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2017 - New Junior Rides?

James Allgood

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I'd say the left side is most  likely for at least one of the rides for sure. I think they've also removed the shooting game if I remember correctly.


I wonder if this will impact the two fright night mazes using this area (assuming they will continue to do so next year). 


Apparently the Weymouth ride area will be replaced with a new playground area.

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On 28/12/2016 at 9:50 PM, Matt Creek said:

I wonder if this will impact the two fright night mazes using this area (assuming they will continue to do so next year.)


Ngl where else do they even have to put mazes if this site becomes unavailable? This could have a huge impact on Fright Night, cause let's be honest, Canada Creek was already stretched for space when it came to the maze queuelines with just Rocky... 

So bottom line is- even if they could still squeeze the mazes in, I can't see where the queuelines could be constructed???


Sidenote- if they don't retheme these things I'll... well I don't even know. But I won't be a happy bunny. I mean come on Merlin, even if it's a temporary solution and you don't wanna fork out for new theming at least strip away as much of the nautical theme as possible and leave it bare as an absolute minimal effort option ???

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If these rides do come to Thorpe, I don't see the Fright Nights thing being an issue personally.  Platform 15's queue took up very little space in the area since it mostly used Loggers queue, and Blair's could easily spread around a bit more if they wanted.  


I'd also be very surprised if they stayed open after 3pm anyway.  Rocky closed at 3pm, so it would make sense to close those too tbh.  

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On 22/12/2016 at 2:52 PM, Mitchada04 said:

The two new kids rides in Canada Creek, open up Loggers, family area.


New piece of land behind Swarm, a 1.2 coaster, family flat and restaurant. Family/thrill area.


Spruce up Rumba, do something about the beach, done. You'd have a good mix then. Just a family dark ride needed.

Maybe They Could Make The Second Section Of Rumba Rapids A Dark Ride And They Need To Clean Some Of It Up

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