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  1. Cedar Creek

    The Small Parks Thread

    Looks like Tivoli Gardens have a ‘surprisingly’ big year ahead of them for 2019. Source-Blooloop Article On Tivoli. Basically they are spending a lot of money on replacing and updating ride hardware which includes their kiddie and Mack powered coasters amongst others. I will be visiting the park in late April, so it remains difficult to see what will or will not be open in that time, but one will see.
  2. Cedar Creek

    Europa Park

    Concept art for the new Scandinavian area has been released. Source-EuropaStreet
  3. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who call it “The Nemesis Ride”. I’ve only ever called it Inferno, because at least then the two can be distinguished more. Aside from the fact one is in the Midlands and the other just outside of London.
  4. Cedar Creek


    I think the most agreeable solution would be to just chuck them in the bin or the bonfire! -Said almost everyone
  5. Cedar Creek

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    I think ideally parks need to ensure there is a general balance between original ideas/internal IPs and external IPs. I don’t have a major issue with IP’s, as long as they fit within the park’s character, are delivered to a high quality and remain creative and imaginative. Europa for example seems to have a good balance with this, as last year they added IP attractions Jim Knopf (formerly Old99) and the Paddington Ice Show, whilst opening the ‘quirky and original’ Madame Freudenreich Ride (a retheme Of the ageing Universe Of Energy). One could argue Can Can Coaster could also be an ‘external IP’, with it’s ties with the moulin rouge, but even then they have developed original ideas within this concept. Getting back on point, as ‘external’ IP's go, Room On The Broom is one of the better choices and should fit within the park hopefully. There are certainly much worse IP choices out there, like IAC and Love Island.
  6. Cedar Creek

    Seeing The Point: Creek goes to the USA Part I

    We were at Cedar Point for 3.5 days and didn’t use any fast pass whilst out and managed to get on most things at least twice. Three days is sufficient when visiting the park without it. We stayed at CP’s Express hotel which gave us three days to visit included in our stay.
  7. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    TBH the park could easily turf anywhere they wanted for all we know. Except Loggers clearly, as they can’t even turf up what the future holds there. Still better than nothing.
  8. Cedar Creek


    I believe around 2015 time was when Vogel Rock went to only using two trains due to a brakes issue, but has gone back to running three this year after a refurb. All they need to do now is fix the audio issues (I experienced last month) and the ride will be perfect. Loving the updates Efteling are doing right now, the things they are doing are what needs to be taken out at more parks.
  9. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    Being 25 is so last year, because I’m 26 in a few months. Seems trendy these days for parks to tear stuff down before their big birthdays.
  10. I’m a maybe for now here.
  11. Cedar Creek

    TPM Guildford Meet Feb 19

    Currently down for working both days, but if there’s any chance of going, I will do what I can.
  12. Cedar Creek

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Sounds a lot like Game Of Thrones If you ask me, Shame! N.B I’m very happy with the ride that won the game, not sarcasm I promise.
  13. Cedar Creek

    Next Roller Coaster

    I would certainly put bets on the ‘now seemingly’ lifeless Old Town (formerly Canada Creek), even 4/5 years ago the place was full of life compared to now. Slammer: SBNO, mothballed, barely touched since 2017, queue only used for Fright Nights Canada Creek Railway: Derelict, track mostly or completely removed, locomotives remain untouched in ‘back of house’ workshop, level crossings redundant, out of use since 2011, areas only used for Fright Nights Loggers Leap: ‘Clearly’ abandoned and untouched since the final day of 2015 with absolutely no work whatsoever done between then and now, clearly a cost saving measure, there’s a better chance of the Arena coming back let alone poor Loggers, queue used for Fright Nights (notice the theme) Most F&B units are also out of action for all the season apart from maybe Fright Nights. This just leaves Rocky Express, Timber Tug, Lumber Jump and The Grill as the only things open in the area, two of which just badly clash and completely ruin the character and atmosphere the original area once had. As sad the current state of the area is, I would just rather they completely demolish the whole area and relocate Rocky and the Grill to where Slammer is,so they can build andopen up a brand new area. Maybe a GCI/RMC coaster along with one or two family rides and a new restaurant could work. Use something like Red Dead as an IP if they ‘absolutely’ momentarily have to make it marketable.
  14. Cedar Creek

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Sure, having attractions to eat queues is better than nothing, but considering the average throughput was around 200 (300 at an absolute push on good days), the difference isn’t that substantial really, especially when you consider fastrack and RAP will make 30-40% of that too. It was an okay filler attraction, but maybe budgets should’ve been spent elsewhere too as the space lends itself better for fright night mazes.
  15. Cedar Creek

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Might as well start a Legoland one then whilst we’re at it.