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Fright Nights 2014


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Not sure if this has been mentioned or not but Thorpe are really advertising to the social media masses this year as they have sponsored quite a few big YouTubers to make videos about Fright Nights. Such people include Emma Pickles and Emma Blackery so I'm sure Thorpe will be reaching out to quite a large audience.

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Off topic I know, but you know I said me and my friends had booked the Face it Alone for Cabin in the Woods? Well now I'm regretting it. I was reading an article from the Metro last year...




Oh dear god. Has anyone here experienced it? If so feel free to drop me a message :o

Ok if u really really want to know message me I will tell u of all my experiences in face it alone I did every maze last year! And will be doing a couple this year.

I am new to this forum but I have been following this post!

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This was tweeted Southampton University's SU and retweeted by Thorpe Park.  Linky - https://twitter.com/YourSUSU/status/515447375553654784/photo/1


Could this be one of the 13 roaming actors?!  And could we see 12 others crop up around 12 different places?  Would be a different way to marketing FN, and could be effective!

I just can't wait to see what all this is about! Bunny rabbits will never be the same again!

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Here's a closer look at the map (soure=me)


Don't know why they're advertising the preview event: it's sold out.


Heinz is a Thorpe Park sponsor? Okay


Who's hungry?


Play the game at Backlot BBQ! (Calypso BBQ for all you non FN guests)


Knowing about FiA wouldn't be surprised if you did get bitten in the overnight stay!


See scary!


Yay S13! (Backstage tour lasts 30 minutes for anyone doing one)


Plus! The same as last year (they call them classics, I call them lazy)


So they open at these times. But I don't want to queue like at all! What should I do?


Thank God for Fastrack. Lifesaver.


The waters red (apart from Loggers because it's too cool for that!)


Shame they couldn't take Flying Fish off the map. 



And there you are, the FN map.

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The actual answer is that they'd already been ordered and printed before the Fish decision most likely.

Makes perfect sense I'd say plus I'm sure it was a last minute closure there too.

Map looks ok, not amazing but better than last years by quite a bit I have to say. Pretty much same design as the existing map except usage of darker colours and the maze names added really, but it doesn't need much more anyway as it does work.

Apart from the fish, everything else is accurate, just hope nothing goes down this year.

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