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  1. If only Chessington had a monorail attraction that took you over parts of the zoo... I'm sure that would have been really well received and enjoyable for everyone...
  2. I believe the photo point was removed this season.
  3. It's almost criminal how little attention this coaster has received on here... Here's a video of some testing from the park's Facebook page: Though it's not exactly saying much given how little is going on this year, I still stand by my earlier sentiment that this is the second-best looking new coaster for 2017 in Europe (only behind the Star Trek Mack at Movie Park Germany)...
  4. I can't offer a POV, but I can offer the first ever online review of Timber Tug Boat... It's a fun little attraction. As anyone who has been on any Rockin' Tug ever will testify, they're nothing special, but they offer a nice experience which can be enjoyed by everyone. Yeah it doesn't really fit in with Old Town, and you can tell it's not a 'new' ride, which is a shame. But in my opinion, it can't be argued that something like this improves the offering for those who visit with younger children, which happens a lot, and fills a gap in the ride lineup, even if just for a while. On a scale of 'doesn't cut it' to 'TIMBERRRRRRRR', it's a 'chop shop good effort'.* *if anyone can think of a better pun for 'it's alright', I'm all ears...
  5. Nice video - no doubt inspired by the one Movie World Australia released a month or two back which really went viral.
  6. It's now open up, for anyone keep track / interested in going...
  7. Was only a joke weg...
  8. If you need to ride a ride in a certain way or a certain seat for it to be good, then it's not a good ride.
  9. So did Gruffalo yesterday, and it's a good enough attraction. The set pieces are good, the animations are good, there's a nice balance between screens and 'real' theming in my opinion, it flows like a book would (which I assume was the aim), and it just generally sets out what it should be achieving. The spoken audio was a bit hard to hear. This shouldn't be too hard to fix and is one of those things which sometimes can only be got right after several tweaks. And it is quite dimly lit so may freak out the younger younger audience. But again, something which I'm sure can be tweaked if necessary. However, I do have a big problem with Gruffalo. Each scene has one set in one certain position. If your boat is spinning, or you're facing away from the set, it involves awkward head-turning and re-positioning to be able to see the scene. And given the nature of the ride system, this is likely to happen a lot for every person. This is unlike Bubbleworks (old and new), because there was always something to look at, and you only moved your head because you wanted to see what was behind you, not because you had to. I get that with the theme / story they were going for, to replicate the sets either side / theme everything wouldn't 'make sense', but it just doesn't work with the ride system. It would suit a more traditional 'face forward in a boat' style ride than a circular boat one. So yeah, it's good. In terms of theming, it's some of the best we've seen at Chessington this century, and certainly a great investment for the park. I'm not completely sold on whether it'll appeal to the younger end of the target market, and it has a couple of flaws, but it's good and a hopefully a worthwhile long-term investment.
  10. I get your point about Slammer, but listing in the same manner as the other rides a bit unfair given it's been dead all year and removed from the website.. Timber Tug Boat did have a sign put in front of it saying it would open in Easter, bit that was changed to 'Coming Soon' after 2 days. It seems word got out quick about Easter opening but not the change in time scale. The other ride isn't listed on the map and has never been said to be opening at Easter (or indeed given any opening date).
  11. Have hidden a couple of posts which linked to the person's social media. We don't condone the actions of the group of people who trespassed onto the park, and as such we do not want to generate traffic and attention towards their social media. Needless to say that the people have been banned from Thorpe for 2 years and face further action if they try and get into the park in that period. If anyone had any questions or concerns about us hiding content, please contact one of the team. If not, let's try and move on and not give these idiots any more attention. Thanks!
  12. SW8

    Sourced from Towers Times' FB... New plans give a better idea of what the large theming element will look like. Certainly appears Wicker Man inspired, with the head of some sort of animal.
  13. DBGT has been more reliable than Colossus and Stealth this season so I'm unsure why people are always attacking it in that respect. Not saying it's a race to the bottom or anything for the record, but when people are constantly moaning about the ride for being unreliable, it's only fair to point out there are other rides which are less reliable than it.. The 'future of theme parks' spiel seems to have been taken really hard as well. Plenty of parks use those sorts of lines in marketing big rides and half the time it's always bog standard marketing speak. To be fair, it could be in relation to the VR (which, like it or not, is playing a part in the theme par future), to the more personalised experience (which, again, is happening more and more, especially with dark rides), etc., so it's not a wild claim to have made..
  14. Stick me down as a yes for now. However, if Ninjago is delayed / not open by then I may reconsider.
  15. Luck or good planning from yours truly?