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TPM Awards 2018 - The Winners


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It's official - 2018 was the tightest year yet! Some spectacularly close fought contests were had, and there's even a TPM first. But more on that later... For now, the winners...



Best UK Park

1) Alton Towers (13)

2) Blackpool Pleasure Beach (6)

3) Thorpe Park (3)


Best UK Coaster

1) Nemesis (7)

2) Icon (4)

3) Stealth (3)


Best UK Flat

1) Rush (8)

2) Detonator (5)

3) Samurai (4)


Best UK Water Ride

1) Valhalla (12)

2) Tidal Wave (6)

3) Tiger Rock (3)


Best UK Dark Ride

1) Hex (13)

2) Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon (3)

3) Duel (2)


Worst UK Ride

1) Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon (13)

2) Hero (3)

3) Storm Surge (2)


Best International Park

1) Europa Park (8)

2) Phantasialand (5)

3) Cedar Point (4)


Best International Coaster

1) Steel Vengeance (5)

=2) Taron, Helix & Shambhala (3)


Best New-for-2018 Attraction

1) Wicker Man (9)

2) Icon (5)

3) Steel Vengeance (4)


Most Disappointing Merlin Moment 2018

1) Fright Nights; specific mentions included Vulcan Peak (10)

2) 'Everything' or words to that effect (4)

3) Alton Towers' infamous "It's better than nothing" tweet (3)


Best-Looking New-for-2019 Attraction

1) FLY/Rookburgh, Phantasialand (5)

2) Untamed, Walibi Holland (4)

=3) Rulantica, Europa Park & Taiga, Linnanmäki (3)


Best Manufacturer

1) Mack (8)

2) B&M (5)

3) RMC (4)




Best Member

1) @JoshC.

2) @Mattgwise

3) @Cedar Creek


Best Team Member

1) @Marc

2) @Mattgwise

3) @JoshC.


Best Quality Posts

1) @Wumbamillio

2) @Coaster

3) 4 runners-up (see below)


Most Knowledgeable

=1) @Wumbamillio & @JoshC.

2) @Coaster

3) @Benin


Most Dedicated

1) @Cedar Creek

2) @JoshC.

3) @Mattgwise


Most Sarcastic

1) @Benin

2) @Cedar Creek

3) @Coaster


Most Likely to be Banned in 2019

1) @MarkC

2) @Coaster

3) Thorpe Park's Twitter Page


Funniest Member

=1) @Martin Doyle & @MattyMoo 

2) @Benin

3) @pluk


Biggest Fanboy

1) @Cedar Creek

2) @Marhelorpe

3) @Marc


Sexiest Male

1) @Cedar Creek 

2) @Ryan

3) @Martin Doyle


Sexiest Female

1) @terrortomb

2) @jessica2

3) @Cedar Creek


Storm Surge Award

1) @Ivsetti

2) @Cedar Creek

3) @Coaster


Member You'd Like to See More Of

1) @Coaster

2) @BenC

3) @pluk


Congratulations winners! This year was one of the tightest yet, so wear your victories with pride!


As for the six-way ties, these will be decided by a...*cue dramatic X Factor music*...public vote. Head over to this thread and cast your! The nominees are...


Best Member

@Cedar Creek, @Coaster, @JoshC., @Martin Doyle, @Mattgwise and @pluk


Best Quality Posts

@Cedar Creek, @Coaster, @JoshC.,

@Marhelorpe, @pluk and @Wumbamillio


The votes will be open until Thursday, 23.59, when hopefully a winner will be decided!

These votes are anonymous, but you can see how many people have voted for a particular person at any given time. In the nature of good sportsmanship, nominees - don't vote for yourself! ;)


Happy voting all!

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So it’s officially a ‘no deal’ then!


Might as well move onto the rest:


First five awards not that surprising, but glad Icon made one of the top spots. No Wickerman Man? That’s a little surprising. Our flat ride selection is literally ‘better than nothing’ right now. 


 DBGT ROTD ‘seems’ to have become second best dark ride but first on worst ride, it certainly proves how unsuccessful it has been. However I do wonder if anyone voted it twice!


International Park category is spot on. Europa well and truly deserve first place purely for how quickly and professional they have been when dealing with ‘this years’unfortunate events. Very few places out there would be near as efficient.


Phantasialand and Cedar Point also deserve their runnerup  spots, one for boasting some  impressive rides whilst the other is Phantasialand.


Steel Vengeance is a ‘worthwhile’ winner as best International coaster. All I can say is “get yourselves to Cedar Point” if you can!  Everything that came second also deserves its spot! 


I’m happy that Wickerman won best 2018 attraction. Sure, there are better coasters out there (and maybe even rides that opened), but the attraction for Towers and the UK has caused excitement and interest that hasn’t been seen around for sometime. 


’Disapointing’ Merlin moments go like cheese and crackers right now so the results don’t surprise me one bit. Fright Nights was baaaaaddd (like really bad).


2019 additions seem interesting yet bizarre, except Rookburgh which will probably be remarkable, may e more-so if it actually opens next year. Didn’t expect to see Rutluntica on there either, but it’s probably going to be amazing.


Well done to Mack for winning best manufacturers!


I will hold off posting on the member awards because they aren’t quite ready yet and we don’t know who’s going to win those. Maybe Mr Fish! 



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Regarding The Member Awards:


Thank You for everyone who voted me for most, I try my best in everything where possible.


I am also chuffed to be regaining my titles of sexiest male and ‘biggest’ fanboy, how many people can actually say they’ve actually stayed at Thorpe for more than 24 hours?


I’m also glad to be second on sarcasm, I’m building a trophy cabinet to hold these achievements. Second on Storm Surge award? Didn’t see this coming at all, I think people are just jealous of the fact I once lived on the thing!


Third on sexiest female? Guess I don’t need to worry about going in drag now. Congrats to Tomb for winning it, she has done amazing! 


Who knows, who’s going to top the two remaining awards. Vote for who you want!

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And the public vote has ended. Huzzah.


Tl;dr - Nemesis is still the best, Thorpe still has the best flats, but sucks at Fright Nights and dark rides. Next year's best-looking ride might not open till 2020. 


Cedar Creek won basically everything. Benin is still sarcastic. MattyMoo is still funny. I'm a charlatan because people think I know as much as Wumbamillo. But thanks for voting me best member guys (5th year in a row!)

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