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TPM Thorpe Park Meet Saturday 24th March 2018

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Hello all! 


I’m excited to announce the annual THORPE PARK open weekend meet for 2018. The date set is Saturday 24th March, as listed in our 2018 Meet Calendar!



The plan for the day with rough times is as follows:


  • 09:30 - Meet by park entrance (this entirely depends how security works this year, backup plan is to meet in the dome at 10:00am)
  • 10:15 - Riiiiides
  • 13:00 - Stop for lunch
  • 17:30 - Evening meal/creams!



We aim to stay together as a group for the day, going from one activity to the next, enjoying getting to know people you share very similar interests with, the idea is to just go with the flow and enjoy the day with some awesome people. There will be many photo’s in the day being taken I’m sure and the possibility of a few video clips. Whilst we cannot force you to stay with the group, it is the general purpose of these meets! The meets are a fantastic laugh and everyone is invited, even if you’ve never posted before or been to any kind of meet at all. If it's your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking - but we were all there at one point so know how it feels, please don't let this stop you from attending - Once there you'll be part of the group in no time!



If you're going to be arriving late on the day please drop me a message to let me know, and we'll arrange to find you :) 


Please comment below to confirm your attendance!


I look forward to seeing you all in the safe zone :ph34r:


Attending List:


  • daniel.s313 (maybe) 
  • jenzie1997 (maybe) +1
  • Marc
  • Marhelorpe
  • Martin.D
  • Matt Creek (+ Pez)
  • Mattgwise
  • mattymoo 
  • mer
  • Mr Fish
  • Ryan
  • StevenVig
  • stuntman707
  • Tallguydom
  • terrortomb
  • Timber Creek

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Again, I can’t make this because of ANOTHER concert.


I am literally screaming in pain on the inside, music is trying to separate me from TPM. Life isn’t fair.

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3 hours ago, MattyMoo said:

Wonder if X WTF TWD will be open for that day... :P 

Let me give it a shake











I'm between working nights, so unfortunately no way I can be there to find out.

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Maybe... We've had a half built Creams in Brentwood High Street for about 5 months, taunting me daily with what might be.

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You will be glad to know I want to put myself down as a maybe all depends if I end up going to chessington passholder event if I don't end up going to that there is high possibility ill just come for the day till park close.

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1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

Anyone planning on going on a 2-4-1 deal? I don't have a MAP because.... I don't :ph34r::lol:

Worst case scenario I can get you in through family and friends if you like or something.

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Hey all, I'm Sam. I'm one of Timber Creek's mates from school. Just thought I'd introduce myself and let you know I'll be tagging along at this meet if that's alright ^_^

I might have met a couple of you guys a few years ago when there was a meet in Disneyland Paris (2015). Anyway, looking forward to it! :D

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