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  1. The Dutch park’s are definitely amongst the most progressive currently out there and show us what attractions should do. Untamed sounds great and regardless of whether it’s a Steel Vengeance beater still looks a great attraction to the park and superior to the old woodie. I'm guessing Condor wasn’t so bad? I’ve heard lots of enthusiasts slate this thing as one of the worst major coasters out there. Shame the queues don’t look great. Tover Land looks lovely and I hope they continue to progress. Hoping for a visit next month if all goes to plan. Efteling is one of my favourite parks. Everything about that place is simply charming and magical with so much to see. In the four years since I first visited, the place has gone from strength to strength.
  2. All of these accidents are honestly dreadful. The pendulum/after burner ride accidents seem to all be a result of buying poor quality models and not being operated and maintained safely enough. There seems to have been a lot of ride accidents in the last few years, however I put that down to the likes of social media and phone ownership increasing significantly as opposed to more accidents actually happening.
  3. Sounds like an American version of Blackpool Pleasure Beach from the report, albeit with better maintained wooden coasters, more classics and a crappy version of River Caves. Should try and get out to this place one day, but probably as a road trip thing.
  4. I guess at the end of the day if the paint scheme of the boat looks unpresentable, we should look away from it? Like the state of Slammer, Loggers and the whole of old town, areas of removed and dilapidated theming, mixed up areas, closed outlets and the presentation of most attractions. Every Park has it’s ups and downs, but the way Thorpe has been operated in the last 5+ years would make you think they are being run by a company billions in debt which are barely making a profit. I wont hold my breath for fright nights, but they have a chance to make it less terrible than last year.
  5. To be fair they should’ve repainted the whole boat, however as they say with every project, it’ll do!
  6. This feels somewhat appropriate. I honestly hope they can get appeal or tackle these issues. Highly disappointing news.
  7. Although I be been quite late on the Fright Nights band wagon, even the likes of Studio 13 and the ‘original’ Cabin in it’s first year. Last year’s event was a complete shambles showing quantity does not mean quality. The fact Blair Witch was probably the best attraction is something of an embarrassment. Even if this year’s event is better it probably won’t be a patch on anything 5+ years ago.
  8. Thing is though Ferrari is a fair distance away from the main park. Yes, you can see Red Force for miles, but it’s pretty difficult to hide a near 400ft coaster. With Garda I get the impression they will be building this towards the back of the main park. A recent TPW vlog implies this is the way with the areas near Fantasy Kingdom. If so, this could cause some noticeable clash with theming and styles. A water park would suit Garda, but it’s all down to the execution and presentation as to whether everything will be awesome (had to be said).
  9. I’m very mixed on this whole development. A water park for Gardaland sounds great as does a Legoland water park. However having a Legoland water park in a non Lego park, I am slightly more apprehensive of as it might seriously clash with the park’s styling. Then again I suppose they now have Kung Fu Panda and Peppa Pig (2) lands so maybe it will work. Could this mean we start to see more Legoland water parks rolled out across the world? Maybe even as standalone attractions? Garda have planned a water park for several years, so the buyout has likely had little to no impact on the original plan.
  10. Given the extreme difficulty they have with this area, this looks a sound improvement and is probably the best case scenario we will probably ever see.
  11. Shame Saw Alive has gone, even if it wasn’t typically the best maze. I guess at the end of the day it’s yet another derelict thing in the park. They have at least five now.
  12. Could be anything really. Except for the ride reopening of course. Probably Fright Nights related.
  13. Glad to hear this park was operated well, but still a shame on the farce with Kingda Ka.
  14. This is how you refurbish a double drop flume ride! Despite the slightly questionable cohesion it looks great!
  15. I’ll have to give this one a go in the near future, but Zadra is looking most likely to be RMC number two for me. The thing I love about Steel Vengeance is the incredible length and relentless the ride takes it’s layout. Whether that be it’s vertices drop, tight inversions, ejector and floater airtime and tight corners. It’s location and styling complement that. Regardless of Untamed being better or worse, it’s great to see Europe has another RMac. Just need the U.K. to get one now really.
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