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I thought that was Storm Surge?

People voted for Colossus to be sculpted out of sand and here it is, and I for one think it looks quite spiffing awesome tbh!

A photo from 'Theme Park Xtreme's' Facebook showing the colour...  

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We all complain about the roughness at Thorpe, but I have generally found, especially this year, that the equivalents at Alton are significantly rougher, mainly due to the seats and restraints. An example being stealth having rubber seats and padded restraints, whereas ritas are pretty much just plastic.

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...just like the film it's based on. ;)


I personally find SAW a tad smoother than Colossus. I guess it's Colossus' intensity combined with uncomfortable restraints that make it not a patch on SAW tbh.


I love Colossus, maybe only because I've only ridden it for the first time within the past five years. Saw I just find uncomfy and it always gives me a headache. 

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I've ridden rage almost every year since 2007 and it never used to give me head bang, but last year it really threw me about towards the end, Funny enough with Colossus I didn't actually find it that rough on all the times I've been on it, and saw, well saw is just saw 

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The tape I would imagine to be related to the extensive work that was going on around the station, and is most likely used as a way for the engineers to remember which supports have been checked over winter, or could indicate scheduled or already taken place Maintenance.


Has Colossus actually ran two trains this season so far? I'm desperately hoping it isn't as bad as last year when it was on one train till about June then back onto one after September for the rest of the year but on fright nights pretty much.

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