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  1. Port Aventura

    Glad they chose a name for their junior that’s about original as the whole park. They did need some more rides though,especially for kids.
  2. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    This move is somewhat disappointing but somewhat not surprising really. Missed opportunity though with all the guests flocking to that area for Wicker.
  3. New for 2018

    Me when Merlin make a theme that isn’t dark, rundown and generally gloomy Yay Pizza extension though. One day the building cover half the park.
  4. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    If you ignore the World’s First claims it actually looks a very decent roller coaster and the concept art shows great potential. Wicker Man if done correctly will be the perfect ride to fill in some of the gap currently at Towers and perhaps offer something of a unique experience for many of ages. Icon and Wicker are both completely different type rides but I remain excited for both in general.
  5. Maybe I am due another trip
  6. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    So it looks like the Mouse has now (finally) closed indefinitely Very sad to hear this. I get the impression the park aren’t fully to blame on it’s closure as I’ve heard stories on the difficulty insuring the ride due to safety measures. Apparently Dipper, Grand National and Flyer are listed (with the Ark building and Flying Machines) but the Mouse isn’t.
  7. Plopsaland de Panne

    According to Loopings the park’s joint suspended coaster De Vleermuis will be closing this month. Capacity and reliability are the main reasons for the closure with the ride mentioned to be sold to a park outside Europe. Seems a bit of shame to spite these but from things I’ve heard I’m not overly surprised. Never got to experience this. Was it any good?
  8. Walibi Holland

    Two potentially exciting additions to the Dutch park’s sounds great. I wonder if Toverland will get something new agsin? I don’t have 2020 vision.
  9. Efteling

    Double Post (technically) but Loopings report of a new expansion area within the Efteling where development for new attractions will be brought in. Interestingly it mentions of a road being rerouted and the first attraction scheduled to open in 2020. Some rumours suggest a launch coaster of some kind or a hyper (which seems out of character).
  10. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Congrats to Inferno for winning the 2017 ride game in a topic more divisive than Brexit! Swarm is a definite second place and both coasters are deserving of the top two.
  11. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Nemesis Inferno (7) The Swarm (3) Inferno+ Swarm- Least Tidal made Top 5.
  12. Your Plans for 2018

    2018 for me was set in stone once, but now it’s somewhst up in the air. Uk wise Blackpool is a must for Icon and if all goes to plan, may finally make it to Lightwater Valley and Flamingo where the Ark convenant Of UK creds reside. Merlin lot are a given and Drayton and Paultons are not impossible either. For Europe, Europa Park is my top priority as another trip feels overdue and Tomb is yet to experience the wonders here. Fingers crossed Eurosat is still top notch. Rest of the trips are more of a free-for-all currently. May return to Liseberg for it’s new coaster, Toverland isn’t impossible and I can never rule out Disneyland Paris. Will see what happens. Was hoping Orlando would happen this year, however that looks highly unlikely now. However Cedar Point is a strong possibility later in the year.
  13. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Depth Charge (4) Nemesis Inferno (5) Stealth (5) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (5) X (6) X+ Depth Charge-
  14. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Depth Charge (6) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rocky Express (3) Stealth (4) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (6) X (6) Tidal Wave+ Rocky-
  15. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Depth Charge (2)Detonator: Bombs Away (0)Nemesis Inferno( 9)Rocky Express (5)Stealth (5)The Swarm (5)Tidal Wave (7)X (7) Detonator Out! Reset Depth Charge (5)Nemesis Inferno( 5)Rocky Express (5)Stealth (5)The Swarm (5)Tidal Wave (5)X (5)