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I know times are rough, though I do find this a bit of dramatic move. Sure the park passes had slight pricing issues, and sure pre-booking was a pain in the bum due to how limited they were, but completely ceasing their current offering honestly is a bit of a knee jerk reaction IMO.

IMO they should of bumped up prices on the standard passes by a bit, they are currently stupidly priced. And then perhaps allowed a few more slots for MAP on quieter days, especially when the park was unlikely to reach capacity and it when it wouldn't really affect their profits.


Honestly I see this becoming overtly complicated, just like Six Flags's membership and the million tiers it offers. I'd rather the park pull a Cedar Fair, have a bit higher prices, but not have a million editions of passes, tiers, and perks, and restrictions.


Also the afternoon slots they are introducing, why? Unless you live nearby its utterly useless and a stupid idea.


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I was quite surprised that they have suspended sales of MAPs.  Yes the current MAPs are great value when you look at the attractions that you can access, free parking, 20% discount etc (with premium).  I hope they don’t bring out a ton of options because I am incapable of making decisions 😂. I could potentially see them dividing the passes to southern/northern attractions possibly.  Years ago (2002) when the parks were owned by Tussauds I had an off peak 2 park pass (for Chessie and Thorpe) - still have it somewhere 👀.  It was £35 at the time and obviously only for use on off peak days but it worked out great for me at the time due to my working hours.


I think whatever they do, people will be cheesed off.  I totally understand that they have lost a lot of revenue this season due to covid but I just hope that they don’t make the new passes ridiculously expensive and with naff perks

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