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"BACK TO BASICS  Theme Park set to go back to old fashioned roller coasters after losing trust in modern steel ones. Alton Towers Resort have submitted plans for a roller coaster to made ent

I predict SW8 will open before WC16...

I look forward to seeing "AQUATRAX" posts for the next 2 years.

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LOL what the...?! The Wicker Man would be such a messed up, disturbing IP to have! :mellow: Although I haven't seen the remake, so don't know if it's as creepy as the original, but that disturbed me enough!


Also, we don't know that that Twitter account was indeed a contractor - it could've been someone joking around who got the photos from someone else. Or maybe, as Pluk said, they meant Stick Man? That would make more sense! I'm really struggling to believe this at the moment!


Even if it was just a Wicker Man as a central feature, that itself is still creepy and pagan-y :P How does that even work at a family theme park? "Mum/dad, what is a wicker man?" "It's something used in a ritual, where they put people/animals inside and burn them alive as a sacrifice."

Day out ruined.

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Aah fair enough! Infact I've just seen that their account is still there on Twitter (and does look legit), but obviously not the tweet - I was under the impression they'd deleted their whole account! Blame TowersStreet's FB post for that confusion ;)



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Hmm this seems very odd. An old, stale IP with probably no appeal to anyone under 15.


Having said that, I'm a big fan of the original, and I think that the actual Wickerman himself is a rather impressive structure so if they can build it I'd be very impressed! (Could it be the possible themed structure mentioned above the flume's station?!)


It's so beautiful :wub::




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7 minutes ago, holtjammy16 said:

Could it maybe not have anything to do with the film and just be called Wickerman , with a giant wickerman to go with a fabricated towers story similar to hex? That wouldn't be that bad

...And true to the Wicker Man's prophecy, the Flume died.

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Looks like The Wicker Man will be the name of SW8. Trademarks have been filed by the UK company Lane IP who have previously transferred IP's to Merlin closer to opening dates of attractions.


Personally can't see it not being this after a construction worker earlier in the year a photo of the flume construction mentioning The Wicker Man.


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12 hours ago, Wumbamillio said:

I hope the preshow is just that scene projected all around the room. Probably more entertaining than whatever preshow idea they already have planned.




Thats all well and good but merlin cant maintain projectors lol

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7 minutes ago, ChessingtonSam said:

No, SW8 is quite literally listed under Gloomy Wood. 


Know what really helps? Posting the evidence when stating things, as those who have only seen certain parts of a map (I.e. The actual map) can be understandably confused...


If it is part of Gloomy Wood then it's a silly idea, literally got Pirates or Africa areas where it sits but Merlin would rather pick the darker boring theme as per the norm...

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Doesnt need to be dark and boring if they chose not to be, Gloomy Wood started out being fun and spooky. Unfortunately they only want to make grey and 'edgy' themes.

Gloomy Wood could very cleverly be linked up via the old railway woodland route if they pulled their finger out too, creating a lovely 'woodland' journey to the attraction but then having the coaster sit in its own isolated site. Perfect for creating some mystery. Then build a relatively small structure to screen off most view of the ride from the Flume entrance so that guests aren't confused. But will they do that, or just leave the coaster weirdly on show and clumsily 'connected' to Gloomy Wood? 

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