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I give it two days.

I think people might be reading into the extent of this a little too much. Samurai wasn't given a refurbishment last season, it was pretty much left as is. It ran excellently over the last two seasons

Just bin the bloody thing.

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2 hours ago, OliIzzy said:

Yeah it's open


Finally Samurai is back open! Would've loved to have rode it before it dies tomorrow, but I guess not everything works out.

In all seriousness, let's just hope it lasts at least a month! Samurai's my favourite flat on park, even though I've not been on for two years!

Please Thorpe; just make it last longer than everyone anticipates it to!

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Yeah same here, I had nothing but terrible memories of this but it was running very nicely today. No way near as tame as before, or as nauseating, surprisingly (if that even makes sense)


What absolutely made my day was 2 attendants. Efficiency was high as hell.

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5 minutes ago, Ian-S said:

The only ride on park to make me feel genuinely ill!  But glad we finally got to ride it today.

What was the cycle like? I can recommend some excellent anti sickness tablets - if I didnt take them, I'd be barfing my guts up on pretty much everything

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It was unlike any past ones. There was a healthy mix of some pops of airtime (yes, air time on this thing) and some moments of intense spinning and swerving, but for me personally perfect amounts of both, so it felt intense without the sicky feeling that normally comes with it. 

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For us it was quiet intense, I sat on the outside and Cian (the singing ride op?) immediately said you've drawn the short straw I see.  Well it certainly felt intense anyway.  Annoyingly I can't take anti sickness tablets because they give me blinding migraine.

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