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Tom Stoker

Next Roller Coaster

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On the island behind the Swarm. My idea: A 50m mini-hyper coaster. You're a dragon sweeping through the mountains and ravaging a local village. Complete with a picnic area, restaurant and 2 children's flat rides in the middle or on the side of the "local village" this is an idea big in heart and lacking in any actual thought or consideration to size constraint/ quality.

(Ride unfinished in pic with "quick wooden supports" used instead of realistic supports because prototype isn't real. Ride layout is based loosely on the island.

It's not completely dark and gloomy, buildings can be used to put in a cinema, add a restaurant, can add a children's flat ride or two in the middle and a queue line wrapping around the buildings would keep you entertained for the duration of your wait as the trains go over the air time hills).

Features 1 inversion in the non-supported bit.




(I know how reality works. It's just an example of an idea that could be used until Thorpe Park release their real plans).

Realistically, I'd just like to see an RMC replacing The Leap though.

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I think a hyper coaster would be perfect for Thorpe Park. It would really give the park an iconic coaster like Nemesis is for Alton Towers.


The problem is though, would the local planning authority allow it?

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