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  1. ChiapasC.


    Oooh, have fun! And yes, I fully expect this to open in April 2020!
  2. ChiapasC.


    It's going vertical... (PabloA on CF) Not even Hyperion was vertical this time last year... Definitely one to watch is this.
  3. ChiapasC.

    Walibi Holland

    Installment the second... Some facts (with Robin Hood's in brackets)... Length: 1085m (1005m) Speed: 57.2mph (49.7mph) Height: 120ft (105ft) The drop out of the station goes into a 45 degree outward bank turn, which is now built (but I can't seem to put a picture of it in..)
  4. ChiapasC.

    TPM Awards 2018

    There's one week left to go on voting, and it is genuinely one of the tightest votes we've had in years. Your vote will make all the difference in pretty much every category, so please vote!
  5. ChiapasC.

    Park Operations

    The restrictions changed last year, where the park decided to be more strict following long-term considerations after the Smiler incident. Each ride has operating conditions set out by the manufacturer. In many cases, these aren't strict and have several variables related to them (a ride running for 10 hours straight is not going to stall the second the temperature goes 0.1C below the recommended temperature, for example). Merlin are now following these recommendations strictly though. Following them strictly means that if the temperature does go below 0.1C or whatever, even for a second, the park stop running the ride, and require the temperature to be at the minimum operating temperature for a set period of time thereafter. It's a ridiculous system, as with something as complex as rides, a flat cut off condition - bar for extremes - is a bad idea. So the conditions aren't new, but how the park view them is.
  6. ChiapasC.

    The Small Parks Thread

    Tbf Linnanmäki looks like a solid enough park as it is, just lacked the killer ride. Taiga should take it from a 'visit one day park' to a 'let's plan a trip specifically for this' park for a fair few European enthusiasts. Keep forgetting Walibi RA is getting their Gerst next year. It's slipped under the radar somewhat after the initial buzz. It's got a non-launched semi-shuttle ending, featuring a switch track to get you back to the station, I believe. Still not sure how I feel about that fad..
  7. ChiapasC.

    Walibi Holland

    Track is going on place, as can be seen on the park's Instagram...
  8. ChiapasC.

    The Small Parks Thread

    Okay, back to Linnanmäki, where Taiga is almost complete... Source 2019 is going to be so much fun with this
  9. ChiapasC.

    TPM Awards 2018

    *Checks votes* I see you've yet to vote, so make sure you do otherwise it may not win...
  10. ChiapasC.


    Gardaland bring back Sequoia Adventure after a couple of years being SBNO Heide Park bring back Colossos after a couple of years being SBNO. Alton Towers bring back the CATCF space into use after a couple of years being SBNO. Chessington bring (back) a 3D glasses maze after a couple of years (of 3D glasses) being SBNO. Your move Thorpe?
  11. ChiapasC.

    Tayto Park

    Sorry, yes, the STC is the new SLC effectively. See the Vekoma thread for a bit more detail - There's also a fan made POV that's been made...
  12. ChiapasC.

    TPM Awards 2018

    Keep those votes coming in folks, I don't want to have to beg every other day for votes!
  13. ChiapasC.

    Tayto Park

    Well this is what no one expected... Not even a duelling coaster investment, but a new Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster and Junior Boomerang. The STC features an inversion, and should be the first to open in Europe (an STC is rumoured to open somewhere in the world in 2020). The STC looks fun, and combined with the potential interaction of the Boomerang, it'll be fab to ride imo.
  14. ChiapasC.

    The Swarm

    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. There's not enough money being given to the park to invest in cleaning these parts of the park.
  15. ChiapasC.

    The Small Parks Thread

    Freizeitpark Plohn's Mack BigDipper, Dynamite, has gone vertical... https://m.facebook.com/FreizeitparkPlohn/posts/10157084026084170 This now makes three posts in a row not related to Linnanmäki in a row?! We feeling okay guys...