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2017 Season General Discussion

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Can't believe they've changed the music for Rumba!  Why remove a quirky, fun piece of music for the generic theme that's playing there now?

(Video on TPM Facebook)

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I like the old theme, but this new one is not as bad as I thought it would be.


Anyone notice at the 1 minute mark they have completely forgotten to paint just one section of the fence (a speaker cover), which is still bright green?


I just hope they have left Inferno and Colossus alone as they were rumoured to be changing!

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2 minutes ago, ThemeParkCrafter said:

So only entrance and rumba have new tracks?


Entrance, Dome, Rumba were playing new tracks, an islandly theme was also playing at I'm a Celeb but I assume That maybe just because it was closed.


On the subject of music Fish has music back with its announcements too!

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Few photos from TPM's FB of today, so they're all on here...


Admissions hall:



New Dome sign:



The Island Shop:







New signage:


(There's one in every themed area)


Some nice refreshes - pictures don't do justice to how nice the Island Shop is!


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