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Imagine a theme park that didn't have run down theming with the excuse that its meant to be old/abandoned...   What magical places those must be...

A tug in the right direction?

I don't think anyone would mind if Storm Surge was replaced by an actual turd...

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I know I'm echoing a lot of posts on here already, but it is a completely ridiculous place to have put the ride. I don't see a problem with the ride itself, and as many people have said, it is already themed PERFECTLY to slot seamlessly next to Tidal Wave or around that area. But to plonk it in the middle of Old Town, where it has absolutely no relevance to the area whatsoever just baffles me. Maybe they should rename Old Town to 'Miscellaneous Land'? 


It's such a real shame - Canada Creek used to be my favourite area of the park by far. It used to have a charm and character that none of the other lands offered. With Loggers, CCR and Calgary Stampede gone, the area is completely unrecognisable for the gem of a land it once was. 

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Does anyone think that the theming for Timber Tug boat could be correct, and the rest of the area is wrong?  I mean what is actually in that area, an old log flume that may or may not be refurbished and rocky express.  Is it possible that they may decide to re-theme the small area?

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I can't offer a POV, but I can offer the first ever online review of Timber Tug Boat...


It's a fun little attraction.  As anyone who has been on any Rockin' Tug ever will testify, they're nothing special, but they offer a nice experience which can be enjoyed by everyone.  Yeah it doesn't really fit in with Old Town, and you can tell it's not a 'new' ride, which is a shame.  


But in my opinion, it can't be argued that something like this improves the offering for those who visit with younger children, which happens a lot, and fills a gap in the ride lineup, even if just for a while.


On a scale of 'doesn't cut it' to 'TIMBERRRRRRRR', it's a 'chop shop good effort'.*


*if anyone can think of a better pun for 'it's alright', I'm all ears...

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On 1 May 2017 at 6:15 PM, MattyMoo said:

What are the panels leaning against the fence in the background? :lol:


I was just wondering that - are they planks for people to get on and off the ride?!  


God that video made me feel sad - it's nice they have a ride for younger kids but for goodness sake - it doesn't fit in with the area at all - still can't get over the blue fencing either.....

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