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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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wa wa warp, wa warp, wa wa warp, wa wa warp, wa wa warp, we will on track before seasons out



bom, bom, bom, up it goes, goes, goes, up it goes, oh, up, up it goes oh up, goes oh up, funny face steering bom bom pom, dududududum du mdu mdu mdu mdu mdp

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Observing the white supports going in yesterday was pretty surreal to be honest. The size already makes the coaster look so foreboding, I was seriously struggling to work out just how much higher it could go before realising that I was looking at the supports for the turnaround inversion, and not even the main drop - so it’s going to be SIGNIFICANTLY taller! She is going to be an absolute monster and I cannot bloody wait.

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47 minutes ago, Frenchy92 said:

So apparently the gold and white are not going to fade into each other, but looking at the original drawings it was supposed to blend. Wonder why this changed ? 

Thorpe park have stated that it is a 'stylistic choice' to not have the colours fade on their annual pass facebook group. They also went on to say that it wasn't due to budget cuts, making it seem more obvious that they truely think that the decision to fade the colours it the correct one. Of cource they could by lying about that, but either way in my opinnion it's not the right decision. Regardless of if its due to budget cuts or not I think it will look cheap and a bit out of place without the fade.

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6 hours ago, tactic said:

but either way in my opinnion it's not the right decision.


I dunno man, looking at the dire state of the Stealth and Tidal Wave support fades I think this could work better in their favour. You can quite literally see the paint roller marks on Stealth's supports where they could clearly just about reach and were like "okay that's good enough" (see below)



Imagine how cheap and tacky Thorpe's brand new coaster would look if this was how it was done. Obviously you'd expect a bit more care and attention to go into it if it's a brand new coaster (and probably significantly easier to get the fade right if the supports are in pieces prior to installation), but I'm glad they didn't risk it - at least not on the opening years.


Maybe if it still looks odd in a few years (it won't, we'll all be used to it by then) they can look into fading, but I'd rather it have a stark contrast for now than look like how Stealth does currently in its opening year. That wouldn't be a good look for the park whatsoever.

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Anything is possible… just possibly not at a price Thorpe would be willing to pay. 

However looking at the second turnaround tower I would say that this has been in the planning for a while as the white sections are staggered, and I can’t see that this could or would have been accidental. 

Interesting creative choice IMO, see how it turns out. Either way, this is going to be a beast on the skyline! 

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Pretty cool how clearly you can see the inversion from Staines Lane. Just walking to the site now to take some pics. 😁





EDIT: Extra track piece going in 




This part's gonna be so weird but thrilling 🤩



Other piece going in now 




Slowly but surely




Final photo before I post the rest. They positioned originally but then took it back down after. Looks like they're securing it into place now. 



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