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^ I saw that. Is she drugged up/off her head? Or is she just a racist fool :s

Both...Croydon leading the way in race relations once more!But yeah, that kid stopped her getting beaten to an inch of her life... Some VERY restrained people there looking in the background of that tram... I DETEST people like that you probably do even less than some of the immigrants who actually do work and pay taxes... Pop out a baby and not bothering to work gets you money in this country... No sense...Broken Britain...
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See 'rant'.If I were there I would have arrested her ass in a flash. I don't know how well known, how old or where this vid is from, if anyone does know a complaint can be made to police of racially aggravated public order and I'm sure local officers will happily deal with it.What chance does that kid have? Outrageous.

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