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  1. Great to see this park receiving a massive expansion plan for the next few years, should be great to see these new additions being built. Anyone know if the former Vertigo site is still left unoccupied? Given how unsuccessful and disastrous that coaster was.
  2. A massively hyped project that has been getting delayed and management leaving being cancelled? Did not see this coming.
  3. Well it looks like it won't be too long until I return to Phantasialand then. certainly an interesting yet impressive move from the patk, opting for another coaster and choosing a flyer with a launch. I guess the two selling points compensate things when Nighthawk gets spotted, given it's one of the longest indoor coasters in the world. I'm wondering what else will feature in the Rookburgh area, given it's massive footprint and the original 'different experience by day and night' tagline has little correlation to a flying coaster at the moment.
  4. If you look carefully, the shark logo on the pin actually says Shark. Meaning it says Thorpe Shark Hotrl. They sure look decent thought. Might have to get a few.
  5. Looks like I should be able to make thing one.
  6. TBH if construction of new buildings counts as redevelopment, then anything could happen. Sadly the return of Loggers is highly unlikely.
  7. More terror attacks in London as a Van crashed into pedestrians at London Bridge, an incident an borough market and shootings in Vauxhall. There are some sick people in this world!
  8. At least they've made some effort theming up the roof given they could've just left it bland and empty like many dark ride roofs. Given it's central location, the park have actually done a pretty good job theming the whole exterior of the attraction.
  9. Right, so I ninjago'ed to Legoland today to try out the new ride and can say I'm quite impressed with the new addition. The technology and effects used throughout the ride are surprisingly good, from the water effect in the queue line to the fire and wind elements on the first scene (trying not to give too much away here). Queue line is surprisingly well themed as is most of the exterior (some bits look a bit warehousey still). I think there's still some tweaks from the looks but what they've got there is good for the park and the queue was moving fairly quickly too during the visit. It was mostly screen based but did have some physical theming inside too. Kind of had elements of Ratatouille and Maus Au Chocolate too. Rating 7/10 Great to see the park install what's probably been their biggest investment for at least eight years amongst gaining their third major dark ride. This park may only be second to Blackpool now when it comes to indoor rides in the UK now.
  10. Liseberg as a park is a loverly charming place. Despite boasting many new and modern attractions the place still somewhat retains it's charm and character through sedate detailed buildings and the beautiful hilly location with rides nestled upon within. For any one yet to visit park's abroad it's one I'd strongly recommend viditing first as it can be done quite cheap and easily.
  11. The original Dragon music used to be synced to the ride and would play out loud and proud at the ride entrance and banquet scene of the ride. There were also sound effects in the queue turrets for the witch and wizard figures including some sort of poem. Andrew McKenna was the composer. Around 2010/2011 this was changed for the new Lewis Cox soundtrack with the original at the time disused and sound effects removed and replaced by television screens of author Michael Rosen narrating. This was further changed a couple years later where both music pieces are now played throughout the ride alongside new videos showing off the ride and explaining safety.
  12. The theming level on that water ride looks immense! The quality is close, if not at the level of many major European park. Hopefully the hotel will be successful, just as well themed and bring more attractions along with it. Another major coaster would also hugely benefit this park. Tayto is definitely one of those up and coming park's to look out for, much like Energylandia.
  13. Unfortunately due to unforeseen commitments on the Saturday which cannot be changed or altered, I will unfortunately no longer be able to make it.
  14. The next episode of The Making Of Symbolica part 6 has been realised, and goes into further details of the attraction building and design. Not to mention the garden roof on the top which will make for a beautiful sight on the pagoda.
  15. Anything that isn't a grass patch or an inflatable game. If I wanted to see either I'd visit Chessington Garden Centre.