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The one thing that annoys me is when I tell someone some people are immediatly like ''omg do you like fancy me'' I feel like saying don't flatter your self love.

Yes indeed, and people go, ZOMGGG!!!111 who do you fancy in this year?Ahhrg go and die.

Yer, this happened to my friend!! AND some of her friends (including me) got asked if we were lesbians, just because we were friends with her. Some people in this world... honestly. <_<
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What I really hate so much and makes me get absol pee'd is that when people make out like it's a bad thing to be gay OR that is disgusting to be gay.It's like what happened with black people (mostly)/south-east asian people in America back in the bad ole' days. There's nothing wrong with being male/female or being straight or gay or having a different skin colour.It's a new generation where everything is different and if anyone's parents cannot accept them for they are, they fail, epically at being parents. As parents should love their child no matter what they are and they should be supportive. If they can't now you know where they failed at parenting. Parents can be like, did we do something to make our child go gay? No most likely didn't and they have to accept that, that's life. I read about a guy who came back from Iraq and his face got blown off and his gf is still with him coz she loves him. And all the parents whose kids have disabilities, they don't love them any less but if anything, more!

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Hey guysI'm a BI here, Wow I can't believe thats actually quite a few gays and bi's on here :D Ive never met a gay/bi guy before ever. Which is kinda strange but my school isn't exactlly the gay/bi type :P But yeah I'm not afraid to admit it and I get horrible people talking to me about it... But I just ignore them and they go away because theres no shame in it in my opinion :D I'm about 85% gay-side probs :D

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I'm not a bastard :o I'm begining to wonder whether sexuailty exists at all. It's just another way in which people can pidgeon hole others. I mean, I know I like guys, but I think I just either click with someone or not. There's either chemistry there or not, ect.Although on a completely materialistic point of view, girls really don't make me tick :unsure:

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I think I'm gay. And to be honest I dont really care about other peoples opinions.Why are people such bastards to "different people"? Its their choice, not yours. Its their problem, not yours so dont involve yourself (btw I'm not talking about anyone here, people from TPM are really nice! :o )I'm been bullied so much because people "thought" I was gay, it would be so much worse if they actually knew. People like that dont care about how other people feel, its so immature it makes me really angry! :o And tbh, words hurt the most because you cant get rid of them, and they make you want to never have existed.I'm been bullied so much because of it I've had really bad depression e.g. randomly bursting into tears, not going to school. And tbh I'm proud of who I am :unsure: I've accepted that I "swing the other way" and its something I'm not scared of.I cant believe I've just typed all that. But there isnt any point hiding anymore :o

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