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  1. List is subject to everything. Mostly finance and time off work. Uk wise, will probably visit most/all Merlin parks. Chessington is a must and Thorpe park is imminent no doubt. Might visit Paultons and maybe Blackpool as well. In terms of abroad, got Disneyland Paris coming up later this month and a trip to Liseberg probably too. Hoping to get the Madrid parks done for that new Batman coaster and also visit Stockholm & Finland too, to mop out the parks there. Energylandia will probably resurface some point in the year along with Phantasialand for winter perhaps. Belgium, Garda and Heide are longshots but we shall see. Might do some more non-park trips too. Nothing long haul this year I expect.
  2. Urgggh. We know not much about this silly retheme. All we know is that it will be spooky themed and it will probably be better than Derren Beowns Ghost Train. Need I say more.right.
  3. Yeah, well the thing with the Dungeon is where exactly is it actually part of? Dark Forest? David Williams? The outer edge of the universe? It’s any ones guess really given it’s just there in part of its own misshapen area. CATCF was part of Cloud Cuckoo, until its fated post-Smiler mothballing. I don’t see anything happening to the driving school, not with three substantial investment plans underway in the next few years, but I could be wrong. And if anything happens before 2025 maybe they’ll just close and mothball it, like they did in 2016. The David Williams area just wasn’t really thought up well and feels very half-baked.
  4. I think it’ll be a good few years before we see anything substantial happen to this area and even then, I’m not holding my breath. Problem is that each rehash of the area just seems to have been done on the cheap without adding anything original and if anything eradicating further charm from the place. Cloud Cuckoo wasn’t perfect, but at least it felt more consistent than what we have now. A stringy Williams area next door to an upcharge dark Dungeon with a bit of Cloud Cuckoo residue stuck on the side.
  5. Not gonna lie, training it to the park is not as straight forward as some places such as Efteling and Phantasialand. But it is doable if you know what you’re doing and don’t go on the express. You can get a bus to Basel railway station and then get connecting trains to Offenbach, then Ringsheim. Then get the park shuttle bus from there. But that may have changed from when I did it a few years ago.
  6. I’ve only ever stayed off-site, but there are plenty of options throughout the village of Rust. Ranging from hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses. Most of which are 15 minutes or less walking distance from the park. Sites like booking.com and Expedia are worth looking at. M with tickets they usually sell them as one or two day tickets.
  7. I guess the difference between the first two is that at least worthy replacements are on the way for those. Now back to The Ultimate. I experienced the attraction twice in 2019 in my first (and probably last) visit to the place. It was a unique ride, in both pacing and location but certainly not with its faults. It was rough, bumpy and what must’ve been the world’s slowest lift hills. The park was almost deserted then (bar a few school trips). Its demise and planned demolition is no surprise at all, because it was seemingly reaching the end of its serviceable life without a substantial hardware upgrade, which could’ve happened I guess. Had funds been there. Covid like many things maybe fastracked this by a few years. A new woodlands development is certainly an inferior replacement.
  8. Either that or part of Derren replacement.
  9. It’s definitely a creek massacre. I look forward to watching things progress.
  10. I guess you could say it’s no longer the future of theme parks.
  11. I’m pretty sure one of those names didn’t derive from a coaster in another park. Interesting names for sure.
  12. Why does that funny promo image remind me of something? 🤔
  13. Most of the above is agreeable. I absolutely adored my numerous rides on Iron Gwazi last October and the ride definitely packed a punch. It definitely isn’t a Steve beater, but is somewhat level pegging with Zadra in many respects. Although that ride may still have it by a fingernail. It might be number three on my RMCs and Florida coasters, but it sure is a stunning ride. And no doubt a hundred times better than its previous carnation.
  14. Exodus Matt


    Things I might like to see: More dramatic dispatch sequence- lights change, theme music, nemesis voice return of the red waterfall, through revised system to stop the leaking problem train lights homage to the original track That is all. No silly pre-show because that would just ruin the throughput and not really add to the experience.
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