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Unpopular Opinions


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1) Saw is my favourite rollercoaster out of all I have ridden (which compared to a lot of people here isn't many)

2) I love DBGT

3) I loved Submission and miss it

4) I prefer Colossus to Nemesis Inferno

5) I find dodgems quite scary - I don't scream on rides now (maybe the odd swear word but shove me on the dogems and I scream and squawk)

6) I hate Rita and will only ride if there is a minimal queue

7) I prefer Thorpe Park to Alton Towers

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Questionably unpopular opinions:

  • Saw is extremely difficult to enjoy, due to its roughness and sharp movements.
  • Furius Baco is the most pain I've been through outside of surgery and severe illness (lucky me?).
  • Nemesis: Sub-Terra is at best a fantastic experience, and at worst a sizeable step in the right direction.
  • Nemesis Inferno is the best coaster at Thorpe.


Actually unpopular opinions:

  • I've NEVER had an issue with Space Mountain: Mission 2, and until I rode Nemesis in 2009 it was my favourite coaster ever. The only complaint I can come up with is the inconsistent on-board audio.
  • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril isn't a bad filler coaster.
  • I prefer Silver Star to Blue Fire at Europa.
  • Avalanche is the best steel at Blackpool.
  • Stealth is a bit of a waste of space, and only highlights how well thought-out Oblivion was as a fellow "one-trick-pony" coaster.
  • Pre-refurbishment, Pirate Falls was the best water ride in the UK. Yes, including Valhalla.
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Valhalla is overrated to hell and back... The ridiculous levels of wetness and giant warehouse are seemingly given a free pass because I'm guessing it's unique? There's not many 'thrill water dark rides' after all...


Like parts of it have good theming but the giant warehouse section is just that, plus most of it is broken anyways... Just always found it weird it's so rated when it's not actually that enjoyable...

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