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  1. Universal Studios Florida

    Well that's more creeds I won't be getting then. I know they didn't Duel anymore, but will still be a shame to lose them. That's the third attraction I'll miss out on next year's grand adventure.
  2. 2017 Season General Discussion

    I don't think I've known a coaster to age or progress as greatly as Inferno. Everytimevive been riding on that ride, it always gives me feelings of amazement and feels so intense and forceful now. Inferno is a ride that never bores me and highly re-rideable too.
  3. 6 month break

    This was certainly an interesting read. I've still not had the chance to visit Asterix,but can safely say it's on my list and the things I've heard about that place sound highly interesting. Same goes for Niglo land, which I guess would probably need to be a car job. I love Phantasialand and can safely say it's one of the best parks food. What is it you dislike about Winjas? Can agree about the Efteling theming. The amount of details I managed to miss on my last visit was astounding. I love Dutchman, Dream Flight, Fata, Vogelrock and Baron (despite it's average throughout). I actually enjoy Joris as I think the racing element is fun amongst it's forces. Symbolica I can safely say is a perfect addition to the park and certainly worth returning for. I'm interested to see what Hyperspace brings when I hopefully ride later this year. I like the look of the new trains but the recent 'Disney Cashcowing' does concern me. First Gusrdians, then this and soon the conversion of the Grest Movie into the Mickey ride along with the New York hotel getting rethemed to Marvel. I need to return to Europa, but that's hopefully on the planning block, this time with the intention of an onsite stay.
  4. Bagatelle: The Road to 200!

    Bagatelle looks bizarre. I don't know what else to say. Would it be worth the effort to visit outside of the Cred prospect? The Calais structures look decent though which is perhaps a positive.
  5. Symbolica Review

    A perfectly accurate review from the Baron there I say. I certainly found Symbolica to be the perfect modern dark ride, in one that uses lots of modern technology yet without the need of screens as much which I find fantastic and breathtaking. I think the pacing and theming of the ride is top notch and the amount of animatronic and interactive features superb. Symbolica also perfectly fits into the style and character of the Efteling as well.
  6. Might as well update given it's been a while. 10/ Mr Toad's (Magic Kingdom) 9/ Silber Mine 8/ Terror Tomb 7/ TOT DCA 6/ Knightmare 5/ Space Invaders 4/ Back To The Future 3/ Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Factory 2/ Professor Burps Bubbleworks (only ever did Imperial one) 1/ The Great Movie Ride
  7. Walt Disney World Resort

    Very excited for all these new rides and ideas, especially the tron coaster and Star Wars Land. Disney could be onto an absolute winner with that one and it's great to see so many new projects coming along. One thing I'm not very happy about is the confirmed closure of the Great Movie Ride. As it looked an absolute master piece and would argue it's a greater loss than the DCA Tower ride. If they had to change it they could've at least just converted it to Disney movies only rather than purely a Mickey and Minnie ride. Makes me sad I'll be missing it's closure by a year when I take my first trip. Losing Universe Of Energy is still a shame, but was looking dated though.
  8. Well I hope so, because I've only bought me and Tomb's tickets now. And we hope to stay over too. Aldo hope to be there Saturday for the day but unsure when I will turn up yet.
  9. Pleasurewood Hills

    Pretty shocking and surprising move, given how big marketing was when they built this and how much effort they put into the attraction, real shame. I just hope whatever replaces it is a step in the right direction, especially considering Coast and Rattlesnake have been removed, even if they were on their last legs.
  10. Orlando Holiday Planning

    Advice is appreciated guys. Trying to do lots of work snd and planning into this whole trip, given it would be me snd Tomb's biggest trip to date when it hopefully happens. Is September a good time to visit? We are probably looking at 15 days.
  11. Right, so quite a few years ago I made posts for a trip that seemed in the clouds. However hopefully now, I am more in a position of a trip finally happening.I'm planning an Orlando trip for 2018. Would September be a good time to visit? Hoping for a 15 day trip out there, and knocking the first and last day for packing, travel and jet lag I'm hoping for the following:2 days at Magic Kingdom 1 day at each other park (total 3)3 days at Universal 2 days Busch Gardens1 day Sea World2 relax days, one for Volcsno Bay and something else and another for Disney Springs and one of the water parks.What's anyone's thoughts on this and is there anything else I should do/plan amongst this?Wondering where the best place to stay is?Disney Onsite, I-Drive, Villa or Kissimmee? The latter sounds interesting.Is a package holiday best for first timers In Orlando? I've booked and organised trips in Europe, but not America.
  12. Europa Park

    Hopefully it'll just be a retrack and modernisation of the existing ride. As long as they keep the ride's current charm and soundtrack, I will be very happy. A mixed but exciting investment at the park indeed.
  13. Walibi Belgium

    Great to see this park receiving a massive expansion plan for the next few years, should be great to see these new additions being built. Anyone know if the former Vertigo site is still left unoccupied? Given how unsuccessful and disastrous that coaster was.
  14. Paramount Park UK

    A massively hyped project that has been getting delayed and management leaving being cancelled? Did not see this coming.
  15. Phantasialand

    Well it looks like it won't be too long until I return to Phantasialand then. certainly an interesting yet impressive move from the patk, opting for another coaster and choosing a flyer with a launch. I guess the two selling points compensate things when Nighthawk gets spotted, given it's one of the longest indoor coasters in the world. I'm wondering what else will feature in the Rookburgh area, given it's massive footprint and the original 'different experience by day and night' tagline has little correlation to a flying coaster at the moment.