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I think Cedar Point’s operations were very good most of the time, although very different to the ones in the U.K. 


Every Park will be different for operations, whether that be due to different loose belonging rules, restrictions or the scale of ride vehicles and block systems.


On my last visit, Nemesis took about 1 minute 20 seconds to unload and dispatch on two trains, which is pretty good as operations go and rarely stacked either. Towers is probably the best park in the UK as operations go. 


One of the the reasons why Europa is so high from a throughput and efficiency side is not just down to great operations, but the factor a lot of the rides are designed for max capacity with as many blocks possible without deterring the ride experience. Blue Fire has as many as five trains, Eurosat seven and Euromir May have as many as nine. So a comparison to Towers is irrelevant.


There is no point dispatching a ride if the train ahead hasn’t reached or passed the next block stage.

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Not sure if that post is aimed at me but I'll be more clearer. When we were there, Raptor, Rougarou and Gatekeeper were on three trains. Each time, one train was stacked outside the station whilst one loaded. It doesn't make a ride have a higher throughput if a train is stationary, doing nothing and it doesn't improve dispatches. America in general (outside of Disney) has far more stringent and harsher checks on it rides which means there is no point running three trains if the safety procedures take longer than a ride cycle. Maverick was running six trains but it could have run four and would have still had the same people per hour.


The main reason I felt it necessary to praise Towers and Blackpool is because their dispatches were near perfect. Minimal stacking on full capacity is hard work but they did it near flawlessly. 

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Definitely not directly aimed at you and more intentionally as a perspective thing than any.


I can see your point on the stacking as trains waiting does nothing for throughputs. When I was there, sometimes they wouldn’t stack for long, whereas sometimes all three trains stacked which was not ideal. 


every park will naturally have their good and bad ride teams regardless of size and location. Gate Keeper’s operations were slightly better on our second ride whereas Maverick’s were worse as 4 trains (two loads) were stacking more. Apparently China has very strict legislations and operations in parks like Happy Valley are paint dry slow.


I'm not taking anything away from Towers or Bpb. As things go, Towers is generally still one of the better parks for operations. Wickerman and Nemy were run well on my previous visits. The only coaster with iffy operations generally is Galactica (VR to thank There). Blackpool’s operations have definitely improved in the last few years and found all major rides run efficiently except Nash.


P.A is amongst the worst for operations.

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PB is very hit and miss, I've had both amazing and atrocious days there this year in terms of ride operations.


I struggle to get more than 10 rides in a day at Alton due to early closing times/lack of SRQ's etc - WM seems to be running more efficiently now though.

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Did someone say Fireworks?


Honestly can’t believe how quick this season has gone, especially being what is arguably one of the most exciting in the U.K. for some time.


Fireworks for me were largely enjoyable and great to see more used compared to 2016’s event, plus fire. The storyline was hit and miss but the pacing of lights was great. The park was busy but not necessarily rammed, which is surprisingly considering both days were sold out.


Event also gave a perfect excuse to ride Wickerman at night, which was just incredible in the back row and looked great, both on and off ride. 


Operations were a mixed bag. Rides like Nemesis, Wickerman and Rita were overrated pretty efficiency during the trip, however Thirteen’s and Oblivion’s has room for improvement. Galactica by far had the worst operations. Good riddance to the VR if they are actually getting rid of it!


The discounted merch implies they might be.


Last ride of the (UK) season was Nemesis which for me was the best ride I’ve experienced on it this season (or even the last 2/3). 


Wickerman has likely been a very very successful investment in the park, giving them the best guest figure probably for many seasons at least. Hopefully they can retain this for next year, although we shall have to see.


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