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I don't know when this is from but here's Alton Tower's potential development map.


The flume site is zone 3 and it states that an appropriate development would be 'redevopment for leisure' which considers surrounding trees.

(Source: from towers street)

I know we already know the location but I found it interesting that this area has always been labelled as one to be developed.

As for the layout, I doubt that's really it, as the majority of layouts change over time. Saying that, I hope this is the layout, because it looks like a woodie!

Edit: Again, credit to TowersStreet for this image of the proposed layout placed into the surrounding area.


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"BACK TO BASICS  Theme Park set to go back to old fashioned roller coasters after losing trust in modern steel ones. Alton Towers Resort have submitted plans for a roller coaster to made ent

I predict SW8 will open before WC16...

I look forward to seeing "AQUATRAX" posts for the next 2 years.

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Haha, that wooden coaster plan was the cross valley and was rumoured years ago...


As for the lines, I doubt it's duelling, suggestion of the side lines being the reach point of riders and such... Since there's only a singular line in the station and other indoor section...


For now, little to go on... So I'll just watch the insanity for now...

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There are so many pirate themed rollercoasters that aren't made of wood

For example.. Piraten! ;)

I'd like to hope it self duels in a möbius loop like Twisted Colossus. That could be the reason for the different inclinations of the lift slope. So, the fist could be 12 degrees followed by a second larger hill of twice the inclination. It could make for a good ride, having a slower first section followed by a larger grand finale. Probably, though, it is just one track that accounts for clearance.

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This is a single track wooden coaster by the looks of things. Zooming in on the station there is only 1 line and the words 'Station Slopes downwards' and then states the heights of either end which works out as 0.5m difference . Something very common for old fashioned wooden coasters.

Something also to note is the high point of the ride is 18m with the rides station being 0m.

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If it is only supposed to be 10m of the ground and based on the fact it seems to have a strangely sloped lift hill maybe it will be a launched woody?

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Again, I'm going to be pessimistic because I really want this to be an RMC but I don't want to be dissapointed. Saying this, I'd be happy with a GCI or a mega-lite type ride.


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Will they have to submit that much though? Let's face it, they're going to hide as much as they can so it might not reveal much. If there's a large station building we know the SW... the washing machine element! Us geeks gave Merlin the idea, they made a graphic for it and have had 5 years to develop it. Solved it. 

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