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  1. Confirmed that the VR is gone - kind of a shame as it definitely added something to what is otherwise a pretty dull ride IMO!
  2. Marc

    2019 Season

    I’ve heard slammer described as a lot of things but popular certainly isn’t one of them!
  3. Strange - the £15/£8 was the actual prices during Fright Nights!
  4. Marc

    2019 Season

    Rides close, they don’t last for ever (especially slammer..) Ghost train was added, as well as 2 rides for kids, Rumba is rumba agree it needs work, Saw alive isn’t “sinking”or it wouldn’t open. As I said, Thorpe has its problems but I think people can be abit extreme...
  5. Marc

    2019 Season

    No but neither is thorpe so I’m not sure what relevance that has (I won’t deny it has its issues - but “falling apart and removing rides left right and centre” is quite extreme!)
  6. The whole park does that to be fair I’m not sure what they can really do - you only need to dig a few foot down till you hit water (I remember the holes for the TVs were full of water!) it’s just the land the park isn’t on I guess.
  7. There are much much worse car parks around than at Thorpe! Probably a long time - expect it’s one of the major attractions of the premium upgrade to many!
  8. Marc

    2019 Season

    The point was more that there’s clearly a market for this kind of stuff within the industry rather than the logistics between the 2 😛
  9. Marc

    2019 Season

    Interesting to see that Disney are holding a gaming event - because no one goes to a theme park to play games they clearly have no idea what they are doing... 👀
  10. They really are keen to discourage people buying at the barriers, last year you could buy on the day on your phone for £8 too, I guess it will be the same this year.
  11. Marc

    2019 Season

    It was the one where depth charge is which was removed for last season - was used as booth to collect Ride Access passes towards the end of the season.
  12. Marc

    Storm Surge

    Not completely true they had looked into it going in the area where Fungle Safari was - not sure why it ended up where it is now.
  13. Marc

    2019 Season

    I’m not sure why it would push anyone away? It’s a small scale thing in the marquee as an add on to a normal day, those who are interested will be in there those who aren’t will be on the rides, much like Love Island Lates. I can see them wanting to try stuff like this more, similar to what we saw last year with events throughout the year, this time just less zombieish!
  14. If you visit often enough and don’t want to queue £400 is a good price for ultimate fastrack all season to be fair!
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