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Thorpe Park 2020

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6 hours ago, JoshuaA said:

To the GP yes, Stealth is one of the tallest and fastest in the UK so obviously to them it is a good headliner attraction.



That's all that matters if we're brutally honest.

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I fully agree that Thorpe's coasters are too short and not impressive enough, but it is true that as enthusiasts we have a very different outlook than most visitors.


I really rate Nemesis Inferno, it's a ride I have really come to appeciate more in the last few years.  It's intense, forceful and just feels like pure quality from start to finish.


Stealth - Too short and not impressive enough to justify it (again, more of an enthusiast thing as it is impressive to most guests).


Colossus - 10 loops crammed into a short(ish) layout for the sake of it, trains are horrendous.  Used to have a good presence with all the landscaping, now a concrete mess.


Saw - Poor quality ride experience and can be very uncomfortable.  Lots of missing effects, lighting and theming.


Swarm - Too short and lumbers around the inversions, doesn't pack a punch.  Theming gone to ruin.


Walking Dead - Perfectly good as a family coaster, but unsuitable theme makes it inaccessible to families!

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