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I give it two days.

I think people might be reading into the extent of this a little too much. Samurai wasn't given a refurbishment last season, it was pretty much left as is. It ran excellently over the last two seasons

Just bin the bloody thing.

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What is weird is at the start of that video it uses the piano loading theme, cuts in to the ambient loading  and at the end it uses the piano loading music gain. It was always one or the other before, although seemed to change to the opposite everytime the ride reopened from downtime. Personally I prefer the piano loading music.

Has it perhaps been redone to include both and play piano loading as people leave and then change to the ambient track with announcements as people enter ride area from batching? 

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This may just be because I was on a different pod, considering I mostly go on pod 2 which seems to spin the best, but it felt as if the ride had been greatly toned down compared to the last few weeks when it had a real kick to it and properly got you flipping.

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Wow, I asked for a good cycle when I got on samurai on Sunday and it was AMAZING. It lasted for ever but was constantly throwing airtime swerves and flips at us. Also nice to see it lowered and zeroed quicker than previously this year and nowhere near as bad at zeroing as I've seen videos of.


I have a question: I'm aware if you ask you can occasionally get a good cycle on samurai, I normally just say can I have an intense cycle and once or twice the op has given me a great cycle and a very intense ride on samurai. Is there a specific cycle to ask for for a more intense ride(e.g. cycle 5)

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Double posting
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2 hours ago, ChessingtonSam said:

Lol 2016 just hasnt been Thorpes year really has it


3 days closed really isn't a lot is it? And they have done the best thing posting on there website to let people know. 


I think Samurai has done great this year, since it opened its had hardly any time closed compared to previous years. I've also had the best cycles I've ever had, its constantly running the longer/more intense cycles this year compared to previous years.


Lets see how it does for Fright Nights, I've never seen it last the first weekend.


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