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  1. That animatronic towards the end looks utterly amazing! Don't think one that realistic has ever been created yet. Theming around the ride and area is also impressive. The Avatar theme suites the park, but wasn't the most interesting idea they have chosen.
  2. A honestly think an updated Safari Skyway type attraction would work well at Chessington and offer something for everyone which also relates to their animal adventure theme. Just build it up where old skyway was, place the layout around the enclosures and voila, it's done.
  3. I always thought the ride was a bit wooden
  4. I think Thirteen is a good ride. It's fun, it's amusing and exciting too. I love the first coaster section. Yes, it's not the longest and most adventurous but it's fun, enjoyable and sets the pace for the ride's secret party trick, the trick track. This part is always fun snd smudging to witness, from the drop and backwards section to the moment the ride suddenly resurfaces. Heck people's reactions riding is half the fun. I don't think I've found a dull seat either. I'm gonna lose the popular vote here snd say the ride is probably my second favourite Towers coaster.
  5. SW8

    Though there are things I'm mixed about on this project, I'm still excited to see Towers finally getting a new Woodie which is what the park has needed for a while. Hopefully if the plans above ring true to the final product, we will see a generous amount of theming which could really help enhance the ride overall, especially if it interacts with the layout. I just hope they integrate the theme within either Mutiny or Katanga.
  6. Derren's reliability like many rides hasn't been perfect this year, but is certainly been noticeably more reliable this year as it hasn't had a full day down yet from what I'm aware. and Baron is correct, the attraction has actually been more reliable than a number of other rides, especially Stealth.
  7. Looks great and I think it will definitely fit in with the amazing lineup Liseberg currently already has. here is a full image of the ride according to Loopings According to the image, not only has the park removed Kanonen but also the Fairy Tale Castle dark ride, which apparently is to be demolished. The wave ride is said to be getting relocated too. Whilst it was never anything great, part of me is actually a little sad it's been/getting demolished, maybe because the ride was nearly 50 years old and the park will have no dark rides. However there are rumours going about a new one opening in the coming years. Liseberg really has been going through a lot of change in the last 3/4 years and it's amazing to see what they've done.
  8. Me and Tomb will be maybes for the time being.
  9. I hope to be there, but it all depends.
  10. I hope to be there even if I am working.
  11. Whilst I'm highly excited for this coaster, I must admit the name is something of a let down really. There are lots of good quick and snappy roller coaster names, including Taron, Helix, Raptor to name a few. Icon isn't one of these. The styling is fine but the name for me lacks correlation and feels like something you'd whack together for a name of projectvminutes before the deadline. Hopefully it'll still be a great ride, it'll just have a disappointing name.
  12. My original judgement sticks. Disney have ruined an amazing ride for a shoehorned installation of Marvel stuff. Had they built this at Shanghai Disney or something and left DCA Tower as it was, a lot of people (myself included) would be a lot happier.
  13. Hint- not Ghost Busters.
  14. Unfortunately people will always compare ride X to ride Y, it's just what happens. Even ride X is considerably better than ride Y, there are still positives on the latter and aspects that may even surpass ride X in som extents. For example, Nemesis has an impressive layout, interaction points and fresh paint. Whilst Inferno has a sublime pre-lift section with lights and mist amongst some tight inversions. It's also improved considerably as s coaster in the last few years. I think attraction comparisons are eligible if they are of a similar type attraction. For example comparing Baron 1898 to Krake would most likely be an adequate comparison because they are both dive coasters of the same manufacturer and have strong positives as rides. But if I were to compare Red Force to Heidi The Ride, it wouldn't be. This will depend on ride busyness. If the ride has little to no queue then guests have the right to sit where they like (within reason), however if it's busy like there's a 30 minute plus queue this may not be possible as at the end of the day staff will want to load ride vehicles in the quickest and safest manner. Unfortunately this isn't always avoidable, especially if certain rides and attractions may require more maintenance to ensure it can operate properly for the following season and could be for a number of reasons. Again, unfortunately attractions can suddenly encounter major maintenance issues and other problems that result in the attraction not being able to operate and resources for the required fix may not always be there. It's not exclusive to Merlin either as park's like DLRP, Drayton Manor and others. Back on topic, I'll add to this list: Guests who complain for the sake of complaining and treat staff like dirt Guests who can't remain seated and stand on fences Guests who smoke in queue lines
  15. Europa is a lush park. Very much everything the place does, delivers and provides is purely for dedication to the resort. The likes of Wodan and Blue Fire may be amazing, but it's a park you can happily enjoy regardless of doing any riding and just walking around and appreciating the place with its many hidden gems around. The pictures alone just show how amazing the place is and make me want to return in the near future.