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Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon


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47 minutes ago, Benin said:

Just bin it already.


Someone should've realised it was a misfire when it relied on staff brushing guest's knees to produce any reaction.


Oh god, I'd never actually thought about it like that before. £30 million and that's what they have to resort to.


I reckon Josh is right - remove VR completely, screens in the windows instead - run it at peak times or time slots only, or an upcharge. Could even then make it "extreme" for Fright Nights and upcharge then. Get another 3-5 years out of it then write it off. 

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Might be the VR apologist in me speaking but upgrading from the massively outdated Vive’s would really help the ride. Many VR headsets offer in headset tracking rather the old Lighthouse method which would probably help with a lot of the issues. They’ll never spend the money though so what’s the point, absolute worst company to do an attraction that revolves around constantly evolving technology.

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