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Here is my combined coaster top 10.


1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure - Unbelievable ride which is going to take something special to beat it.

2. Skyrush - Hersheypark - Incredible moments of airtime.

3. Batman The Ride - Various parks - I love the first gen B&M inverters.  Strong G's and when running backwards are even better.

4. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park - Almost a perfect coaster.  Great airtime and speed, just lacks a little in the middle section.

5. Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags Over Texas - Fantastic backwards launched shuttle coaster.

6. Oziris - Parc Asterix - In my opinion, one of the best new B&M rides out there. Almost a return to form for me.  The theming also plays a big part.

7. Colossos - Heide Park - Was my favourite woodie until El Toro blew it out of the water.

8. Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix - Great CCI coaster which goes on and on and on

9. Troy - Toverland - Fast, smooth and out of control.  Great ride.

10. Timber Terror - Silverwood - Great out and back woodie


My woodie top 10


1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure

2. Colossos - Heide Park

3. Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix

4. Troy - Toverland

5. Timber Terrror - Silverwood

6. Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk

7. Tremors - Silverwood

8. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce

9. Roar - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (defunct)

10. Hercules - Dorney Park (defunct)


Steelie top 10


1. Skyrush - Hersheypark

2. Batman the ride - Various

3. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

4. Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags Over Texas

5. Oziris - Parc Asterix

6. Van Helsings Factory - Movie Park

7. Nemesis - Alton Towers

8. Aftershock - Silverwood

9. Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

10. Storm Runner - Hersheypark

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Top ten coasters:


1 Shambhala: Love the layout, and full of floaty airtime.


2 Wodan : Has very good momentum and I underestimated it.


3 Nemesis: Do I even need to explain myself.


4 Wild mouse PBP: Probably the most extreme ride in the uk, and it looks so small and innocent.


5 Blue fire: The twisted horshoe roll, nuff said


6 The Texas giant: My first hybrid, I loved it.


Rita Stealth: Its Stealth, what can I say.


8 Silver star: Good ejector in the back row, and its a decent b+m


9 Dragons khan: Good looper, just a little rough but still fun.


10 Furius baco: Its SO bad its good, like a painful endurance test.

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I was waiting to finish my trip report before doing a Top 10, and now that I've actually done more coasters, I feel justified enough to be able to do a 10 coasters instead of 5...


1=)  The Swarm (Forwards), Thorpe Park:  I was genuinely surprised that this remained on the top spot for me.  I think one of the reasons this has remained on the top spot for me is because I really love the story that it's trying to get at; there's enough there for it to be acceptable, but it leaves some bits to the imagination, which I like.  The actual coaster itself is fab too.


1=)  Baron 1898, Efteling:  Again, another ride which climbs so high because of the story.  Unlike Swarm, it has a much stronger story, with theming that flows.  It feels a bit more complete, but the actual coaster just needed a bit more.


3)  NemesisAlton Towers:  Unsurprisingly, the beast still remains high up on my list.  I really do love this and forceful coasters, but I guess I'm more of floaty / elegance boy than an intense coaster man.


4)  Joris en de DraakEfteling:  I'm not letting a duelling coaster take up two spots (dunno if that's controversial or not, but meh).  I really loved this, and I'm surprised it made it so high up this list, but I'm not complaining.


5)  TroyToverland:  Woodies filling up the middle of rankings quite nicely.  A quality coaster, but again, Joris just sneaks ahead because of the 'fun factor'.


6)  AnubisPlopsaland de Panne:  I'd heard so many good things about this, and I was glad it lived up to expectations.  It's so surprisingly fab, even more so when you look at it; it packs more of a punch than what I was expecting!


7)  Black MambaPhantasialand:  Not a Nemesis-beater like I'd heard a few say, but still a fantastic coaster with a nice layout and fantastic surroundings.


8)  Nemesis InfernoThorpe Park:  A bit of a surprise.  But Inferno is a ride that just gets better and better with age, more than any other coaster I've ridden.  I can't wait to see what it's like in 10 years time.


9)  WinjasPhantasialand:  Another duelling coaster pair.  Winjas mixed a decent coaster with decent non-coaster things.  Second half of the rides are a bit bare theming-wise, and it just doesn't quite work.  Still doesn't stop it from being a fab little ride!


10)  X, Thorpe Park:  Probably going to get funny looks for this one, and have sanity checks called for.  I don't think X is a good coaster, far from it.  But I really enjoy it.  I think the reason for that is because it's a fun ride in a park that lacks many 'fun rides'.  It probably shouldn't even be in my Top 10, and should more be an honourable mention, but there were so many vying for this 10th spot that I had no clue what to put..  No doubt this will be knocked out very swiftly next year..

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1. The Swarm

2. Nemesis Inferno (if in the back anywhere else 3rd)

3. Stealth

4. Saw The Ride

5. Colossus

6. Vampire

7. Dragons Fury

8. Rattlesnake

9. Rage

10. Big Thunder Mountain (Paris)


Hahahahaha. Basic.




Only going to do a top 5 as I haven't done that many coasters, and thought I'd do one before I go to Florida next month to compare it


1) Nemesis - It's Nemesis.

2) Oblivion - So short I know but the drop is amazing. 

3) Nemesis Inferno - The most re-rideable coaster, and every time I go it seems to get better and better. Oh, and mist.

4) Colossus - Don't find Colossus rough really, love the layout.

5) Saw/Stealth - Depends if Saw is running well or not for which one I prefer. I love Saw when you get a good car. Seems more forceful this season as well.



1) Slammer - It's unique. Nothing better than Slamming forwards <3

2) Detonator - The drop. The music. Love it.

3) Rush/Vortex - Love them both. Rush is a lot better when you're on the good swing, and Vortex is amazing when it's running well (which it has been a lot this season) 

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Okay here is my Top ten (they aren't in order, that would take too much brainpower)

  • Oblivion (Gardaland)
  • Raptor (Gardaland)
  • Wodan (Europa Park)
  • Silver Star (Europa Park)
  • blue fire megacoaster (Europa Park)
  • Swarm
  • Stealth
  • Nemesis Inferno
  • Big Thunder Mountain (DLP)
  • Eurosat (Europa Park)
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It's that time again to update my top 10 (especially after visiting an amazing park outside the Uk).

Roller Coasters

1/ Nemesis

2/ The Swarm

3/ Joris De Draak- (new to the list) a smooth yet forceful fun ride makes for great things in addition to the heavily immersive theme,soundtrack and small touches such as the winning flags.

4/ Megafobia

5/ Thunder Mountain

6/ Thirteen

7/ Baron 1898- impressive theming and story can make a good ride a great one.

8/ Air

9/ Speed

10/ Space Moubtain DLP

Off the list

Rock N Roller coaster- Space Mountain is better

Grand National- as much as like it Joris is much better plus the ride can be rough and operations leave a lot to be desired.

Dark Rides

1/ Tower Of Terror

2/ Pirates of the Caribbean DLP

3/ Hex

4/ Valhalla

5/ Fate Morgana- this is a fantastic variation of the Pirates concept, the theming, music, everything is top notch.

6/ Ratatouille

7/ Droomvlucht- high quality again with excellent quality and everything.

8/ Crush

9/ Vogel Rock- such a Loverly ride, a bit like space mountain without loops.

10/ Duel

Off the list

Star Tours- needs an update

Wallace & Gromit- the pacing is rather jarring (as much as I like this ride).

Bubble works- Merlin

Top 10 water rides

1/ Valhalla

2/ Flying Dutchman (Efteling)

3/ Pirana Rapids

4/ Congo River Rapids

5/ Drenched

6/ Loggers Leap

7/ Pirate Falls

8/ Tidal Wave

9/ Viking River Splash

10/ Dragon Falls

Top 10 parks (visited)

1/ Disneyland Paris

2/ Efteling

3/ Alton Towers

4/ Thorpe Park

5/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

6/ Legoland Windsor

7/ Chessington

8/ Oakwood

9/ Asventure Island

10/ Tivoli World

Needs more Europa mcxvi

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Top 10 parks I visited:

1. Europa Park- I love this park. When I first walked in I was in awe of the beauty of it. Europa Park for me is just always a good visit. On the upside there is no Fastrack, also they run 2-3 trains on all of there big coasters. Europa Park is something Mack should be proud of. From the rides-to the shows-to the entertainment parkwide, it is amazing.

2. Six Flags Over Texas- On my trip to Texas I could not resist going to a Six Flag Park. The theming was supurb(ish) ;)
Anyway Six Flags  is more about the rides. The rides are great(even though the theming is borderline awful). The New Texas Giant was great fun, and so way Mr.Freeze, it was great park, but in ways flawed.

3. Portaventura- Portaventura was my first big park.
It was once my favorite Park for awhile, But then I realised.. The customer service is awful, even worse than Merlin(which is saying something).
The quelines boil down to a cheap cattlepen(in the summer it is almost unbearable).
Shambhala is beauty, Dragons Khan is decent.
Stampida is god awful. I have a little soft spot for Furius Baco(I know it is rough, but I just love being tortured).

4- BPB- I love BPB. To the Classic woodies, to the insane Wild Mouse. Ice Blast is a little dull TBH but fun. Vahalla is Dark Ride masterpiece.
The park overall is a themed as a white Thorpe Marquee... But it is a good Park

5. Alton Towers- Alton Towers is one of the best Parks in the UK. It is ran quite well for a Merlin park. Nemesis and Oblivion are great.
But Th13teen is the best ride in the universe and is a creation from God. The Smiler has a dull layout, but the theming of The Smiler makes up for it.
Air is underated IMO, and is a unqiue addition to the Resort. And Rita is god awful.

6. Legoland- Legoland I think is a really good park.
I felt like Legoland feels like it is not even a Merlin Park. On my visit the park had really good operations, Also I felt like all the rides were fun and well done for the Parks-demographic.
I think Legoland is a well operated park and a well kept park that it is one of my favorite Merlin Parks.

7. DisneyLand Paris- DisneyLand Paris for me is just plain meh. None of the coasters stick out at all.
Customer Service were plain awful. I felt like I was being punished for entering the park.. The reason its on this list is due to the Second Park being a little better. Areosmith and Tower Of Terror are both really good rides.  and Crush's Coaster is good fun.

8. Thorpe- Not going slate the park at all, because I will just be repeating what a million others have said.. The park has a couple of good rides. But defo not perfect.

9. Chessington- Rundown,dirty, and  a absolute wasteland. Sad because Chessington used to be miles better than this.

10- Drayton Mannor- Just...

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On 05/07/2015 at 9:23 PM, J.S217 said:


1.Nemesis Inferno 


3.Black Mamba 



6.Joris En Drakk 


8.Winjas Fear/Force




Non Coasters


2. The  Forbidden Cave

3. Maus-Au-Chocolat

4.Challenge of Tutunkhamon


6.River Quest 





1. Wodan Timbur Coaster 

2. Arthur

3.Blue Fire



6. Eurosat

7. Th13teen 

8. Silver Star 

9. Troy

10. Black Mamba 


Yes thats my top 10 so far :D

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considering it's nearly been a year since my last one, I've decided to revisit.


Buuut it's got to the point now where I've kind of given up ordering them, because my number 1 is still pretty solid and the rest are just a jumble.

1. Balder Dash

the rest:

Wodan - Having ridden this at Europa it was the only one that surpassed my expectations. Being brutally honest the park was rather over hyped for me in terms of ride quality, however this ride was rather piped down in how well it has been recieved. For me it was a truly relentless ride, and is a main reason for a revisit.

Th13teen - backseat airtime is dees.

Saw - This has grown on me a lot since last season. It just makes me feel so yup.

Winjas - ayy


That's it really.. I have a fair amount of varied creds but to be honest if I added any others to my list it'd be half BS because I barely remember them.

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I think Blue fire is my new number one coaster, however front row wodan is something special, silver star was hit and miss in the rain there was no airtime at all but the previous day was mental.  I agree whilst nothing solidly sticks out at Europa there are a number of solid coasters and attention to detail which makes the park tbh

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Overdue but after experiencing some amazing parks and rides my 10's in for a major update. 


Top 10 coasters

1/ Helix

2/ Wodan

3/ Blue Fire

4/ Nemesis  

5/ Silver Star

6/ Baron 1898

7/ Thirteen 

8/ Balder

9/ The Swarm 

10/ Big Thunder Mountain 


Top 10 parks visited 

1/ Europa Park

2/ Disneyland Paris 

3/ Efteling

4/ Liseberg

5/ Alton Towers 

6/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

7/ Thorpe Park

8/ Legoland Windsor

9/ Chessington

10/  Oakwood


top 10 water rides 

1/ Valhalla 

2/ Flying Dutchman

3/ Fjord River Rafting 

4/ Wildwasservbahn (Europa)

5/ Liseberg Rapids

6/ Pirana Rapids

7/ Liseberg log flume 

8/ Congo River Rapids

9/ Drenched

10/ Tidal Wave 


Top dark rides will be updated soon


Safe to say most of my top 10's are no longer uk based now. 


Top 10 parks I want to visit (brace yourselves)

1/  Phantasialand

2/ Port Aventura 

3/ Parc Asterix 

4/ Paultons Park

5/ Gardaland

6/ Tivoli Gardens

7/ Heide Park

8/ Plopsaland 

9/ Disney World

10/ Universal Orlando 


based is on priority and probability 

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Here's mine:

1. Shambhala (Pretty obvious choice, tons of airtime and a crazy out of your seat first drop)

2. Manta (SWO) (This gets the high speed swooping around that a flying coaster should have down to a tee and the pretzel loop is absurdly forceful)

3. Stealth (The launch feels amazingly powerful and it doesn't get dull after loads of rerides)

4. Cheetah Hunt (So much variety and airtime in this very long coaster)

5. Nemesis (Impossible to summarise in a short sentance how wonderful this coaster is, perfectly paced, beautifully landscaped and the zero G is my favourite inversion on any coaster)

6. Sheikra (Textbook B&M here, big, floaty but still intense layout)

7. Montu (Absolutely thunders through and transitions so nicely between elements, also the Batwing is stupidly forceful at the bottom)

8. V2 Vertical Velocity (Huuuuge amounts of airtime going up the rear spike on the back row and slowly going through the twist and stopping upside down feels beautiful)

9. Kumba (Really forceful and relentless)

10. Kraken (I love a good out and back coaster and this is one of the few B&Ms that doesn't fizzle out towards the end)

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1. Shambarla - easy!

2. Furios Baco - yes it's rough, painful possibly deadly but that launch is the most incredible thing on a rollercoaster ever!

3. Manta - really shows what the flyers can do

4. Nemesis 

5. Montu 

6. The Swarm

7. Stealth

8. Colossus

9. Khan

10. Cheetah hunt

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(Bare in mind I've never been on an upside down coaster

and I don't remember any visits to parks outside of England)


Honourable Mentions: X (for the second drop), Bubbleworks, Tomb Blaster.

10. Jolly Rocker (first and only pirate ship)

9. Rumba Rapids 2016

8. Quantum

7. Mia's Riding Adventure

6. Runaway Mine Train (AT)

5. Rattlesnake

4. Kobra

3. Congo River Rapids

2. Dragon's Fury :wub:

1. Vampire :wub:

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