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  1. BaronC.


    The entrance plaza for Port Laguna is nearing completion and it looks GORGEOUS: https://twitter.com/teamlooopings/status/1009079715683094529?s=19
  2. BaronC.

    2018 General Discussion

    ^The issue is that, for whatever reason, the UK audience doesn't just stay for late night openings unless there's a reason too. It's been tried in the past, and if you keep a park open till late for no reason, people will leave early. They only stay late if there's a reason to (fireworks, scary things at Halloween, etc). I guess that's why they've got Love Island involved. Get an IP involved, create a special event to entice people to stay and maybe it'll work. It's still a risk though, what with it being such a polarising IP. The one major positive to draw from this is that the IP is current. It's always been a joke that Thorpe grab IPs when they have passed their peak, but in the case of Love Island, it's just reaching its peak. Of course, there's the argument about whether it'll work at all and if that sort of IP should even be considered for Thorpe, but there's at least one thing done right there...
  3. BaronC.


    Small Rookburgh update; pictures from PhantaFriends: Huge towers that'll be for theming.
  4. BaronC.

    Logger's Leap

    Having not ridden it, or seen the restrictions, I can't be sure exactly, but I'll throw this out there... What ride restrictions do you mean exactly? 'Hold on tight and brace yourself', 'Sit back', 'Put your head in this position'? Or were there very specific rules? If it's a simple instruction like hold on tight, how can a park truly enforce then, when most people will put their hands up, etc? If it's a very weirdly specific rule, then that says to me something isn't right!
  5. BaronC.

    Logger's Leap

    If a ride is in a position where there's a high risk that guests can injure themselves through their own actions, then that's an issue with the ride itself which needs addressing. For a (slightly OTT) analogy - if a car exploded every time it went above 80mph, you wouldn't say "well it's the driver's fault because the national speed limit is 70, so they should never hit 80". You'd get the issue resolved, or if it can't be resolved, stop people using the car.
  6. BaronC.


  7. BaronC.


    Vortex did indeed open in 2001. There's been no news either way about Vortex. It's currently just listed as unavailable / closed, but there's no indication that it's leaving either. Usually in these situations (where a ride is closed for a long period of time with no obvious work happening to it), the park are waiting on behind the scenes stuff (like a new part, for example) to come in. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't return at some point.
  8. BaronC.

    Project Zero

    Maybe, just maybe, Project Zer0 is an independent scare attraction, which will be based in Tolworth? A clever person would certainly piggyback marketing themselves off of a huge event like Fright Nights. There's also the fact that ScareTOUR, who are incredibly in the know about all things scary, are suggesting that an old maze will be returning for Fright Nights this year as the 'new thing'.
  9. BaronC.


    Clearance testing has begun: Man sunbathing on lift hill: All photos posted by PabloA on Coasterforce.
  10. BaronC.

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Aaaaaaaand in the interest of fairness, I had a decent ride on Wicker Man this week. I didn't love it as much as everyone else seemingly does, but it had some good laterals and was well paced. So I can now see people's perspective more on why they rate it so highly. If that experience is an indication of how the ride will run usually, then good. It's not something I rate highly, and I'm still not sold on the pre show for a family ride, but it seems to be doing the trick for Towers. Speaking of the pre show, the curtain wasn't rising during my visit. Apparently if people pull on it, it causes it to break, and being so low hanging, people do tug on it. Thanks to having two projectors for the second half of the pre show, when the curtain breaks, it does look quite dodgy.
  11. BaronC.


    Wooo! Getting very excited for this; hopefully we get some testing soon. And having the ride open by early September would be very nice thank you very much...
  12. BaronC.


    Surprised they didn't use Smiler in a sense of irony tbh
  13. BaronC.

    Next Roller Coaster

    I guess it also comes down to context a bit. RMC's most notable accidents are almost definitely as a result of a manufacturer fault, as opposed to how the park has operated / maintained the ride. For a new company, that could ring alarm bells to potential clients. Other manufacturers will have plenty of incidents attached to their rides, some as a direct fault of them, some as a result of the park (I'm willing to bet that a greater majority are down to park error). But they will all have a much larger track record of success, and Merlin will have an established working relationship with those manufacturers. Of course, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, at both ends, so who really knows what they think. Maybe Merlin have no concerns about getting an RMC. Maybe we are getting one in 2020. Fairly certain that when Heide Park announced they were reopening Colossos, they said they considered making it a hybrid, Which almost definitely would have meant RMC would have been involved, but they decided to keep it as it was or something? At the same time, if Merlin didn't want to go to RMC over concerns about the safety record at the moment, I could see why.
  14. BaronC.

    Europa Park

    It just always strikes me as odd that when one park does something well, it always has to be justified further by saying "Well, it's better than this". You don't watch a great film, say it's great, then say "and it was better than a rubbish film". Yet it seems almost normal to do that with theme parks. I just don't get it.
  15. BaronC.


    Very pretty: