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Thorpe Park 2022


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I had an off the cuff visit on Saturday my first since Oktoberfest. Didnt arrive until 11 was amazed to walk straight in and through security checks as ive heard all the horror stories with the queues I'm normally a 9:30 arrival kind of guy so dont know if thats normal. For me the Dome has some very strong smell pods this year and didnt spend too long in there because of it although I did have a headache. Operations and atmosphere across the park felt good and could see plenty of general upkeep improvements throughout which was great to see. Nothing else majorly different that we dont already know about. Thrill makers plenty of interactions with younger guests and see they now have a training book for kids aswell. Sunken gardens looked great and ate in pizza pasta couldnt fault it.  I think they have gotten on top of the music issues although strange not hearing wwtp in amity where the stage now is makes it very quiet when the shows are not on. Storm surge had a massive leak bigger than usual turning the walking dead queue line into waterfall the poor ride hosts were soaked. Playground still not ready, plenty of loggers pin badges left only small gripe the parking barriers didnt recognise my number plate or let me scan the QR code on the way out so had to buzz the intocom to get out number of other cars had same issue across all barriers and also happened to me on my last visit aswell. Lets see what the new events bring in a few weeks time

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Double post, call the cops.


Got to experience the new for 2022 toilets today (twice, as it goes) and they really are very nice indeed. How come any of the so called vlogstars have yet to mention this amazing bit of tech at the entrance though, see photos attached.


And secondly - where are those fabled extra 2 toilets? Are they hidden - an "easter egg", if you will?





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7 hours ago, Theme Park Fanatic said:

Hi are there any updates on the future of Rocky Express?


It will not be returning.

It will not open anywhere else.


It will either all go to the scrapheap, or they might save a bit of it and store it behind the scenes in case they ever want to display it in any form.

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Timber Tug Boat has now docked into Chessington. It’s going to imminently be renamed Trawler Trouble. The Ship with its new name and livery is expected to sail again within the next month.

Trawler Trouble  looks extremely immersive and follows Disney Standards. It’s hard to believe only 6 months ago it was a ride that resembled that of a Traveling Funfair. I knew that Timber Tug Boat was in for a full scale refit rather than a rename to Trawler Trouble. Chessington is the best Themed Park in England. I have always said that Chessington reminds me of the Disney Parks.


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23 minutes ago, coasterverse said:


I don't know how many times you need to be told it's going to be demolished... 😂

@coasterverse it’s devastating that Rocky Express is going to be torn to pieces. I truly wish that Rocky Express could have the same fate as Timber Tug Boat (Trawler Trouble) or Lumber Jump (High Stricker). I think Project Exodus is the best thing that’s happened to Timber Tug Boat and Lumber Jump. Since the respective rides have been rethemed and relocated to Chessington and Amity they look a whole lot better. I would say that both rides are in the locations they were destined for. While in Old Town the rides looked cheaply out of place. I think they were rammed into Old Town so Thorpe could advertise new rides for 2017. Ironically the most popular and  aptly themed ride in Old Town,is the one that will soon be history. I hope Thorpe has a change of heart and relocates Rocky Express to the former location of Wet Wet Wet.

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I'll replace the link with all the details when I'm not on my phone, but the park's app has updated showing everything we can expect from the Mardi Gras event, which starts Thursday:



May be an image of text that says "Find rides, queue times and m... HORPE HORPA AREAS FREESTYLE HOTEL EXTRAS Dodgems Fat Brass Jazz Band fdi G Drum Works Community Band Mardi Gras Meet Krewes Show Detonator Google Amity Beach Black Mirror Labyrinth Closed Colossus Closed Explore"

May be an image of food and text that says "Mardi Gras East Street Food St... አ5 Gras MARDI GRAS EAST STREET FOOD STALLS Right in the Hub of Mardi Gras you'll find street stalls serving: Traditional Jambalaya Louisiana Ribs & Spicy Rice Cajun Corn with Chilli Butter Cajun Shrimp Po Boys Card payments only X…. Annual Pass discount Magic Money accepted Explore"


Full highlights include:

-A parade from Depth Charge to the area

-A variety of musical acts

-Mardi Grad celebration shows

-Special food items at the park's restaurants

-Two Mardi Gras exclusive food outlets


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Nice to see a fully fledged event, by the looks of it anyway.


It’s got a bit of everything, isn’t just based around food (Oktoberfest) or Music (Parkvibes). It feels like a transformation of the whole park, something which is an advantage over towers. 


Curious to see how well received the parade is, I’m not sure on what level to expect it. All I’m saying is that Thorpe’s demographic is likely to turn a blind eye to it.


That isn’t to say, that I wouldn’t want it. I’m really excited to see it along with all the other performances.


I’m just aware, the main demographic turn a blind eye to the Thrillmakers.

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