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What has happened to the 3rd train? I didn't see it in the station when I went ther yesterday.

As far as I'm aware they can't use the transfer track in the brake run area anymore as the new trains extend about a meter beyond the end of the moveable track so it has been welded up since the Vekoma refit. Any trains that are stored/needed to be taken off of the track are done on the other store track off of the final bend.I'm trying to get my head around the cost cutting measure and what they aim to achieve by taking a train to pieces. Would they not get more of their money's worth from the investment in the three trains by running two trains at a time but swapping the trains out periodically so they each get their own downtime (similar to what disney do). Running purely the same two trains would mean their parts would need to be replaced quicker and yes, I know that means they can take parts from the other train but eventually that source will run out.EDIT: This is assuming that there is a third train which is being taken out of service completely.
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You know, even 20+ years on Vampire still packs a punch, especially for younger children! My 8 year old sister visited Chessington for the first time a week ago, and she LOVED Vampire! At first she was scared, but once we started going up the lift hill all she could do was giggle, which then turned into full blown laughter fits as we went round. It's good to know that this ride still does as desired even at its age. :wub:

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The trees in front of the toilets next to the second drop have since been removed completely, judging by recent photographs. (not those actually on the path)

In other news, I read elsewhere that work has been carried out near The Vampire and that there are 'further changes to come', which for me suggests that the old gateway entrance may be put back in use this year. If true, this would be the best thing Chessington have done for the last X years.

It's quite believable, since they would simply need to install a fence reconnecting the gateway with the main queueline, then create a division behind the arch so that fastrack goes left and others go right.

It would greatly improve the guest experience. A purple bar does not create any kind of impression on guests.

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