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Interesting footage and amazing how so much has changed in that time (for better and worse).


0:00-0:12 would never be allowed now, due to strengthened safety such as lock-offs. Doing similar now would no doubt result in the immediate dismissal of the operator and staff involved. 

Think their safety procedure was strengthened around the late 2000’s when an employee was killed when entering the ride area at one of their Legoland parks.

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I thought that was Storm Surge?

A photo from 'Theme Park Xtreme's' Facebook showing the colour...  

People voted for Colossus to be sculpted out of sand and here it is, and I for one think it looks quite spiffing awesome tbh!

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That POV really shows how much Colossus has changed. Obviously there's water in the cobra roll pit, but there's the inline twists too, where the Saw / Saw Alive land has been infilled, along with the concrete that's appeared around the bottom of the drop too. 


And yes, the person on the lift hill during operation of the ride is something which would no longer happen at a Merlin park. Those sorts of thing do still happen in parks (usually ones abroad), but in general, it's not something that happens much these days. Different times and all that

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