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  1. Top 10's

    I'm not sure why, I just found Khan to be overly rough and uncomfortable on this trip for some reason. Despite it's roughness there was just something I liked about Baco which is bizarre because I expected to not enjoy it. The number of rides starting with B is surely councidental and I've just noticed that myself. Shambhala is honestly great, but something just makes Helix and Taron overpower it very slightly, although it is my favourite B&M. The difference between where my top 3 coasters rank is literally just millimetres.
  2. TPM PortAventura Meet September 2017

    I can't believe no-one has featured the best possible photo of the whole trip Honestly, was a mostly enjoyable trip here. Loved Shambhala, Red Force and Baco (surprisingly), plus the shows, water rides and theming were certainly top notch. Big thanks to Marc and Ryan for arranging this trip and sorting the flight situation which could've been disasterous. Wont be making Fright Nights unfortunately, so may not resurface now until Christmas.
  3. Top 10's

    Right, time for a much needed update to my top 10 lists. Theme Parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Phantasialand 3/ Efteling 4/ Disneyland Paris 5/ Liseberg 6/ Port Aventura 7/ Alton Towers 8/ Blackpool 9/ Paultons Park 10/ Thorpe Park Coasters: 1/ Helix 2/ Taron 3/ Shambhala 4/ Wodan 5/ Nemesis 6/ Blue Fire 7/ Black Mamba 8/ Baron 1898 9/ Balder 10/ Furious Baco Honourable Mentions: Red Force, Joris, Thirteen and Nemesis Inferno. That ride has improved so much recently, it is unbelievable. Dark Rides: 1/ Tower Of Terror (Paris) 2/ Pirates Of The Caribbean (Paris) 3/.Symbolica 4/ Ratatouille 5/ Valhalla 6/ Hex 7/ Fata Morgana 8/ Droomvlucht 9/ Maus Au Chocolate 10/ Gruffalo River Ride Adventure Honourable Mentions: Duel, Villa Volta, Derren Brown's Ghost Train and Wallace & Gromit Water Rides: 1/ Chiapas 2/ Valhalla 3/ River Quest 4/ Flying Dutchman 5/ Grand Canyon Rapids (PA) 6/Fjord Rafting 7/ Pirana Rapids 8/ Tidal Wave 9/ Drenched 10/ Tutiki Splash
  4. Unfortunately I will be away during this time so will not be attending I'm afraid.
  5. SW8

    I'm probably in the minority that is somewhat excited for this coaster. Whilst the layout and design perhaps seems like it could have done more, the groundworks and theming look intriguing indeed and I don't think I've been as excited for a coaster since the Swarm. Can safely say I've not actually found a wooden coaster I dislike. Even Stampida I had some liking too and hopefully it will be the same here.
  6. 2017 Season General Discussion

    The weather guarantee is definitely a great move from the park and with poor forecasts ahead it is certainly a great time to implement this. Closed rides aren't fun for anyone, but if the rainfall/wind speed is beyond the maximum amount a ride can safely run then it can't be helped unfortunately.
  7. Phantasialand

    Always got to love a view from above, which just shows how intricately and creatively the majority of the park is constructed. Sounds a great idea if the park do update videos again which showcase the construction site. Will make the closed season fly by.
  8. General Discussion

    If you want to ride Dragon Falls and Peeking Heights before the area retheme, you will need to be quick as both will be closing on Sunday 10th September. Falls will eventually reopen next year as Tiger Falls, however Peeking Heights will be going extinct
  9. Walt Disney World Resort

    Safe to say this looks to be a great quality mid-thrill family coaster for the park. And much needed given how few attractions the park actually had now. Cant wait to hopefully ride next year.
  10. Efteling

    Very mixed about this announcement as I don't think Efteling necessarily needs a fastpass type system in there. However should it work similar to the current system DLRP have, they it could be handy and not affect things too much.
  11. Ride Accidents

    Not been a great time for ride accidents lately, especially on Gersts recently. Hopefully no major injuries.
  12. Disneyland Paris

    Make the most of the park, get to the shows and parade early plus allow time for shopping. Must do attractions in the parks are: Parc Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain Phantom Manor (Hyper) Space Mountain Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Star Tours-The Adventure Continues Pirates Of The Caribbean It's A Small World Peter Pan's Flight Disney Studios Ratatouille Tower Of Terror Rock N Roller Coaster Crush Make most of Magic hours if you are staying on site. These are usually from 8am in the main park which includes the Fantasy and Discovery attractions. If you are not staying onsite you won't be able to access them unless you get an annual pass. For food, I always find the best places are in the Disney Village. Planet Hollywood and Annette's are good calls. Earl Of Sandwich is one of the best places too.
  13. Wiener Prater Trip Report

    Certainly looks an interesting place to visit. Ive always wondered about this place and am considering it as part of a cultural trip in the future. Does the park have much on the dark rides front?
  14. Scarefest

    Yeah, a fourth maze certainly certainly doesn't sound too much of a quiet one for Towers. Hopefully the offering will be top notch, last year's event was particularly good, especially the Monsters walkthrough.
  15. Disneyland Paris

    A Beauty and the Beast dark ride would certainly work and be ideal, given it's location, as would a water attraction for Frontier. Aside from the New York Marvel rethrme (which I feel mixed on), I think the Studios Park will be getting fixed up first as the park is in a somewhat confused state bar a few attractions. Whilst all good, the future of Tower does concern me which could become a Guardians Clone. Swear there was a rumour of a Frozen dark ride being built and one they were thinking of spiting the Snow White attraction. I hope not.