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"BACK TO BASICS  Theme Park set to go back to old fashioned roller coasters after losing trust in modern steel ones. Alton Towers Resort have submitted plans for a roller coaster to made ent

I predict SW8 will open before WC16...

I look forward to seeing "AQUATRAX" posts for the next 2 years.

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GCI woodie to be exact, with a possible launch.  Couple of nice, large, themed structures too - seemingly taller than the ride itself?



The question now is - what will this ride's tagline be?  Are we going to see 'Europe's first launched wooden roller coaster', or some obscure, currently hidden, world first element?

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I'm always excited by new Alton Towers investments, and especially one that we've been crying out for years.

Yes this might not be the massive valley wooden rollercoaster we hoped for, but its a GCI wooden rollercoaster, with large theming elements/pre-show and a possible(?) launch! :yahoo:

The documents state this will be finished by December 2017 (we hope, we all know how Merlin's large investments are with time schedules) for a 2018 opening.

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As a fan of wooden coasters it's fantastic to see that Alton will finally be installing one.  The layout looks good albeit a little short - but that's a small complaint given that the UK has been crying out for a new wooden coaster for years.

It also looks like the project planning is good, with the completion date set months before opening.

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5 minutes ago, EC! said:

This looks interesting...



I wouldn't be surprised if it was an inversion (very hopeful!). RMC are pioneering the coaster industry and they are taking away from GCI's clients. I don't think it will be long until GCI try and compete with RMC by adding inversions or launches. This coaster may be GCI's guinea pig!

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Just now, Benin said:

Has it been confirmed as a GCI? If not, then the inversion could mean a Gravity Group...


People are assuming this because in all the plans sound tests from ozark wildcat, wildcat and kentucky rumbler were used as examples. All them are GCI as I am sure you are aware :D

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Let's hope they market this appropriately and don't give us another 13 situation.

Layout looks fun, possible inversion and Chuck in a 1.2 height restriction and you've given that middle market a family thrill coaster that inverts! Plus a 140 second preshow for 50 people (comes to 1285 per hour so bit less as getting people in and out) is interesting. Hopefully it has a good story with whatever that inside coaster start will entail and the sound tunnel which I hope will have some effects (although towers doesn't do tunnels well...). 


Nice to see Flume's station being repurposed even if it is as a queue, 2 large thematic elements that hopefully won't be cut and the forest behind can regrow without a stupidly high up leaking flume in it anymore! 

Planning to have it complete by December 17 as well for 18 opening, maybe they've learnt! Might open in March 2018 :o

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