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In November last year, Numis Securities said a break-up of the business could unlock value for investors, arguing Merlin should consider splitting its theme parks and Legoland franchise away from its “Midway” portfolio of city-centre attractions such as Sea Life and Madame Tussauds, where like-for-like growth has stalled.

(article from Feb 2018)

Basically, investors want to make it more cash grabbing than it already is. As the company is owned by many large investment companies, I highly doubt the company actually cares about its guest experience and is too focused on pleasing investors that they forget about the necessities an entertainments venue should have (cleanliness, attractions actually open and working etc.). Perhaps that's why places like BPB and Paultons seem to be doing better reviews and visitor wise as they're more connected to their customers.

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Merlin is having a bit of a senior management change-up, noteable:


"Fiona Eastwood will move from her role as Managing Director, Resort Theme Parks to become Managing Director of Midway."


"Ian Crabbe, currently Divisional Director, Alton Towers Resort, will assume responsibility for Resort Theme Parks. With over 20 years’ experience at Merlin, Ian has recently overseen the management of both Alton Towers and Thorpe Park."


A new role of Resort Development Director is being created too.

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You have to admit it was pretty funny seeing someone strut their VIP pass on a lanyard while acting like they're some sort of celebrity around the park, I think with that its sad to see the loss of free comedy that we all received from this incredibly idiotic product. 

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