodies for me but it might have a crack at Speed we have to wait and see!

10) Nemesis Inferno: the layout is generic but its very intense and I do have a soft spot for inferno as it is my favourite ride at Thorpe Park!

Yeah my recent trips to Oakwood and Europa, it has been mixed up alot and my woodies now stand proud on the top 2 positions :D

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1. Nemesis Inferno

It is just a great Ride overall has It's Speeds and Intense Moments but in my opinion is one of the best rides I have ridden


SPEED all I can Say


Such A thrilling Ride and is well worth re rides/ Nemesis Is just a Beast of a ride I love the ground hugging but have not been to Towers in 2 years but all I remember was these rides were Intense

4.The Swarm

Fantastic Coaster too slow at parts though but that Zero G and Inverted Drop make up for it

5. Saw The Ride

Going on pass Preview Day in 2009 to ride this was fantastic over all it is a nice layout for a coaster but can be a bit rough at points It may just be me


I enjoy this Coaster A lot but It gets repetitive with the In-lines all in a row But the high light for me is the Loop and the Cobra Roll It is also quite Painful

7. Air

A unique Experience


this ride experience is fantastic nice little Thrill


A nice Layout but I remember Banging my Head at the first turn after the Launch

10. Th13teen a Nice twist on a family coaster an okay layout but was to over hyped so it kind of lacked what I was expecting

Other Mentions

Dragon's Fury A very fun Coaster and is great to ride

Runaway Mine Train good interaction with Passers by on the Congo River rapids

Flying Fish fantastic fun

Sonic Spin Ball not as good as Dragon's but still Fun

Vampire My first Large Coaster but is very Rough at times

The Dragon Okay coaster for a first Rollercoaster ride

Visiting Alton Towers Soon so will another Gerst hit the list or will a Flat join the crew who knows stay tuned oh and will Nemesis break Inferno's Claim of being my number one? stay tuned. And Here it is

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First let me say that Detonator and Rush beat almost every single ride on this list.

1. Tonnere de Zeus

I have never felt more unsafe on a ride since Detonator. So much air, and back row on the first drop. Oh my goodness.

2. Stealth

Once again, I love the air on this. Backrow was always my fav, but I rode front row quite recently, and loved it equally. The adrenaline, the speed, the air. Love it.

3. Air/Oblivion

I couldn't decide. Air is just such a nice, fun ride. But Oblivion is so thrilling, but it's so short, so they both tie for first.

4. Saw the Ride

I haven't really ever had a bumpiness problem like everyone else seems to have. I just find it a little short. The inside is great, and the outside is fine if a little dull.

5. Swarm fowards and backwards

Short! I rode front row before they made the changes, and I rode backwards quite recently. I do like backwards a lot, and it does add an air of unpredictability, but I missed some of the near misses. I was very surprised when I flew backwards through the new billboard, and found my self shouting "Oh wow that was cool". I look forward to trying it forwards.

6. Th13teen

I don't know whether this is just me trying to flip the bird at all the people who really hated it, but I actually really enjoy it. Near the back you get some fun airtime, and I love the drop section, even if the bit afterwards is a bit of an anticlimax.

7. Nemesis inferno

Surprisingly forceful and dizzy making. The only ride that actually leaves me a little disorientated after riding. Great fun.

8. Vampire

My first "big" coaster, and still holds a special place in my heart, especially the fly over the town and then the dive into the tunnel.

9. Duel

I know this doesn't really count, but I have never been more scared in my life. I hate animatronics, and I hate zombies, so the mixture is one of my worst fears. I literally sat most of the ride with a hood over my head, my palms over my eyes, and my fingers in my ears yelling "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD". Re-rode it about 5 times.

10.Nemesis (I'm so sorry)

I don't know why I don't really like it, and I'm sorry. It's just everyone always goes on about the way it's so good, and it sure is good, but it isn't that amazing. I have fun on the + g turn and the inversion over the station, but otherwise it's just kinda meh. Plus when I last rode it with my hands up, my finger caught in part of the car as it flipped over the station, and ended up red and covered in oil which not only scared me, but kinda hurt too.

Notable mentions:

Spinball Whizzer (painful but fun)

Colossus (if they would change those bloody trains)

Flying Fish (no trip to Thorpe is complete without it)

Rita (great fun)

Loggers Leap and Tidal Wave (my fav water rides ever)

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1) Nemesis - Brilliant ride and love the speed and force of the ride.

2) Stealth - Love the launch of the ride, and the view from the top.

3) Saw - Everything about this ride is amazing, never seems to hurt my head.

4) Colossus - The layout of the ride is amazing but it does hurt.

4) Oblivion - Love the vertical drop but the ride is too short.

5) Thirteen - Love the free-fall drop of the ride and the fact that it's so different.

6) Nemesis inferno - The layout of the ride is really good, but the ride is too short.

7) The Swarm Forwards - Good ride but seems to go quite quickly and quite slow, Love the drop and the near misses.

8) Dragons fury - Love spinning coasters and I really like the layout of this one.

9) Air - It's different and quite fun, but feels quite slow when your on it.

10) X - So much better than it use to be, Just fun I guess.

Haven't yet ridden The Smiler just in case you were wondering.

My Favorite flat rides: Slammer, Detonator, Rush and Remisis revenge

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Keeping Her place at Number 1 we have


surprisingly another B&M at number 2 and A gerstlaure?

2.The Swarm/Saw The ride

At number 3 we have the worlds first B&M Dive machine yes you guesed it


Another Worlds first coming in at number 4?


my number 5 is?


Coming in at Number 6 The Power of 10

6. Colossus

Number 7 another Gerstlaure has made it onto the list

7.The Smiler

3,2,1 Go Go Go


Number 9 it is Europes First Inverted Coaster


And at Number 10 we have

Thorpe Parks Flat Rides :D

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With my season effectively at an end, this is my top ten new rides for the year.

Top ten new rollercoasters for 2013.

1. Juvelen. A sublime rollercoaster. Needs to be ridden to be believed.

2. Piraten. Two for two at Djurs Sommerland. Piraten is a perfect ride, particularly after several hours of running.

3. Rustchebanan (At Tivoli Gardens). Adore this ride. It looks so unassuming, then on you get and its fantastic.

4. The Smiler. Great roller coaster, sure it has issues but then what ride doesn't?

5. Wodan. A fantastic ride. Relentless.

6. Thors Hammer. A surprisingly excellent family rollercoaster. Very enjoyable

7. Big Thunder Mountain (At DLP). A decent coaster sandwiched between an excellent beginning and finale.

8. Space Mountain: Mission 2. Has issues but it is a very solid attraction

9. Polar XPlorer. A great beginning let down by a poor finale. That beginning is very good though.

10. Crush's Coaster. Big fan of this, the throughput is staggering for what is a Maurer spinner.

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Double Post, oh well...

I would like to welcome Shambhala into my top 10, because it truly is a brilliant coaster... Such Ampersand <3 Much mini-airtime hill <3 So force <3 WOW! <3

It does mean that Rusty Banana from Tivoli misses out, as does Juvelen and Piraten from Denmark... Dragon Khan made a fantastic case for reminding me why 9 years ago it was in my top 10 this past weekend as well, but still doesn't quite make it back into the fold...

Certainly getting harder and harder to judge these things, but huzzah for European dominated top 10s! Just shows how lucky we are to live near such wonderful and fantastic experiences without needing to travel far...

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I haven't been to many parks abroad, so my list probably won't be as varied as some of the others one here.

1.Hex - The perfect Dark Ride, the buildup to the ride experience is perfectly executed. A benchmark for UK dark rides.

2. Nemesis - What I believe to be the perfect Rollercoaster, the pacing is fantastic, it's well themed and even after 20 years of running its still pretty smooth.

3. The Smiler - Utterly relentless from start to finish (apart from the necessary break in the middle), theming is very good in places and I don't find it that rough. Suffers from the lack of smaller theming elements and an uncomfortable jolt towards the end - Nowhere near as bad as Saw though.

4. Oblivion - A masterclass in building anticipation, the queue line videos have a subtle dash of dark humour to them and effectively build a sense of anxiety before boarding Oblivion. The ride experience itself, while short, is amazing and never fails to leave me breathless.

5. Professor Burp's Bubbleworks - A ride that I, like many others, remember fondly. This used to be my favourite ride when I visited Chessington when I was younger and for good reason. This is the ride that started my love of Theme Parks and other Themed Attractions. Professor Burp's Bubbleworks was a fantastic family dark ride which I sorely miss.

6. The Swarm - I probably wouldn't like The Swarm as much if it was at any other park, but this just blows every other ride at Thorpe Park out of the water, the theming, while certainly not the best in the UK, is amazing when compared to every other theming effort at Thorpe Park. The ride itself is smooth & elegant, and while its not the most exciting or lengthy layout, it really packs a punch in some places and is very enjoyable.

7. Nemesis: Sub Terra - Nemesis: Sub Terra is the complete opposite of Hex, while Hex is serious and atmospheric, Sub Terra is cheesy and silly - but its also rather brilliant. It has a B-Movie feel to it that I just love, the Pre Show videos are wonderfully kitsch and the ride itself is a lot of fun. A brilliant filler ride which I really enjoy.

8. Vampire - The operations are dire, but I have a massive soft spot for Vampire. It's another ride that I loved when I was younger and one that I still enjoy today.

9. Th13teen - It's not the best ride in the world by a long shot, but I think Th13teen is one of the UK's best family coasters, the theme is perfect for a modern family coaster and reminds me of some of the more creepy episodes of Doctor Who. The ride itself, while a little on the short side is very fun, the track drop and the 'mini launch' being the highlights.

10. Detonator - I'm not usually a fan of flat rides, but I really like Detonator. The drop is very forceful and its one of the only rides that still manages to make me a little nervous.

Honourable Mentions;


Dragons Fury

Dragon Falls


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This is basically a copy/paste but with Nemesis alot higher up :P

1)Wodan Timbur Coaster: For all the reasons Alex said above its sheer fun and terror wrapped into one and its so fast and for a 1.2!? ROCK ON GCI!

2)Nemesis: OMG went on this at the end of the day both days about 13 times 2 at the front and it is the most intense steel coaster ever and I love it. Originally I was underwhelmed but now I'm Overwhelmed with its magnificance!!!

3) Megafobia: Oh yes I'm a woodie fanboy, its gotten so much better over the years and its almost on par with Wodan, its so fun and terrifying at the same time with alot of good airtime its just fantastic!

4) Blue Fire: Unlike Nemesis, I found this beyond lived up to the hype, it was so fast and smooth and intense and the loops are amazing. Love it!

5) Speed: I know its a cheap Gerst but its by far the best, at night its so good and peaj said when it was warmed up, Speed was better then Saw and I feel thats an acheivement in its self :P

6) Silver Star: The shear height of the thing was a bonus but the speed and the airtime put it here, fantastic ride, well worth anyqueue time for me great!

7)Euro-mir/The Smiler: both these rides are twisty spinny and very disorientating, it wasnt a surprise with the coasters above Smiler took a tumble but great rides I cant deside wether are better or not.

8) Kraken: Great ride, my first looping rideso fond memories there its fun and intense, really like it!

9) Air: I love this ride it is very relaxing but is the most fun ride in the UK and I do prefer it to Nemesis!

10) Nemesis Inferno: the layout is generic but its very intense and I do have a soft spot for inferno as it is my favourite ride at Thorpe Park!

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I have been on The Smiler at last...


1 - Nemesis (AT) - Pretty much perfect in every way. By far (until OzIris happened) the best B+M invert I've ridden.
2 - Zeus (Asterix) - Huge amounts of airtime and a pleasing roughness giving it some real character.
3 - OzIris (Asterix) - Lives up to the initial reviews, immaculately themed, beautifully paced and just keeps giving.
4 - Goliath (6flags MM) - Because greying out is always fun. Immense.
5 - Ghost Rider (KBF) - Wood, long, fast. Some people moan about it's roughness but that's how I like it.
6 - Salvation (6flags MM) - This is the smooth fast style of Woodie AT should be looking at. And fire effects on a WOODEN coaster? Yes please!
7 - The Swarm (Thorpe) - After an underwhelming first ride it has grown on me no end. The first drop, station fly over, theming and interaction make it. Still think it is a little short and dies at the end though.
8 - X2 (6flags MM) - In may ways quite a horrible painful ride, but it is so unique and does have its moments of brilliance.

9 - The Smiler (AT) - I actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting, for something that looks like it is a bunch of shoehorned in inversions it actually flows and builds very well and the length that makes those possible is a huge plus. But problems with the track and (more so) the restraints stop it being truly outstanding and I don't think it will be particularly long lasting on this list,
10 - Stealth (Thorpe) - Probably because I haven't ridden TTD.

The dropout - air (AT). Rapidly falling out of love with it as it gets old rattly.

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No new cred on the cards for me for this year, so my Top 5s:

Top 5 Coasters

1) The Swarm (Forwards) - Sheer perfection in my eyes. Absolutely love it, mixes elegance and force into one ride, with near misses which vary from in your face to subtle. I never want to give it a perfect rating, but just can't justify not... 10/10

2) Nemesis - Still sitting strongly at Number 2. Fantastic ride with a unique position. But, unfortunately, I find my ride experience varies, from 'a bit forceless' to 'woah, that was a bit too forceful it was uncomfortable at points'. 9/10

2.5) The Swarm (Backwards) - I'm unsure whether to stick this in my Top 5 or not. It is a different experience and, in my honest view, a really different ride than when you ride it forwards. So, I'll stick it here for comparison purposes, but won't properly treat it in my Top 5. 8.5/10

3) X (TP) - A new addition to my Top 5. My first ride on the new X was disappointing and the ride felt awkward. Since the breaks were removed and a couple of things improved, I've grown to seriously love the ride, and I'm so glad the decision to turn the trains forward was made. I get a feeling that my rating of the ride is higher than it should be because it's a much more 'fun' ride compared to the rest of the park's offerings, and that it will lose it's place sometime in the near future. But for the time being, it's here. 8/10

4) Nemesis Inferno - 10 years old, and Inferno's brought it's game face on. Loving the ride more than ever now. 8/10

5) Th13teen - I didn't get a chance to ride it yesterday as it was closed all day. And I really feel like I need to, as it's one of those rides where I only realise how much I enjoy shortly after I've ridden it. It's certainly in threat of losing it's spot on my Top 5 though... 7.5/10

Honorary Mentions) The Antelope, as ever, gets my Honorary Mention here, for reasons I've explained a few times now. :P A shout out to Saw as well, which has narrowly lost it's place in my Top 5, despite ranking 3rd towards the end of last year. Ranks 3, 4, 5 and 6 are extremely close, and will no doubt change very regularly. Had I ridden Th13teen yesterday, I'd have been able to give a concrete answer, but alas, I cannot.

*Top 5 Non-Coasters to follow*

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Coaster Top ten for 2013.

1. Expedition Everest. Round of Applause. Yay!

2. Superman la/ Attaccion de Acero. I'm starting to wonder if anything can ever take this down as my favourite B&M. After six years it still remains strong in my memories.

3. Katun. Awesome ride. People need to ride this.

4. Nemesis. Another awesome B&M. Starting to develop a bit of rattle after 20 years of solid operation.

5. Oz'Iris. Three B&M Inverters on the trot you say? Why Not. I love the narrative of the ride and the uniqueness of the layout.

6. Blue Fire: Megacoaster. I had a huge fear that after four years it would be rough or jerky. None of the above. It remains silky smooth, enjoyable and features my favourite inversion of any ride I've been on so far.

7. New for 2013, Juvelen. Someone once said that a family coaster shouldn't feature in anyones top ten. Rubbish, complete rubbish. When a ride is this good and that enjoyable, why shouldn't it be up there with inverters and rides over 100 foot. I adore Juvelen.

8. Kumba. Pure B&M old school goodness. It has a bit of shake to it but that adds to its character far more then it detracts.

9. Shambhala. Rising this year, this is a very reridable attraction and full of airtime and joy.

10. Manta. I know people don't like pretzel loops for being too intense, but for me they are out of this world. The rest of the layout takes on an Air floaty approach which works well with the start of the ride.

Dropping out of the top ten is Black Mamba.

Bottom Five of any rides.

1. Tornado. Just awful. I don't think this deserves to exist anymore although I am aware there are people out there into pain and torture.

2. Furius Baco. Yuck.

3. Sequoia Adventure. Compared to the Intamin dreck above it, this seems like a great coaster in comparison.

4. Shamu Express. Beyond insulting. Rubbish too.

5. Primevil Whirl. Doesn't deserve its place at a Disney theme park.

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Did an absolute bag load of new parks in the summer, so my top 10 changed:

1: El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure

Wild. Airtime is insane. It is simply an epic, epic rollercoaster which gets almost universal praise from all who ride it.

2: Maverick, Cedar Point

Awesome. The airtime, the twists, the launch, the crazy banked bits. This is one of the best coasters in the world.

3: Nemesis, Alton Towers

The legacy of this ride given its age is something very special. It keeps up a storming pace all the way round and when it's warm it's a match for anyone, even seasoned riders.

4: Skyrush, Hersheypark

The airtime on this coaster is almost too much. It makes you scream and shriek. It is like no other coaster experience. The lift hill alone is just madness. The first drop is incredible.

5: Montu, Busch Gardens Africa

Massive and beautiful. The Batwing element is something else. I do have concerns I have overrated this ride though, so will be watching it closely when I visit Orlando again in 2015.

6: iSpeed, Mirabilandia

Crazy pacing and relentless twists. The first 30 seconds are sensational.

7: Tonnerre de Zeus, Parc Astérix

Back to its absolute, mindblowing best. A beast of a wooden coaster.

8: Raptor, Cedar Point / Monster, Walygator Parc

Raptor and Monster represents a kick ass layout on an awesome ride model. Genuinely, this is a top, top class inverted coaster and classic from B&M. Intense or what!

9: Kumba, Busch Gardens Africa

Forceful and old-skool B&M. Absolutely brilliant the whole ride with a massive ROAR.

10: Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point

Best Intamin Accelerator I have been on. Amazing launch, similar to Kingda Ka, but with lap bar restraints and far better operations. Wow!

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After another season of rides (including some new ones) I have changed my views again!

1. Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Valhalla is like marmite - people either love or hate it. I have been a huge fan of it since I first rode it (at the age of 6), and it has been my favourite ride since. The huge combination of different elements plus a very good ride with some pretty forceful drops has kept it as my favourite ride all these years.

2. The Big One (BPB)

A ride that also has mixed opinions, but personally I think that The Big One is a fantastic coaster offering speed, adrenaline and fun from start to finish. The insane forces of the first drop are yet to be rivaled on any other coaster!

3. Wild Mouse (BPB)

I like rides that throw you around a lot, have some force to them and provide lots of airtime. Wild Mouse offers all of this and more, it is a mental coaster from start to finish with very few breaks from intensity and fear. It is the only wild mouse style ride that actually makes you feel like it could come off at any second (which is a good thing), just absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Always leaves me in a fit of laughter.

4. Grand National (BPB)

Another brilliant coaster, the Grand National is very intense and has bags of airtime, speed and intensity. The competitive edge on this coaster means that you have another whole factor to occupy your mind, so on the corners instead of waiting for the next drop you are looking around seeing where the other train is. Sheer brilliance.

5. Megafobia (Oakwood)

Megafobia is much enjoyed by me as it is a fantastic woodie with lots of different elements, and it's layout is very deceiving. The first drop is fantastic, as is the rest of the ride and in the back row it is absolute insanity from start to finish - one of the most intense coaster experiences around.

6. The Smiler (Alton Towers)

Given my dislike of Saw: The Ride I feared that The Smiler may not live up to the hype for me. However, I was proved wrong as it is a fantastic coaster with lots of force behind it and a very good layout. The second airtime hill is a highlight.

7. Big Dipper (BPB)

Last year I criticized the Dipper for not running as well as I have known it to - thankfully this year it was back to it's usual brilliant best and was actually the best I have ever seen it running. I like this coaster because it has a lot of surprises, such as banked drops and hidden tunnels that all add to an already brilliant layout.

8. Nemesis (AT)

Nemesis is a very intense coaster and one that I really do enjoy. The back row is by far the best in my opinion, the force coming off the first corkscrew into the spiral is magnificent. I would rate the coaster higher, but the fact that they close off the back rows when the track is wet (the best time to ride) and don't allow immediate re-rides mean that I can't fully appreciate this coaster.

9. The Swarm (Thorpe Park)

Last year this was much higher on my favourites list, but the farce of the backwards rows (plus the fact that I think it's awful backwards apart from the first drop) has somewhat ruined it for me. Still, in the forward rows it is still a fun coaster, that has aged well over the year and the new near miss is very good. Just a shame that they had to ruin it a year in.

10. Astro Storm (Fun City Brean)

I enjoyed this when it was Space Invader at Blackpool, but I really like what Brean have done with it and it is much better now. The main coaster section is taken in pitch darkness, while the MCBR's, lift hill and break run are all very well themed, as well as a few other theming elements that light up as you go round. It's great fun and has a good re-rideability (I did it 51 times over two days).

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With 2013 nearly behind us and my trip to Florida completed a week ago, time for a top 10.


  1. Nemesis: You could say what a surprise, but the hype it gets is all deserved. It never fails to deliver in any seat. It has one of the greatest stories for a ride, and even nearly 20 years on it hasn't been surpassed. It is the Queen of coasters, a majestic beast that makes itself known. Maybe one day we will get a Nemesis beater, one day it has to happen, doesn't it?
  2. The Hulk: I know for many this an overrated ride that isn't their cup of tea, but for me it is perfect. It was my first true roller coaster challenge 8 years ago when walking under it and hearing it roar, quite unnerving for an 8 year old, but it adds to the thrill. The launch is great, and it packs a decent punch especially in the dark. Also one of the most photogenic rides out their with its positioning. A solid ride that is so much fun.
  3. Manta: This ride blew me away 4 years ago, I just remember the insanity of the pretzel loop and then a great thrilling flying experience. It did not disappoint this year! Seeing the Manta train swooping past the splash as pretty much the first thing you see when entering SeaWorld is amazing. The entrance is cleverly disguised and adds a great close effect to the riders with a waterfall. The queue line is so relaxing being able to watch stingrays and listen to the calming yet thrilling music. It is just so well done and such a thrilling ride that I want to ride all day.
  4. The Mummy (USF): So it may not be the biggest, fastest, most intense roller coaster. That's not what makes a great ride. The Mummy has a great dark ride section, launch and some decent speed. I still forget which way you suddenly turn after the launch. Oh and the room of fire, Universal just put so many effects on their rides it is truly immersive. Excellent fun, and Brendan Fraiser always gets his cup of coffee.
  5. Montu: It was difficult between this and Kumba as to which gets 5th, but Montu snatches it purely because I prefer inverted coasters as they offer a bit more whip. This ride dominates the Busch Gardens entrance, has some excellent theming, low to the ground moments and it is relentless. You think it's going to just put you in a loose helix to lose speed and it dives you under ground into a corkscrew.
  6. Kumba: I guess this is what they call old school B&M? High speed, tightly compact inversions (unlike the really drawn out modern ones) and great force. Oh and its roar! I never forget walking over to Kumba for the first time. Yes it has a small rattle, but that adds to the ride, it gives the feel that it won't give up, it is a beast, a lion.
  7. Expedition Everest: I remember seeing the widely used "oh no the track is broken picture" and being petrified (as a kid) and not knowing how it would work. So in 2007 I rode it and it was such a surprise, rides are so much better when you have no idea what's going to happen. The whole ride was smooth, fast paced, enjoyable and an adventure. I hope to ride it again one day to get a more up to date view but for now, it sits proud.
  8. The Swarm: Yes it's short, yes the public didn't 'get it' but it's still a great ride. It may be nothing to the likes of Raptor but I haven't done Raptor so wouldn't know. The hangtime on the first drop, high g on the helicopter turn, drawn out inline twist right to the fire (when working) compliments each other perfectly. It sits well on its own island, has a high capacity, good reliability and re rideability, just what Thorpe needed.
  9. Cheetah Hunt: So many people rate this ride like it's utter rubbish, so my hopes were so low. It's not, it is what it's marketed as, a family thrill coaster. It has traditional forceful Intamin launches, a great twist part around waterfalls, high speed turns, a smooth re rideable feel and restraints that don't try and kill you. It is a solid ride, one that was lacking from Busch Gardens line up.
  10. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit: So now you must be thinking I've gone crazy. Maybe I have, maybe you've not ridden it and go by all the bad reviews. To simply put it, this is my guilty pleasure. The gimmick works on me, I love listening to some music whilst ascending 160feet vertically. I think G-Force makes people scared of this, don't let it. The seats are comfy, cars smooth (they've done something since I last rode in 2009 but that's no bad thing). The non inverting loop is awesome fun, really chucks you out of your seat. After all it's flaws, it now works much better, has a high capacity, looks great at night and is unique. So that's why it makes my top 10.

Non Coasters

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: This was my first true dark ride, and what a ride. It's fast paced, the new HD screens look great, the queue is any Spidey fans dream (it's the Daily Bugle!!!). Maybe being a Spiderman fan makes me a bit biased but oh well, it is a great ride.
  2. Hollywood Tower of Terror: It would be rude to let it go lower than this, everything about this makes it such a exhilarating ride, the Twilight Zone music, dominating creepy appearance of the tower, whatever it is this ride is immense from the entrance. A complete experience.
  3. Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls: If you're going to make a water ride do it in style. The bright blue mountain is one of the few building to be seen on Universal Blvd and it draws attention, the main drop into the crazy building and an airtime hill is insanity on a simple log flume. The dark ride part is so much fun, it's just a great ride and how all water rides should be.
  4. Forbidden Journey: I'm not a massive Potter fan, but this ride is great nonetheless. It has the perfect mix of screen based and prop based interaction to create an immersive story and the technology of the ride is so advanced. Definitely the way I see many rides going when it becomes more affordable.
  5. Transformers: A modern take using the Spiderman technology, very good! Although it is more screen based it still has great detail in the queue and ride. The pace is quite a bit faster and who doesn't love to be part of a battle? Even if the rumours of it being a quick idea to give Uni something big are true, the ride is still great. Especially just seeing the N.E.S.T building with Optimus Prime on top.
  6. Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island: (who said it had to be a ride?) This is my favourite theme park show, simple. The humour, the fun, engagement with audience, it's just a lovely way to escape all the rides.
  7. Duel: I really like Duel, it's a fast paced, very dark shooter ride. The eerie building, queue, announcements, I just love it, and the fact it never has a queue. Perfect!
  8. The Simpsons: I was a big fan of Back to the Future, and a bigger fan of this! The ride is typical Simpson fashion, impossible yet funny. And now with Springfield open it feels complete. A great way to do a motion simulator.
  9. E.T.: Magical ride for the whole family, the inside queue has amazing detail, the pace is good, and to have E.T. say your name is just well awesome!
  10. Slammer: Oh dear he's gone utterly crazy this time. Well yes, but this ride is crazy. It's forceful, intimidating, and a real rarity. I'm a Slammer fan and proud. It is a real thrill ride.
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Just like last year, is my top 91 roller coasters for the Mitch Hawker Poll. Due to the way that Mitch Hawker is set up, I've disregarded what I normally look for in rides and gone for what the ride is just about.

Nemesis Alton Towers UK,y,y,1
Katun Mirabilandia IT,y,n,2
Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park DE,y,y,3
Shambhala Port Aventura ES,y,y,4
Kumba Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,5
Juvelen Djurs Sommerland DK,y,y,6
Expedition Everest Disney Animal King FL,y,n,7
Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,8
Manta SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,9
Black Mamba Phantasialand DE,y,n,10
Superman la Atraccion Parque Warner Madr ES,y,n,11
Oblivion Alton Towers UK,y,y,12
iSpeed Mirabilandia IT,y,n,13
Piraten Djurs Sommerland DK,y,y,14
SheiKra Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,15
The Smiler Alton Towers UK,y,y,16
Dragon Khan Port Aventura ES,y,y,17
Euro-Mir Europa-Park DE,y,y,18
Speed: No Limits Oakwood UK,y,n,19
The Swarm Thorpe Park UK,y,y,20
OzIris Parc Asterix FR,y,n,21
Nemesis Inferno Thorpe Park UK,y,y,22
Rock n Roller Coaster Disney's H Studios FL,y,n,23
Chinese Fireball Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,24
Hungarian Horntail Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,25
Silver Star Europa-Park DE,y,y,26
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,27
Big Thunder Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,28
Minetrain Ulven Bakken DK,y,y,29
Euro-Sat Europa-Park DE,y,y,30
Hollywood Rip Ride Ro Universal Studios FL,y,n,31
Fav Wild Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,32
Dragon's Fury Chessington UK,y,n,33
Colorado Adventure Phantasialand DE,y,n,34
Temple of Nighthawk Phantasialand DE,y,n,35
Incredible Hulk Islands of Adventu FL,y,n,36
Winjas - Fear Phantasialand DE,y,n,37
Batman The Ride/Clone SF & Other Parks **,y,n,38
G'sengte Sau Tripsdrill DE,y,n,39
Expedition GeForce Holiday Park DE,y,n,40
Space Mountain Disneyland Paris FR,y,y,41
Montu Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,42
Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios FL,y,n,43
Skatteoen Djurs Sommerland DK,y,y,44
Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,45
Thor's Hammer Djurs Sommerland DK,y,y,46
Lynet Farup Sommerland DK,y,y,47
Polar X-Plorer Legoland Billund DK,y,y,48
Raptor Gardaland IT,y,n,49
Matterhorn Blitz Europa-Park DE,y,y,50
Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,51
Abismo Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,52
Crush's Coaster Walt Disney Paris FR,y,y,53
Tarantula Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,54
Tornado Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,55
Stealth Thorpe Park UK,y,y,56
Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris FR,y,y,57
Fav Arrow Mine Train Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,58
Fav Mack Supersplash Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,59
Poseidon Europa-Park DE,y,y,60
Goudurix Parc Asterix FR,y,n,61
Daemonen Tivoli Gardens DK,y,y,62
Trace Du Hourra Parc Asterix FR,y,n,63
Mammut Gardaland IT,y,n,64
Indiana Jones et le t Disneyland Paris FR,y,y,65
Shock Rainbow Magicland IT,y,n,66
Air Alton Towers UK,y,y,67
Space Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,68
Colossus Thorpe Park UK,y,y,69
Thirteen Alton Towers UK,y,y,70
Pepsi Max Big One Blackpool P.B. UK,y,n,71
Shockwave Drayton Manor UK,y,n,72
Cobra Paulton's Park UK,y,n,73
Winjas - Force Phantasialand DE,y,n,74
Steeplechase Blackpool P.B. UK,y,n,75
Cagliostro Rainbow Magicland IT,y,n,76
Vild-Svinet BonBon-Land DK,y,y,77
Rock n Roller Coaster Walt Disney Paris FR,y,y,78
Vampire Chessington UK,y,n,79
Avalanche Blackpool P.B. UK,y,n,80
Fav Vekoma Corkscrew Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,81
Cheetah Hunt Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,82
Rita Alton Towers UK,y,y,83
X Thorpe Park UK,y,y,84
Schweizer Bobbahn Europa-Park DE,y,y,85
Sonic Spinball Alton Towers UK,y,y,86
G Force Drayton Manor UK,y,y,87
Saw - The Ride Thorpe Park UK,y,y,88
Sequoia Adventure Gardaland IT,y,n,89
Tornado Bakken DK,y,y,90
Furius Baco Port Aventura ES,y,y,91
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Mine's nowhere as big as mark's and some might find mine a bit odd where I have put things, but here it goes:

Nemesis Alton Towers UK,y,y,1
Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,2
Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park DE,y,y,3
Speed: No Limits Oakwood UK,y,y,4
Thirteen Alton Towers UK,y,y,5
The Smiler Alton Towers UK,y,y,6
Euro-Mir Europa-Park DE,y,y,7
Silver Star Europa-Park DE,y,y,8
Air Alton Towers UK,y,y,9
X Thorpe Park UK,y,y,10
The Swarm Thorpe Park UK,y,y,11
Poseidon Europa-Park DE,y,y,12
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,13
Colossus Thorpe Park UK,y,y,14
Stealth Thorpe Park UK,y,y,15
Oblivion Alton Towers UK,y,y,16
Nemesis Inferno Thorpe Park UK,y,y,17
Dragon's Fury Chessington UK,y,y,18
Matterhorn Blitz Europa-Park DE,y,y,19
Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris FR,y,n,20
Fav Eurofighter 320+ Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,21
Rock n Roller Coaster Disney's H Studios FL,y,n,22
Rita Alton Towers UK,y,y,23
Space Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,24
Crush's Coaster Walt Disney Paris FR,y,n,25
Vampire Chessington UK,y,y,26
Indiana Jones et le t Disneyland Paris FR,y,n,27
Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,n,28
Fav Mack Supersplash Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,29
Big Thunder Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,n,30
Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,31
Sonic Spinball Alton Towers UK,y,y,32
Schweizer Bobbahn Europa-Park DE,y,y,33
Fav Spinning Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,34
Fav El Loco Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,35
Saw - The Ride Thorpe Park UK,y,y,36
Fav Zyklon Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,37
Fav Zyklon Loop Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,38
Space Mountain Disneyland Paris FR,y,n,39
Wodan as favourite woodie is at 2 because even tough I love it, I need to ride it more whereas I have been on Nemesis multiple times this year and it's just special! X is the top of the thorpe rides because its the most fun I have had in a while, Colossus in 3rd because even though its rough I just love it, NI in 4th because even though I do like it as well I have had some really dull rides on it in the past, lets hope its speeds up abit like last year!
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That bottom 10 is <3 Though I'd have thought Caligostro would be in there over Bobbahn...

I really hate bobsleigh roller coasters, hence Bobbahn's appearance. To be honest though, after the top twenty and the bottom ten, everything else pretty much just fits around and could easily be in a different place the next day. It's very hard to start comparing things like G'Sengte Sau with Colossus for example. Two very different coasters doing totally different things.

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