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  1. ChiapasC.

    TPM Fright Nights Meet 2018

    I'll try and appear regardless of what date is chosen, though it'll probably be an evening appearance!
  2. ChiapasC.

    What was X:/ No Way Out like pre-2007?

    It's probably the unfortunate case that you've seen all the internet has to offer about the original X:\No Way Out. The theme and story was always very loose, even back in 1996 it wasn't the clearest or most obvious. The computer theme was just a case of responding to what was trendy at the time, and what teenagers thought was cool. No super deep backstory out anything of particular excitement related to anything else. It very much split public opinion, with some finding it dull and boring, some finding it sickening and some enjoying it as a fun novelty. It had to go through so many changes before they eventually had to give up the ghost and change it to X. And even then, it arguably only truly peaked in 2017 (and 2013 was a good year too tbf).
  3. ChiapasC.

    Zombie Hunt

    So I did this for the first time the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised. Zombie Hunt is a fun, funny, family-friendly scare attraction. There were kids in my group (I'd hazard a guess that they were as young as 6), and they enjoyed it all - even the very loud ending. The main problem is that it is very formulaic, and there aren't enough actors. It's 'walk into scene, actor appears, shoot zombie, move on' six times. Something like this should be more 'free', with a lot more characters (given the space they had, 15-20 actors would have been perfect imo), giving more scope to 'hunt' and take advantage of the laser gun system more. I'd also have liked more of a score system involved, but I imagine the tech involved in doing that is beyond the scope of the clearly limited budget this had. So yeah, all in all, decent little attraction which hits the spot. But there's room for it to have been SO much more.
  4. ChiapasC.

    Education (Exam Results)

    Getting the exact same grades as me in those subjects when I got my results 6 years ago. Copycat. Also thanks for making me feel old.
  5. ChiapasC.

    The Small Parks Thread

    Looks like a faster paced version of Lost Gravity, which is only a good thing in my books.
  6. ChiapasC.

    SAW: The Ride

    One theory I've heard is that the angle of drop was changed after the design phase. Originally the ride was meant to have a 97 degree drop (like almost all other Eurofighters), but then in mid-to-late 2008, it was announced it would have a 100 degree drop. The element immediately after remained the same, so the curvature of the drop and the curvature of the entrance to the inversion are slightly different, causing the jolt.
  7. ChiapasC.

    2018 General Discussion

    For this year, yes. It has always been the case that every day in October was a FN day and it was Friday, Saturday, Sunday plus half term.
  8. ChiapasC.


    The yellow crane on the right hand side of the photo has also been taken off site, paving the way for the launch track to be built.
  9. ChiapasC.

    Annual Pass Price

    The problems with that are: -You have to keep staff later, meaning you have to pay them more. -You alienate anyone who isn't planning / able to stay till end of the day. -You eat into the time after park close that engineers have to do daily maintenance to the ride, which could result in more problems the day after. It does solve some issues that the current set up has, but it creates many many more. The trouble in the past is that Priority Passes were handed out like water. This year they're more like Coke - still on tap, but hidden away and a lot more restricted.
  10. ChiapasC.

    Random Picture Thread.

  11. ChiapasC.


    *20 seats in operation
  12. ChiapasC.

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I s'pose last year we had the world's worst kept secret with Walking Dead, and the previous year Platform 15 was announced in April. This year there's nothing, and any rumours that have surfaced have been uninteresting. Hopefully they can pull something out the bag, but I imagine it'll be difficult.
  13. ChiapasC.

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Presumably the park will take the decision to close 2 hours early because those extra 2 hours don't particularly add anything extra. Of course, longer on park is always a good thing, but sometimes it isn't necessary. It's something the park has to consider on a case by case basis. For staff, look at it from a different perspective. What is more preferably - spending two hours in the rain, entertaining very few guests for minimum wage, or having a couple of hours extra to relax on a Sunday evening? It can be very demoralising doing a minimum wage job in poor weather for very few people. It's not always as black and white as 'it means you're getting paid, don't moan'.
  14. ChiapasC.

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    If they make that call early enough in the day and advertise it appropriately to everyone there, I don't see an issue with it. If the weather is terrible, there's so few people there and they're not making any money, why should they stay open for so long? It won't exactly benefit the people who are there (at best, staying open till late on a wet, windy, stormy evening will give a few extra rerides, but not much else), and it'll help the park in terms of staff morale and budgets. Plenty of small parks across the world will close earlier than advertised if the numbers aren't there, especially if it's because of the weather. Blackpool are a small park so aren't going to be any different. I do agree that they should change the wording on their website though if they are still saying 'earliest possible closing time' or whatever it was.
  15. ChiapasC.


    I imagine / hope they'll do that, or have a holding area within Rookburgh itself accessible from all entrances to the area.. One thing I forgot to mention though - Berlin Street now plays pop music in the afternoons and evenings. General cheesey pop music from recent stuff (Despacito) to more 'classic' stuff (Mambo No. 5 springs to mind). And, surprisingly, it works really well. It made the atmosphere so much more enjoyable, helped by loads of entertainers / performers dancing, playing jokes on guests and just generally be a good laugh to watch. We probably spent close to 10 minutes just standing round there, soaking up the atmosphere and just laughing at all the performers antics. And that's how you run a theme park folks.