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  1. Most of that sounds great, but two years to replace trains on a bad SLC is agonisingly painful.
  2. I doubt Merlin plan to invest in the place anytime soon, especially as they see it as an albertross around their neck of profits.
  3. You will only ever see a negative turned into a positive here, when it’s an old photograph from a long time ago sadly. This ride could be an interesting development if it is delivered correctly.
  4. If it’s an ice themed coaster with orange track, why didn’t they call it Tango Ice Blast?
  5. After swapping some shifts, I’ll be there for you! On this meet
  6. I actually like the name Iron Gwazi, because it makes sense. The ride was known as Gwazi and since it is getting the RMC treatment it will be a hybrid with Steel Track.
  7. Well, as long as they don’t do a Bakken with it, I’m not complaining. Most have few positive words to say there.
  8. Taiga certainly looks like the show stopper here, but the rest of the park looks nice and sort of a cross between Liseberg and Tivoli Gardens in some ways. How expensive were basic items such as food and drink? I remember Copenhagen was pretty expensive for things with Burger Kings equating to just over £10 and meals out ranging around £25 for one course and a drink. Almost went to Helsinki a number of years ago, but that was going to be a work trip.
  9. Thorpe should try and be like Walibi Holland then if they are trying to expose cheap and gimmicky trends. On the plus side, least they’d actually have a good RMC. One can dream.
  10. Do or Die? More like take it or leave it? I'm more curious about the Saw Mill because it has a spinning blade. Least the entrance will be ok I suppose.
  11. The only improvements they’ve made is the remarkable duration of time it takes them to dispatch a vehicle at a time. It’s astonishing how this ride used to run on five vehicles and reach an hourly throughput of 1000 PPH. These days it’s 500 on four vehicles and by the time you’ve sorted Fastrack and RAP you are probably looking at just 250 from the main queue. As for the ride itself, the state is something of an embarrassment especially considering what it once was.
  12. I suppose it is then. Because I never thought we would actually see them add a Coaster. The only RMC Thorpe will ever get is the people who founded it back in 1979. Can’t see them getting a Coaster soon.
  13. Rocky Express being closed for night rides is a travesty! It’s one of the few good things about the event. They can keep Tug and Lumber closed as long as they like, maybe the whole day if they like.
  14. This is the ride I have dreamed of them building! At least one Merlin Park is getting a coaster then.
  15. The question is though, are you still on Team Taron? Cant remember what else the park has to offer but think there’s quite a few coasters, a big wheel and a ‘’scary UV walkthrough’’ which is a bit like Hocus Pocus.
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